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Computer Help / SOLVED Runtime Broker.exe App error
« on: November 01, 2017, 01:09:00 PM »
Hello All, I updated this laptop to the Fall Creator on 19th of last month and the result is that clicking on the Action Center in the taskbar shows all the icons are ghosted although receiving notifications works. In various attempts to open the Action Center a panel opens up with info on the problem. Appcrash shows more detail. I have a separate Setting icon on the taskbar and clicking on that just calls up the blue background with the cog image on it for a few seconds and then closes down again. This also throws up an appcrash. The Action Center will open up but only in safe mode. When I initially updated to the Fall Creator it worked as normal and a few minutes later another two Window updates installed resulting in the problems. I thought at first that perhaps these may have glitched so I uninstalled them and within a few minutes Windows updated re-installed them again. I have run the sfc scannow with repairs, disk check and both came up clean. The computer works as normal in all other respects barring the Action Center problem.I am at a loss of how to rectify it. Here are screen grabs and text file that may hopefully help you good folk out there to stop me bashing my head against the wall. I have Shane's Window Repairs but have not tried effect a repair as I am not a techie. Thanks.

General & Misc. / Compromised Data
« on: September 05, 2017, 09:29:15 AM »
Hello Shane, Boggin and Julian. I was previously a Member under the last 6 characters of my now new name.  On the 28th of last month my previous email and various passwords were compromised by the Onliner Spambot  that harvested about 7 million hits.  None of mine were money oriented but I changed the 4 affected passwords to extra strong 20 characters. My previous username and password on here were compromised although the email wasn't hence my current changeover. Early last year I signed up for a free account with Have I Been Pwned (Troy Hunt) to be notified if my data ever became compromised.  The Spambot did not attack personal computers but accessed the data on websites that must have been open to such an attack. All my data is held within RoboForm and as I printed out the data I was able to markup those passwords and usernames that were affected.  Just one thing I would like your help on. In setting up this new account  it took me first to the website page and I had to click on the Forum link to be able to sign on here whereas my previous setting up an account brought me straight to the forum page. Thanks.

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