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Computer Help / Large unexplained upload
« on: March 26, 2016, 10:33:52 PM »
I noticed over 1GB upload from my machine on a day last week.

Does anyone know how I can trace the source ( after the fact as it were ) ?

I only know how I could have traced it while it was happening , and I didn't
notice it at the time it was going on .

My wireless network is well secured and my machine is the only device on it.
I have all Windows telemetry disabled so I don't think that was the cause .

So pleased at getting a different laptop problem sorted after my first post on here .

I thought I'd post this one which has been a headache for a long time.

W7 Home premium SP1 on a Vaio 64-bit ( i3 4GB RAM )


Most days , within an hour of booting the laptop , a process runs as svchost and uses up to 25 % cpu
and at times , 2.5 GB of RAM.

At first look , it appears to be Application Experience (AeLookupSvc) service , but Process Explorer shows
other associated processes ( see screenshot )
It usually finishes after 5 or 10 minutes , but during that time the laptop is almost unusable.

Killing the process causes a few moments of instability but it often restarts later with a different PID.
I installed Hosts Block recently and that made the problem much worse so I uninstalled it .

Has anyone else seen this issue ? .... Any ideas ?


using Task Manager shows the AeLookupSvc as the resource pig , then going to services shows these :-

IKE and AuthIP IPsec Keying Modules
Background Intelligent transfer service

Computer Browser ( ntsvcs)
Extensible Authentication Protocol

ProfSvc     User profile service
Task scheduler
SENS   system Event Notification
Shell Hardware detection
Winmgmt    Windows management instrumentation
wuauserv    Windows Update

 under the "group" heading , all are labelled as  ntsvcs

his message is typically caused by problems with C++ redistributables

This is a real head-scratcher !

System is W7 64-bit Home Premium on a Samsung RV511 laptop.

Everything else runs just peachy , apart from start-up on the odd few applications .

And yes , I have tried uninstalling / reinstalling those apps ... same story !

Strange thing is that after closing the warning dialog box the affected program(s) run just fine
....   so maybe the warning itself is a sort of FP ?

I've already tried the usual remedies including the excellent tutorial here :-

sfc /scannow  reports no problems Windows Repair shows all is good .

It's not so much of a problem , more of an irritation really !

Has anybody got any suggestions , or had this problem themselves ?

All help and tips will be very much appreciated !

Many thanks.

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