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Yeah I am making 4.0.1 right now, I am changing back some of the repairs I changed to see if that does the trick.

Shoot me an email, shane at


I cant seem to replicate the problem at all with my windows 7 in vmware.

Do me a fav and send me an email. Make sure you make a current backup of your system that you can restore, I found a few changes from v3 to v4 in the repairs and I am going to undo them and have you try out a new build and see if it fixes it. If it doesnt I want you to be able to restore back, since I cant replicate it I need your help to find the problem :-)


So far only  3 or so people have reported any problems running on windows 7, I am trying to replicate the problems right now as I type this, anything I can replicate I can fix.

Can you tell me what repairs you ran? I just finished running all the repairs that had been updated since v3 and there was no problem, so now I am running all the repairs to see what happens.

So any extra info on what you did and ran will help me :-)


The program uses ADSI to work with and create the user accounts. If it says it was successful then that is because that is what ADSI reported back to the program.

I will test it, wonder if it is yet another bug in Windows 10 and ADSI not working like it should.


Right click on the drive itself and go to the security tab and set permissions there and tell it to do all child objects as well.


Repair file permissions doesn't do any other drives any more, I removed that a while ago for 7 and newer and it only does the defaults now. For xp and vista it still does other drives though. Made the change back in v3.9.21,1.html

If you have other drives you need permissions set on why not do them manually at the root of the drive?


7 Programs & Site Help & Support / Re: Win 10 crash
« on: January 11, 2017, 09:33:02 AM »
Do you get the blue screen as soon as you try to open my program?

The insider builds normally have a lot of things missing, I have seen problems on insider builds before. I also dont test on the insider builds because of this, but every time a final build comes out there is never any trouble.

The file you posted shows that the system file win32kfull.sys is causing the crash, but it isnt very detailed. I use a program called WhoCrashed to try and get more info on the crash, use that if you are able.

Do me a fav and download and try running my registry backup program. If my Windows repair is crashing when you open it and my registry backup program crashes when you open it then I know it is most likly an API that does the drawing of the icons and graphics in the program, which would be a fault in the OS itself. :wink:


The program sets the safe boot command in the boot.ini in XP and it is suppose to remove it when it is ran again in safe mode. Not sure why it isnt. But any time you need to remove the safe boot option just open msconfig.exe and go to the boot tab and take off the safe boot option. :wink:


9 Programs & Site Help & Support / Re: Win 7 Permission Problem
« on: November 08, 2016, 02:35:20 PM »
Something is blocking it from setting the permissions. Are you doing this in safe mode?

Also have you done a chkdsk on the drive yet? File permissions are stored in the file system and running chkdsk c: /f will repair any problems with the permissions in the file system.


I now understand why Microsoft never made a tool to grab missing cat and mum files. These are only some of the files needed, others are manifest files and more.

Just grabbing these two file types alone has grown to over 4 million files in my collection and it grows every day. I dont even have all the files that there is and you can see how this grows to an insane number.

Not sure why MS did updates like this lol.

Point is there is only me and Julian who help people with the cat and mum files and we simply cant keep up with it.

I had a download tool planned but after seeing the number of files, plus not sure how MS would feel about it I never made the tool. You could imagine the load on the server for that.

So I am closing the forum section for requesting the cat and mum files.

There is another fix that I am working on. For missing or corrupt cat and mum files, by removing the registry keys for them windows updates re downloads them and doesn't error out. But if the registry keys are there windows updates fail.

So far every time I have removed the registry keys pointing to missing cat and mum files or removing the corrupt ones as well windows updates would work again and download what it needed. (You would think windows updates would do that already)

But the thing is with windows update, it hits any kind of error, no matter how small it will just bomb out and stop. There is no error handling, things have to be perfect for it to work.

So I will be testing and hopefully making a tool to auto remove the registry keys. But I need to test it a lot before I release something like that.


Program & Site Requests / Re: WR v3.xx issues
« on: November 02, 2016, 09:31:32 AM »
I am wondering how much longer flash is going to be around.

I havent been able to find a fix for this yet. It isnt my program itself but it is the protection that I use to protect the exe. When i search up this error a lot of programs and games that protect their exe comes up. Turns out that a call to a windows file is failing and so far for everyone who got an error like this it turned out to be there system files where messed up.

If you havent yet, try this

Open a cmd.exe window as administrator and run this command

sfc /scannow

For some users it wasnt messed up system files it turned out to be their antivirus program and running the program in sandbox mode. Have you tried running the program in safe mode? If not open up msconfig.exe and go to the boot tab and put a check on safe boot and but the option on networking and reboot. This ill set it to always boot like this so once in safe mode open msconfig.exe again and take the check off the safe boot to have it be back to normal :-)

Let me know how that goes.


I wonder if while it is safe mode the user account is a domain admin but is it a local admin for the computer itself? Perhaps that is where the problem is.

So if you add the account to the system locally and make it an admin that would do the trick as well.

If that isnt an option then you may have to run the repairs in normal mode, but you need to make sure your AV is off and anything else, a clean boot would be a good idea to do if safe mode wont let you have the access you need.


I wonder if it is the permissions on the new files.

In my registry backup program when restoring the registry windows gave the reg files different permissions for some reason. So I had to have the permissions of the files backed up as well and I have my program apply those permissions to the new reg files.

I wonder if I need to update the reg compressor to do the same.

So as a test check the file permissions of the registry files before and after and see if they are different. If they are then restoring the permissions to what they where before hand may be the fix I need to add :-)


The registry is a database file. So to clean it up the program calls the Windows API to save the registry to a new file. Thats it, nothing else.

The registry is written to a new file by Windows itself, you restart and it starts using that file. The API call is the RegSave command.

My program itself doesnt touch the registry files, so this is a bug in the Windows API itself in 10. Which doesn't surprise me as I have a seen this happen with a ton of other APi calls as well. MS is changing so many things in Windows and without any kind of error handling that they are breaking their own API calls.

What version of 10 are you using, is it the latest build?


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