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Program & Site Requests / Rebuild Font Cache
« on: August 05, 2017, 02:15:01 PM »
A Windows repair feature that might be worth including as an option in the free version of the Windows Repair utility:

Don't know whether this problem is related to this one:,134.0.html
But with the most recent utility 3.95 version, the "Repair Reparse Points" function fails to make any repairs.
This is for the latest Win10 64-bit, "Insider" build 14393.
The utility 3.95 finds 28 Reparse Points needing repair ("Problems Found: Yes"), but although the Repair function seems to churn away for a minute or two, nothing actually gets repaired. I've also tried booting into Safe Mode, with the same result.
Note: this particular O.S. installation has been re-updated several times from a previous "Insider" build, so maybe a complete re-format and re-install would clear up the errors.

Program & Site Requests / Scaling problem on hi-res screens
« on: December 20, 2015, 02:18:02 AM »
I'd like to report a problem with proper scaling on hi-res screens for the " - Windows Repair Free/Pro".
Noticed when attempting to use it on a Samsung ATIV Book 9, which is a laptop with a "  13.3" LED QHD+, 3200 x 1800, 16:9  " display.
In particular: the Repairs/Open Repairs portion with the check boxes is unusable, at least without messing with the screen resolution settings.
Thanks for an (otherwise) useful utility.

Suggestion: please consider inclusion of the version number within the installer's file name. posted that the updated " - Windows Repair 3.2.5" was available on July 15.
Today is July 16, and their download link is still for the previous version: 3.24.
But they can't tell which version they're offering at their site, because the installation file name is always generic:
Also: the product version isn't properly shown when you right-click the file, and click Properties/Details.
The only way (now) to tell the version is by the Digital Signature time stamp, which is July 14, 2015 for version 3.25.

As a comparison: Firefox's installer file conveniently includes the version number, such as: Firefox Setup 39.0.exe.

Program & Site Requests / Ghost HP printer & print spooler cleanup
« on: April 30, 2015, 02:10:35 PM »
Request for - Windows Repair 3.x: a ghosted (non-present) printer cleanup function; in particular for HP printers.
In a case I'm aware of, one (USB connected) HP inkjet printer failed and was replaced by the user with a different model HP inkjet printer.
At the time, the old printer's driver and software were left intact on a Windows 7 64-bit machine. The new replacement HP printer worked for a while, then was unable to print. While attempting to repair, noticed that both printers were still listed as present under Devices and Printers. The newer printer could be right-clicked & deleted (then powered off), but the old "ghost" printer would be deleted for only a second or two, then re-appear again as being present. Also found a huge backlog of "pending print jobs" that were unable to print. So:  HP seems to be making print spooler alterations, in addition to providing simple device drivers for their printers.
So: maybe "Printer cleanup" & "print spooler cleanup" sub-routines could be added to " - Windows Repair 3.x".
Restoring Windows to a "no printer installed" condition, as would also be the case of a complete hard drive re-format & Windows re-install.

Program & Site Requests / "NTLDR missing" repair?
« on: June 09, 2012, 03:23:06 PM »
I'd like to request a DOS prompt version of a Windows boot repair utility. Such as when I had an "almost repaired" hard drive that could not boot into Windows 7 64-bit, with an error message of "NTLDR missing". After booting from the Windows install disc, I then tried running (from a DOS prompt): bootrec /fixmbr | bootrec /fixboot | bootrec /ScanOs  | bootrec /Rebuildbcd. None of these solved the problem. I'm guessing that there's already some kind of standalone bootable CD with this kind of ability. But haven't found it yet.
Just a "DOS prompt boot repair utility" would be very useful.
Thanks in advance.

Seems to be a problem that occurs (only?) with 64-bit Windows 7.  A free utility called "JunctionBox" can sometimes cure the problem caused by either: "Taking Ownership" or "Restoring Permissions" of the "c:\User" folder.
Note: would also like to know whether the " - Windows Repair 1.6.2" sub-feature called: "Reset File Permissions" would have any unintended consequences, related to this problem.
Thanks in advance.

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