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Computer Help / Repair help!
« on: November 02, 2014, 07:46:55 AM »
Alright so my computer is windows 8.1, but I performed a reset and it took me back to 8.0 (which I don't like) and it is making me unable to go back up. I went to Microsoft and the person downloaded and launched Tweakings repair guide and told me let it finish itll be only 1-2 hours. So I did. I decided to go work out in the process, meanwhile the repair was on 1 hour 53 minutes and it was 35/37 Windows 8 Component Store, it went to sleep, (screensaver) like 3 times and I woke it up each tie. Then I came back and put the sleep mode to never. Then it was on its 3rd hour still on the same Store.. when I looked for help they told me to be patient and it might take a while before it it finishes depending on how many programs I have (although it was a fresh system?) So I was like whatever and just went to sleep with the screen being awake all night. Well now its on its 13th hour? still on component store.

All of that is probably useless information but I wanted to give you guys the story so you know whats happening?
The program seems to be running fine,Memory used is at 1.27 and going up and down, and the cpu usage is shifting a lot to. Drive Write is going from 0 to 11.63 - 23.43, Drive Read stays at 0 Byte/s. When I try to scroll up and down on the left side with all the things to repair, it wont let me.

- 29 repair Windows 8 Component Store
-30 repair restore windows 8 com+ unmarshalers
- 31 restore windows 8 'new' submenu

That's all that's left to do.. Can anyone help?

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