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Well in safe mode, one problem that doesn't occur is the system freezing when loading a new video in netflix/amazon. I tried disabling all task manager/msconfig startup programs but it still happens in normal mode. I've been having a few (probably) unrelated problems with video games, so I figured to go ahead with the gpu rma.

I have tried installing the audio driver from the mobo manufacturers website. For chipset, I just installed that today the "Intel INF Installation" from the mobo's website (under "Chipset" drivers). It didn't seem to do anything or even install a driver/programm. I also installed the Intel Management Engine Interface driver and same thing. I've never installed chipset drivers and not sure what to do.

Hey thanks for the response sorry it has been a while. I built the PC myself.  I RMA my GPU and I will see if the new one solves any/all of my problems. The speakers causing static, I don't have any other electronic devices just my computer. Even if it is just my speakers, I've been having lots of other problems such as the one I mentioned with netflix/amazon prime, and also a lot of issues with videos (seems like just online videos), frame skipping, and a hard to describe like jittering/vibrating, sometimes even weird things like the video will play in slow motion.

I'll let you know if the new GPU fixes anything, if it doesn't my plan is to completely reinstall windows.

Hi! I've been having some issues with my newly built computer less than a year old. Basically random static/audio when watching videos, frame skipping in mostly online videos. Also, some buzzing from speakers: Strangely when I load the Next Video from netflix/amazon prime, my computer hangs for .5 sec and makes a buzzing sound if I am playing audio.

The freezing problem doesn't occur in safe mode.

So I got recommended this program, but I dont know where to start and and scared not to mess up my system. I ran a pre scan and repaired some reparse points.

I ran a chkdsk a week ago, it came up with no errors.

Which main repairs should I do? Also, are there any I should be aware of that take a very long time to complete (hours)? Thanks for your help!

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