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Just a heads up that I tried to update the PRO version of WRAIO today via the inbuilt notification on starting and it failed. I then downloaded the installer from the website and it failed again when trying to decompress files. I have Malwarebytes 3.5.1 Premium installed and have recently had problems installing KeePass 2 updates - I got round this by temporarily disabling the Ransomware protection module, when the installation then proceeded as expected. I tried the same trick with WRAIO and could then install it without problems. Malwarebytes are aware of installation/updating problems in some circumstances and there are several reports in their forums, including mine. I'm sure they'll resolve the problem shortly but at least there is an easy work around.

Just in case this helps anybody else........................

I've brought this up before but creating a Windows System Restore point from within Window Repair All-in-One still doesn't seem to work properly, at least in Windows 7 Home Premium. It says it's created a Restore Point, and it shows up Windows Restore, but the backup process is completed extremely quickly and I can't believe it's a reliable Restore Point. I've just tried creating one again this morning and the situation is as before. I never use WRAIO to create a Restore Point, but a novice user might.

I tried to add to this thread, but it appears to be locked,5191.msg38156.html#msg38156

I'm using the latest version of WRAIO 3.9.31 Pro, incorporating the latest version of Registry Backup. In the thread mentioned above I pointed out that RB was leaving empty folder remnants in the Registry Backup folder - I have it set to create a new backup once only when I boot up the computer with a limit to the number of backups so the oldest is erased, with the additional instructions to keep a minimum number of backups. The contents of the oldest backup folders are being erased but the folders remain.

That problem hasn't been fixed. Not the end of the world, but irritating!

I'm performing a once-a-day registry backup using VSS and settings are to save at least "x" copies and delete copies older than "d" days. Registry Backup deletes the files in the old backup folders but doesn't appear to delete the folders themselves. Merely a nuisance but perhaps needs tweaking if it's not peculiar to my system.

Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64
Malwarebytes Premium Component Version 1.0.75
Avast Free 17.1.2288
CryptoPrevent 8.0 Premium Windows Repair Pro 3.9.26 (incorporating Registry Backup 3.5.3)
Casper 10 Backup 

I use Registry Backup from within Windows Repair and have it set up to make a Volume Shadow Copy Auto Backup once per day, running under System Account and set up to make only one copy per day. This works well for the most part but on occasion, if I'm making some significant changes to the system and want to make a further Registry Backup that day, neither clicking on the link in the System Tray Icon nor opening up Registry Backup and clicking the command to backup from there will initiate a backup - it starts briefly, but the terminates, presumably because the settings for only one automatic backup per day override the command. If I want to create another backup, I have to deselect the setting for only one backup per day, make the backup, and then reapply the constraint.

It would be much easier if clicking on the tray link would allow me to override the daily restriction - is it something that could be added easily or am I the only one who who feels this would be helpful?

Thanks again for some very useful software.

Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit

If Windows Repair notifies me on opening that an update is available and I select the option to update, the next window does not appear as the top one but is hidden and has to be selected from the Task Bar. Frustrating if I don't remember this quirky behaviour and wonder why nothing's happening - this has been going on for a while........

Windows 7 64 x SP1 - WRAIO Pro 3.9.21 >> 3.9.22

Went to help an (more) elderly friend yesterday who couldn't get her computer to fire up. Turned out to be a simple hardware fault which I fixed in a few minutes but I took the oppotunity to install the latest version of WR AIO and tried to run the basic prechecks fom Safe Mode but the program wouldn't run - Task Manager showed the .exe process running but no dusplay screen. So ran the program from normal bootup without problems and repaired some reparse points and ran chk dsk and subsequent repairs on reboot, also without difficulty.

The computer is a self build from an unknown source running Windows 7 32 bit. I didn't have time to investigate further but any idea why WR might fail to run in Safe Mode but runs perfectly well on normal boot?

Since discovering WR AIO, I tend to install it on the computers of my non techy friends and set up the Registry Backup component to perform regular backups so that I stand a good chance of being able to help them get going after a mishap - but tjis is the first time I've not been able to run the progrsm from Safe Mode.

