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Computer Help / Can't install certain Windows 7 Updates
« on: November 04, 2017, 10:51:22 AM »

     I have been having 3 long-standing problems since 2016.  I have run Windows Repair Free but it didn't fix my issues.  I also tried SURT(System Update Readiness Tool) from Microsoft.  It fixed nothing.  I'm running Win 7 x64 SP1 Ultimate.

     Basically, I can't install the KB3126587 Windows Update since its launch in 2016.  It fails to install with the error 80070490 - Element not found.

     I also have another strange problem.  The Windows Update would ask me to install the very first version of IE 11(released in 2013), while I already have the latest version of IE 11.  Accepting this update will prompt installation successful.  After reboot and check for updates, Windows Update will ask me to install the same old IE 11 version again...  Every time after I close IE 11, the iexplorer.exe *32 and iexplorer.exe processes will still be running, and I have to manually end the processes.

     Also, I don't see the important Servicing stack update KB3177467 installed on my PC.  And Windows Update does not ask me to install it.

     Looks like my Windows 7 component store is corrupted.  I don't know if the Windows Repair Pro version can fix it?


     I selected the Best compression setting and "Restart the system after finished" option.  After analyzing the registry and clicking the Compress button, Windows prompts that the registry compressor has stopped working.  The system automatically reboots within the next minute.  Is this kind of behavior normal?  I have closed every other program before running the registry compressor.

     After the reboot, it created a smaller file, but the old one didn't seem to get replaced, since the old one has a larger size.

     I'm using Win 7 SP1 x64 Ultimate, and the latest registry compressor v1.1.0

     The crash problem can be reproduced every time, and it happens to both my host pc, and a virtual machine with a clean install of Win 7 running on the host pc.

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