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GrandDad, I emptied my flash drive for other things. The more you
press him the worse it gets.
I have told him to as his friends, some one knows what it was.
I'll leave it for a while and ask him again. Pressing him only gets
more and more silly. Its killing me to have to clear everything and wait
until the system hands things back to me.
I really hope we can solve this one.

Best wishes.

Yep. I keep pressing him to remember but no joy. He says he is not
sure who gave it to him to put on his dongle/pen drive.
He has had it quite some time, he says. I am not sure what to believe.

Any way, had a good look at the Event Viewer several times and can
not see what I think to be is a User/Mouse call to something.
Not to sure what I am looking for.

I leave the system to complete the boot-up then right mouse click.
the system shut-down and look at Event Viewer- time of entry.
Nothing I recognize.

I will get there with some help, I sure.

Just got to keep looking I guess.

All the best.

I have checked to see if there are any un-know files, no joy.
The link for the Windows .exe file leads no-where, but I did
download the iso from that web address.
Ran sfc /scannow, that ran OK but did not resolve the problem,
hence I think its a registry key or set of keys that have been removed.

I have told my GrandSon before not to this type of thing and to stay away
from my system unless I am present. He is a pain in the butt although
he did want to please me, shame it backed fired.

Many thanks again.
All the best.

Yes, I have re-Install all drivers just to see if that solves the problem, No luck.
Alas, Just before I dropped, I switched off the System Backup for Spring Cleaning
and the computer was still on.
When I came back from hospital, the backup files were gone.
No backups were made until I switched the System Backup on days later when
I first went on the computer. I don't remember anything about that day or the
hospital stay, just bits an bobs.

Well, we press on.
All the best.

Thank you for the fast reply.
Sorry to hear about your troubles. Life can be brutal.
I was given up to 2 months, I am still here after 4 months and
on the mend.
Time we both stopped the stress and relaxed a bit.

Now this problem...
I tried as you said but that did not solve the issue.
I also went on that site and tried what they suggested,
that too did not solve the issue. Even went to Microsoft and
looked around, no solution there or download for the standalone
Windows XP Pro Service Pack3. A Bit to late I think.
Never mind.

Its not a software problem regarding my particular problem,
as those issues on site seem to ensure that files are in their
correct state and that the last updates are installed.

For me, It looks like a missing registry command pointing to a file
for right mouse click display according to the service needed
and then back for device input, ie; mouse, keyboard or other
device. The files must be still present or the system would not
carry on functioning as it does.

Any way, thank you very much. It did teach me how to check
and replace any files that may be missing or incorrect.
Good o know.

Now lets hope you or some other kind chap or lady can resolve
Once again, many thanks and all the best.

Windows Xp Pro Sp3
4 core a.m.d board 3mhz
8Gb memory.
nVidia GT440 1.5Gb cache Graphics Card

I am terminally and my heart stopped a few months ago and I ended up in hospital.
You were kind enough to assist me with a computer problem some months ago.

Once again my eldest Grandson ran some 'speed up computer' program on my
4 core 3mhz a.m.d system and now I am having a problem with Windows XP doing its
thing on either memory management or missing reg key/keys (I think).
Again he does not remember what the program was called. Sad to say, I have
had to ban him  from using my system.

Switch on system and wait. Desktop displays ok.
Right mouse click on, say the Recycle Bin and there is a lag for a moment and it
comes back with out displaying anything and waits, once again, for input.
Selecting again, the selection window is given.

After a while working on various programs, you get a windows memory error message
or Windows will clear the Desktop, re-run explorer.exe. The Desktop appears with all
its contents, the task-bar has its contents, Programs running come back in the correct
state and finally, memory is sorted out. Its almost like a warm re-boot.

I think its by-passing the routine to display the right mouse selections because of
a missing registry key to the sub-program ensuring the display takes place.
It could be doing a 'Return instead of a 'sub-Return' or visa versa, when it skips
the missing registry instruction. I really do not have a clue what to do.
I can not re-install windows and all the software, I am far to ill do do that.

Please, can someone help resolve this problem for me.

Many thanks.

Thank you all for helping. The link given solved my problem completely.
Thank you very much indeed.
All the best.

The 2 settings as stated are correct, but o joy.
I think whats missing is the registry entry that is called upon to ensure
that the Initialize and Convert Wizard is activated for the user to
Initialize the un-formatted disk. When finished the Computer Management.
The Logical Disk Management says its not registered for Windows2000 and
The system must be scanning the ports to allow an all ready Initialized device
to be accessed, so whats missing?
All I can think of, is that this there has to be a run command that allows you
to re-register the LDM to the system and you would with the wmi.

There must be some one out there that can help, please.
Its very important to the system or new un-formatted drives can not be used.

All the best.

Computer Help / WindowsXP Pro sp3- Disk Management not working- Help.
« on: April 05, 2017, 06:40:37 PM »
Ok I should update but I am getting on a bit and very ill, so its not necessary for my needs.

The Disk Management program is not loaded due to some silly chap trying to speed up my
system without me knowing.
I no longer can fix and non-formatted drive so that I can format it.

Is there a way I can fix this without re-installing Windows. That would kill me as I have a
mass of stuff on the system. Need to format new drive to save things onto.
I need someone help if they can. please advise.

All the best.

I tried the windows repair to switch off the autorun feature for usb
on WindowsXP Pro sp3.
The script shows as "NoDriveTypeAutoRun" set to 95.
I tried it and it did not work.
I used regedit and manually set it to hex value fd (253) ad it worked.

Thought you may ant to know.
All the best.

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