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Could be, but I'm not sure what the problem is.  The computer is a HP Pavilion Intel I5 core 64 bit laptop with Windows 10


Yes, once I closed the top window WR continued on and completed without more errors.  I rebooted the computer and it struggled for a while.  Rebooted the computer again and as far as I can tell seems to be running pretty well this morning, so far.


Looks like it has hung up at exactly the same place again (08 Registering 132 files) and the last log entry is concerning MDAC/MS Jet as before.  It has been there for over an hour now.  I'll give it a bit more time and then I'll stop it again and see how the computer operates, unless you have a better idea.



Once I closed the top WR window, it started running again and totally went to completion without errors. on the remaining steps  I'm rebooting now and will run the whole thing again and see what happens.


OK, I'll do that.

The last entry I see in the log is

08 Repair MDAC/MS Jet  under current user and system account


Does a sfc /scannow still come up clean ?  No issues were reported when I did it.  I'll stop the registry server, see if WR continues on and come back and do the file regestering after a reboot.


Unfortunately No I can't see what file it is hung on and now it has been almost 4 hr.  Should I stop the MS register server with Task Manager? or continue to wait or what?



Running WR after reboot into safe mode and pre-checks.  Has been hung on step 8/35 (registering 132 files) using common repairs button for over 2 hours.  CPU is showing 25% in WR, but in task manager showing 25% is actually MS register server running.  How long should I let it continue? and what then?


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