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1 -  Go here and download the suitable Language Pack for you ( Dont forget to see if your system uses x86 or x64 and choose the suitable Language Pack for your machine.

2- Execute the Language Pack in your C: drive ( Where the OS is installed ) and when you start the instalation a file called "" Be aware that is created in the same place you have the Language Pack file and it is a temporary creation so you have to rigth click in it very quick and copy it to another location in your drive. I recommend just grab send it to the desktop or something.

3- After the file is copied go to Start/control Panel/region and language

4- Select the tab "Keyboards and Languages​​" / install and uninstall languages ​​- forward - and then "install display languages​​"

5- Click "search on computers or network" and "search" navigate to the location where you saved the downloaded the link above and "next"

6- After the instalation just restart the machine and make the update.

Computer Help / Windows Update error
« on: January 15, 2013, 04:21:32 AM »

i´tried almost everything your tool, microsoft support center, etc.. But i wasnt able to solve this error when trying update windows.

Erro: "WindowsUpdate_80073701" "WindowsUpdate_dt000"

My system: Windows 7 Ultimate x64

Can you help me?

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