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Hello there,

I checked 10 minutes ago my computer for new updates for Win 10 pro 64bit, version 1703, but I got an update error:


When I tried it again I got another error:


The third time I tried again, I got the answer:

No updates are available. We daily search for new updates.

And so on, and so on....

What can I do? wait?

The last two times I had updates I have repaired my update via Windows Repair, because MS update repair could not fix it.


I tried to fix Windows Update with the buildintool of Windows 10 1703 and I succeeded!
Now I have installed KB4022725 and KB890830 with succes!
You can close it.



I am new here and first of all I will thank Shane for his great Windows Repair-utility! It did a good job on my computer, when I used the program.

However, when I checked something on my computer afterwards, I noticed, that the hidden map ProgramData in the C-root was not hidden anymore. I do not know for shure, if it was the situation happened before the program ran, but I ask you, if it could be that your program has anything to do with it. If it is the program, I will ask you to fix this in a new release.

The second question I want to ask is that after running the program, I was confrontated with many action-calls from my Windows 10 64 bit installation. Windows had to reset back permissions, because of the fact, that the new situations made problems in Windows. (o.a. Groove)

My last question:
In the Repairs-tab the program gives tips For the best repair results:

The only reason Windows Safe Mode With Networking is recommended is for when running the "Repair Windows 8 Component Store".
The commands in this repair connect to Microsoft's update servers to download any missing files or updates.

I think you mean with the above mentioned Windows 8 Component Store, Windows 10 too?

Greetings from Holland,


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