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Oh, and after rebooting into Normal Mode, the message I was getting is gone. But I want to go ahead and run the whole program to fix anything else that might be lurking. I'm running the sfc /scannow again and then I'll reboot into safe mode and give it another go with all the boxes checked.

Yes. I was able to stop it. I tried doing chkdsk /f and I got a message like this:
Chkdsk cannot be run because the volume is in use by another process. Would you like to schedule this volume to be checked the nest time the system restarts? (Y/N) I typed Y. I'm not sure anything happened with regards to chkdsk when I restarted--even in Safe Mode.
For some reason my download of Malwarebytes still hasn't completed, so I haven't run that, but I did run Super Anti-Spyware before beginning, which I already had and updated it prior to running.  I tried twice to run the repairs with every box ticked, but it failed. Then I ran it again with just the boxes ticked listed above, plus 25 as well and it worked. I have rebooted after each attempt and I'm going to try running it again with all boxes checked.

Maybe it doesn't matter which Safe Mode I use. I will just try the button.  :smiley:

Yeah, I understand that I should run it in Safe Mode, but I guess what I'm asking is whether I should use the button going into Safe Mode with Networking, or if I should do the Safe Mode without networking, since I'm using Windows 7.

Thanks. So, if I'm reading the Help section right, it says to go into Safe Mode, but you only need to run it in Safe Mode with Networking if you're running Windows 8?

Thanks. Yeah. I should have read the Help section. I will go back and read it, then try and do as you suggest and run it in Safe Mode. I appreciate you help. Thanks again.

I did not run any kind of pre-checking of the disk. I had Googled a notification I was having with "System event notification service" being unable to start and someone at the Tech Guy Forum had posted the exact question I had and the person who was helping said to run Windows Repair, but only check boxes 1, 10, 13, and 26. The guy who was asking for help said, "Yay! It worked!" or something like that. There wasn't anything in the steps outlined there about doing anything prior to running it or running it in safe mode, and I just clicked on the link there which took me to the download page which didn't have any of those kinds of instructions either. I didn't find this forum until I began thinking something was wrong if it was taking so long...the CPU usage is fluctuating, but is really low and often drops to zero.

I am running Windows Repair to fix a "system event notification service" problem.  I am running Windows 7 and I got advice to uncheck all the repair boxes, then tick boxes 1, 10, 13, and 26. I think I got that from someone here, or at the tech guy forum. Anyway, I have done so, and I downloaded it and started the process late last night and it's still running and still on operation 1 of 4. I thought that it must be hanging up, but there still appears to be some CPU activity. I'm thinking it shouldn't be taking anywhere near this long and earlier I tried to shut it down so I could try running it again, but I got a warning message "access denied, shutting down could cause problems". Thoughts?

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