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User Submitted Repair Guides / Easiest Windows & Windows 7 Update Fix Ever
« on: September 07, 2016, 10:16:50 AM »
Hello to all window 7 users that are having windows 7 update problems.
I've been trying to problem solve this issue for 5 days with no avail and found this fix on Tech Crunch
It worked immediately   :wink:
check link for this gift from a canadian tech


Computer Help / Re: Windows 7 Update
« on: September 06, 2016, 02:03:32 PM »
Hi Julian,
Sorry I missed the windows update code
it is 80244022
Also I forgot to list the following boot error when I start up in safe mode the following error shows
My MBR is corrupted and unreadable and cannot boot from, so It has a second boot sector it uses.
I ran a boot time scan with Avast and got the following report.

File C:\c6a99663f188efb8d901c71dec2774\$dpx$.tmp\35a3289b252c3a4d913a0e1ec5c452fe.tmp|>|>servicing\packages\ Error 42127 {CAB archive is corrupted.}

File C:\c6a99663f188efb8d901c71dec2774\$dpx$.tmp\35a3289b252c3a4d913a0e1ec5c452fe.tmp|> Error 42127 {CAB archive is corrupted.}

File C:\2e706261ac1f9dfa7a0e69a1e454d9\$dpx$.tmp\dd2aacbf886baf4db5d57106878477f7.tmp|>|>servicing\packages\ Error 42127 {CAB archive is corrupted.}

File C:\2e706261ac1f9dfa7a0e69a1e454d9\$dpx$.tmp\dd2aacbf886baf4db5d57106878477f7.tmp|> Error 42127 {CAB archive is corrupted.}

File C:\49e9ba97428b460358b2\$dpx$.tmp\85fe946422a73e44b18c7596276b0add.tmp|>|>servicing\packages\ Error 42127 {CAB archive is corrupted.}

File C:\49e9ba97428b460358b2\$dpx$.tmp\85fe946422a73e44b18c7596276b0add.tmp|> Error 42127 {CAB archive is corrupted.}

File C:\49f7d29baf4abb577c1f\$dpx$.tmp\9b2cfd5f46bd084d8da487de6512f3a8.tmp|>

Error 42127 {CAB archive is corrupted.}

Number of searched folders: 48345
Number of tested files: 4623976
Number of infected files: 0

Thanks again for your time and expertise

Computer Help / Windows 7 Update
« on: September 06, 2016, 08:30:20 AM »
OS Windows 7 PRO
Problems: Cannot get windows update working, I do not have OS CD, update.inf file is missing

What I've tried almost everything
System restore
Tweaking tool to exact recommendations with options included, 4 times.
CMD commands, resets scan disk, disk chk etc.
Windows update agent
antivirus& malware virus scans
Internet explorer settings add Microsoft update to allowed programs all 4 sites included ,unchecked requires server authentication , changed to medium security level. system restore
temp file removed etc.etc.etc.
Changed to google dns settings

I feel it may be the udate.inf driver-file that is missing just not able to reinstall or do a repair on windows without os cd

Thank You for any help you can offer


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