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Will do.

OK, thanks, will try

Just tried opening WR after not using for approx 2 months and the opening files check dialogue box is frozen on 396 of 402 files. Have closed and tried opening several times now, also tried after reboot with same effect and freeze in same place.

There is no other info showing so impossible to know what is holding up the prog.

Should I simply cut my losses and uninstall/reinstall with latest version?

Good idea. Thanks  :smiley:

Believe me, anythings worth a try at this stage.

One strange thing I did notice whilst I was 'messing around' with the settings, I logged in to another account on my pc which I set up some time ago to try and sort out another 'issue' involving the Store not opening. When I logged in to that all the folder icons were working as they should.

I suppose you could argue then that the 'simple' thing to do is either upgrade this other account and use that or, make yet another new User Account. Problem is this is all hassle, plus, is this the future for Win 10, every few weeks months, you have to start a new User Account so you can use the software as it was/is intended?

It would be good to find out what the problem is first before putting a sticking plaster over yet another wound to the OS.

Certainly worth a try Boggin, this has been driving me mad.

Quick question though, under the 'notes' section "Rebuilding the icon cache will not help with the following icon issues:" the last item reads - "Thumbnails of folders, pictures, videos, and documents."

Considering my problem seems to involve the 'thumbnails' etc of items inside a desktop folder, is it likely to fail?

I know the simple answer is - try it and see, but, is this a possibility?

Many thanks for taking the time to help.

Computer Help / All shortcuts and files in Folder icons not visible
« on: March 18, 2017, 09:31:49 AM »
I noticed about 2 weeks ago that the yellow folder icons on my desktop were open but appeared empty. Usually you can see what appears to be pieces of paper/files poking out from them. Now, they appeared empty.

When you click on one of the folders all the contents - files/shortcuts/etc are all there and working as they should do but, something has changed, and from past experience this usually means it's only a question of time before something else goes down.

It's not just the folders on my desktop either, any 'group' type folder icon anywhere else on the pc appears empty where before you could see something inside them.

I have run a full diagnostic and reset using also run sfc, chkdsk, Windows 'Start menu Troubleshooter' and CCleaner. No joy, they remain looking empty.

PC running Win 10 64bit -  version 1607 OS build - 14393.953

* As far as I remember this issue did not follow any update or prog install.

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