Rebooting into Safe Mode with Networking on Samsung RV515 with Windows 7 Home Premium via button in WR AIO and then running WA AIO shows a constricted program window that doesn't easily allow clicking on the appropriate buttons - see attached screen print.

I updated to WR 3.9.3 yesterday. I have the Registry Backup component of the software set to run under the system account, use VSS by default, create only one new daily backup and keep a set number of backups. I noticed that today backup completed very quickly (normally takes more than 2 minutes to start the VSS copy on my laptop) and, when I checked the backup folder, found that it had created the backup by the fallback method. Checking the settings, it looks as if all have returned to default.

I've re-entered my chosen settings but am I'm wondering if the extensive re-coding in this release has overwritten my chosen settings - I haven't noticed this happening before. If it's by design, a warning to other users to check their settings..........................

 Just run an auto Shadow Copy of my Windows 7 notebook via Registry Backup v3.4.1 from within WRAIO v3.8.5 and noticed a text file called sddl.txt in the created backup set which I haven't noticed in previous backups. Can anybody tell me what it is?


I've been making a few changes to my notebook recently to try to resolve a few minor problems. This has meant I've been making a registry backup manually before each significant change. I'm running WR v. 3.7.1 Pro incorporating Registry Backup v. 3.3.1. When I click on the WR icon in the system tray and then click on Backup Registry Now, there is a brief glimpse of the RB program before it disappears but no backup is carried out - there is no manual backup set created in the RegBackup folder in C: drive. If I open WR and then create a backup from the Step 5: Backup tab, the registry backup is created as expected. Automatic backups are also created on a daily basis.

I'm running Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium (64-bit) 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1. Registry Backup is set to default to making a full Volume Shadow Copy, only defaulting to the Fallback Method if VSS fails.

I love this product and Windows Repair as well - I used Erunt for many years but never had to perform a full registry restore so never tested it fully, but shortly after installing this as part of WR Pro on one of my PCs, Windows failed to launch and a system restore failed. I was able to get into Safe Mode and restore the registry from Registry Backup and back in business. I ran WR in safe mode and found a few problems which the program corrected and all seems sweetness and light now......

My only concern with RB is that, when I have it set to run at Windows Startup automatically, I'd really like some reassurance that the backup has run successfully and whether VSS or the fallback method has been used. At the moment I have a shortcut on my desktop to the RegBackup folder and I can examine the log files to make sure everything has run as planned, but perhaps the option of a pop up like I get when I use my favourite Casper 8.0 hard drive backup software which tells me that the backup has been successful would be helpful? Ideally I'd like to see something like "Registry Backup Successful using VSS" or "Registry Backup Successful using Fallback Method" as appropriate.

Thanks again for making my life easier with some great products,


Have just updated from WR 3.6.1 to 3.6.3 and noticed that my settings have been changed to the defaults in Registry Backup (I did have the program set to only do 1 auto backup per day and always to run under System Account, but these seem to have reverted to default settings).

I've used Registry Backup successfully in the past to create Volume Shadow Copy backups both manually and on schedule. I recently purchased Windows Repair Pro (and very good it is too) and while I can successfully create manual backups using Registry Backups when starting Registry Backup (v 3.2.2) from within Windows Repair, I don't seem to be able to create a Registry Backup schedule. If I open settings and click on Edit Schedule I get the message: "The selected task "(0)" no longer exists. To see the current task, click Refresh". If I Click either Create or Delete Schedule I get an OK response.

I uninstalled my old version of Registry Backup when I installed Windows Repair Pro and I'm wondering if I may have caused a problem?

I'm using Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit

Feedback / Windows Repair
« on: October 01, 2015, 12:08:55 AM »
Had been having persistent lockups,  BSODs and trouble updating Windows and Malwarebytes over a couple of weeks on  Windows 7 PC. For some reason, there were no Restore Points visible, so no help there. After eliminating the possibioity of virus or malware infection, with a lot of help from Patryk at Malwarebytes, i installed the Pro version of Windows Repair and after running it in Safe Mode a couple of times, all seems to be running smoothly, updates are working and Windows Restore Points are being created normally.

Great program - keep up the good work!

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