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Computer Help / Re: Email hacking improvements needed;
« on: December 25, 2017, 12:07:17 PM »
Sorry, no idea what you're on about.........

Computer Help / Re: Email hacking improvements needed;
« on: December 24, 2017, 10:57:49 PM »
This is my system for avoiding having to worry too much about spam.......

I have one domain name that I mainly use for personal mail that redirects mail to different Gmail accounts depending on the prefix to the @. I have one or two other Gmail accounts that I use for registration of software, forum registration etc. It's exceedingly rare that spam ever gets through Gmail's filters. Every so often, I review the Spam folders in Gmail for anything that's been wrongly filtered, but it's unusual for that to happen. When I download mail from the Gmail accounts to Outlook 2010, Google automatically archives the mail so I have a backup there of all my mail going back years, in addition to the regular backups of my Outlook PST files.

Works well for me.

Computer Help / Re: No more spies in my system ...
« on: December 23, 2017, 11:30:46 PM »
"Snowden says it's an open-source tool designed for human rights activists and other people at risk and it uses an Android phone's sensors to detect changes in a room". So might excite the paranoid but I don't expect the rest of us really need it - "changes in a room?" Really?

Anyway, a wonderful, stress-free Christmas and New Year to all...........

Thanks - have a great Christmas and New Year.


Yes, it is confusing - I use Tree Size and examining those folders in the past has given me a headache - I was getting problems with the size of my SVI folder growing uncontrollably with Malwarebytes (happily resolved with later versions of the software) and making sense of what was going on was difficult. My main concern is that, when I have created a Restore Point using WRAIO, I've not been able to restore from it, so I don't trust it. By and large, Windows 7's inbuilt restore process has always worked for me. But it's always belt and braces for me - a combination of regular bootable backups and restore point backups to external detachable media using Casper 10 alongside registry backups in WRAIO and restore point creation in Windows.

Thanks - as I said, it's no big deal for me but could be catastrophic for someone who hasn't created a system backup and is relying on the restore point "created" within WRAIO.

I've brought this up before but creating a Windows System Restore point from within Window Repair All-in-One still doesn't seem to work properly, at least in Windows 7 Home Premium. It says it's created a Restore Point, and it shows up Windows Restore, but the backup process is completed extremely quickly and I can't believe it's a reliable Restore Point. I've just tried creating one again this morning and the situation is as before. I never use WRAIO to create a Restore Point, but a novice user might.

Computer Help / Re: Can't get updates tried all I know...Help!
« on: November 27, 2017, 12:02:37 AM »
I have a Dell Inspiron 5737 Windows 8.1Pro x64 Core i7 8GB
I believe my problem is from the nut behind the keyboard. I have many files that need to be replaced but I have no idea how and what they are. I don't want windows 10, and I had a Microsoft Technician stop the windows 10 from updating back when it was aggressively updating on PC's, he removed a lot of files(updates) from working. So I don't know if that is why things started to go downhill. I have been getting a hard drive failure when testing it, but it was still working good. I have done some cleaning and maintenance and probably messed things up dealing with the registry.
So I need someone who can see if I can repair these problems or if I need to get a new hard drive which Dell tells me do, but they didn't try to see or fix anything. I need to know or try repairs first.
 I appreciate any help or information!
Thank you!

Hi Liz,

While we're waiting for someone more experienced to give you specific advice, I'd urge you to ensure that you have a backup strategy in place and that all your important files are backed up before you do anything else. If Dell tell you that your drive is defective, it is likely to fail at any time and put all your data at risk. If you don't have a strategy in place, you can at the minimum copy your important documents across to writable dvd(s) or USB drives in the interim but I would recommend you use something like Macrium Reflect free or my favourite paid solution Casper 10 from FSS who I know are having a 50% off Black Monday deal today only (I have absolutely no connection with them, just used them for years) to create a system image or bootable clone. Good luck!

9 Programs & Site Help & Support / Re: Windows 7 and WMI
« on: September 16, 2017, 10:38:04 PM »
No problems - though it's something that needs fixing (not your memory😀).

10 Programs & Site Help & Support / Re: Windows 7 and WMI
« on: September 16, 2017, 09:58:12 AM »
Others have also commented on the actual restore point not being created in Win 10 even though it says it has with a date and time stamp.

There's no such problem in Win 7.

Initially from Win 8 a new restore point wouldn't be created within 24hrs of the last one but Shane has told me that WR changes that frequency, although it hasn't resolved it for me and the restriction has never applied because of the time difference of days since the last one was created.

It is the same on both of my upgraded Win 10 laptops.

It's better to rely on the Registry Backup than on any restore point WR has said it has created, but unless you know about the lack of physical restore points and you try to restore from within the program then you could have problems.

I'll raise this again to see if it can be resolved.

Actually, Boggin, I've found that System Restore points are not reliably created on my laptop under Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit from within WRAIO but work OK when created and restored using the inbuilt Windows 7 procedures. I've reported this before.

Hi Boggin

Backup / imaging software

I'm a long term user and great advocate of Casper, now in version 10, from Future Systems Solutions - It's not free, but I've found it totally reliable and the support is first rate.

Well it has been a disaster for me running v4.0 on my Win 7 laptop.

The machine was frozen after the reboot on completion of the repairs so booted up into Safe Mode with Networking to use the program's registry back up but it was even frozen in that mode.

Power shut down again and booted up into Safe Mode with Command Prompt and ran the cmd rstrui.exe to get to my restore points.

Selected the one I'd created prior to updating to v4.0 which took about 30 mins only to find that when I opened 3.9.36 that it had corrupt files.

Downloaded 3.9.36 only to find that it would only download v4.0.

Time to use my system images just to find it couldn't find any images on either of the external HDDs I use alternatively.

Booted up into Safe Mode with Networking to open the program to see what registry back ups there were and chose one for the 11th June, which was probably too far back - it was as I just ended up with a black screen and a white arrow.

I've booted up with an install disk to use the System Restore and it's currently restoring back to the 18th June.

When I did a scan for affected programs, Windows Repair wasn't even listed, so I await with apprehension as to what it's going to give me.

I think I may have to factory reset the machine which is a job and a half in itself, but I'm still going to be stuck with v4.0 when I reinstall the programs if it still doesn't find any images on those ext. HDDs after.

@ Boggin

Sorry to hear about your woes - in the light of these problems, I'm not going to try any more experiments with v 4.0 for the moment. I use Casper 10 to make complete bootable backups to duplicate physical hard drives so things are somewhat different for me. The only repair I've yet made with v 4.0 has been to run the Firewall repair option on W7 to clear left-over entries. I really hope you can get your Windows 7 laptop back to normal without too much grief.

@ Julian

Do you have a link to the latest previous version,  3.9.6, just in case I want to reinstall until v 4.0 problems are resolved? I'm pretty sure I don't have a copy as the last couple of times I updated, I did it from within WRAIO.

So it will have physically created the restore point in Win 7 as it does in my Win 7.

While I haven't tried to restore with it, my problem is that it doesn't physically create a restore point in my Win 10.

Can you create another restore point both though the program and through System Protection and take the same precautions as I have to recover from a system image when you try the restores through System Protection and then through the program.

Doing the System Protection created one first will tell you if they are working.

Try both in Safe Mode to eliminate an antivirus program from interfering.

I'll try and do that tomorrow and report back.........


Yes, you're right - the Create a Restore Point option in WRAIO doesn't work, certainly in W7. I created a restore point using WRAIO (which was a suspiciously fast operation), installed a program and then attempted to roll back by restoring using Windows' inbuilt System Restore. All proceeded as expected until Windows restarted when I got the message below:-

System Restore
System Restore did not complete successfully. Your computer's system files and
settings were not changed
System Restore failed to extract the original copy of the directory from the restore
Destination: ComPlusStaging
You can try System Restore again and choose a different restore point. If you
continue to see this error, you can try an advanced recovery method. For more
information, see What is Recovery?
Run System Restore

@ Boggin

I'll have a play around with the restore points creation process in WR later when I get a chance and see how things work for me. I usually create any restore points from a shortcut direct the Windows process rather than from within the program.

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