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Hi, I am going to share this tip as this is very useful for copying bulk data, with the date and time stamp of the folders and files in removable drives to computer or to the other pendrive maintaining the file created dates and latest updated as it is originally created. There are so much commands in robocopy. But i will give the most useful command if you want to copy , say a content of pandrive to c: drive or D: drive to copy it again to another pendrive .
                      you have to have win 7 atleast to do this. But excellent command prompt commands. You could see more in microsoft sites. But let me put a simple and useful command. If suppose, i want to format the H: pendrive  I want to copy all the contents to the D drive , but later i would want to copy to the same pendrive or another say G:
The syntax is this
c:windows\system32  cmd as admin
now type
                           robocopy h:\ D:\pendrivecopy /E/copyall/dcopy:T
to explain this robocopy source destination /E/copyall/dcopy:T
mind the gap between source and destination and change of slashes. If you donot mind the gap between source and destiny there may be chances that it will create Letter E and copy some files.
                         The copying is very fast and no loss in the data whatsover. Windows assigns suitable commands to copy all sorts of extensions. it will also show, the statistics at the end of copying. Now , all the folders and files of the pendrive got copied to d in pendrive folder. Now after formatting the pendrive, to copy to the same drive, please change the source as d:pendrive and destination as H:\ if you do not specify the folder path, it would take it as *.* and copy the contents. Now , you maintain the same date of folders and file created in this case. Please give your feed back. Thank you.
                                Robocopy is better than third party softwares. It has so much syntax. If the file is corrupted, it will not be copied. Rest in my next tip

N B: ordinary copying would assign the date of copying to the folders

                 When i try to copy the contents of the dvd file, i come across crc, circular redundancy check error 23, saying cannot read from source file or disk. I thought it would be a problematic disc and replaces with another media disc. CrC error repeated. I then tried copy thro command prompt robocopy. But it also list the same error listing that and trying to copy the same file again and again.
                         I know the nero disc speed and other utitlities that do the surface scan on the disk. Is there any program , that would check the disk drive, i mean here dvd drive. If so, i could check whether my dvd drive is working full functional.
Numorous software for retrieving the data from disc. But is there any program that would scan the drive for errors of the dvd drive without the disc being inserted.
                            i could not do chkdsk for this volume thro command prompt.

                   When i copy using cdcopy a OS it copies without fail. But , when i try the same thro usb, after making it bootable, the copying of files stops at install.wim, giving me error. cannot read the source file or disk. Cyclic redundancy error no. 23.
I thought it as a dvd disc failure , but it is not.
                        I scanned the pc with sfc /scannow, no integrity violations. I ran chkdsk /f/r. But still this error comes. When i just copy using cdcopy, it just copies fine, without altering the format etc.
                          But , when i insert a blank disc and then click the cd drive in windows 7, i get two options to select and if i select the cd dvd option, the bottom one, the file changes it format to udf and if i use cdcopy, then it writes without fail, but after writing, it also writes short lead to 100 percent. What is it? Why this occurs.
                           But if i just supply the disc after creating image, then it does not do any thing like that.
                              If chkdsk /f or sfc could not fix, then what could be done.
                                Howto check for this error bug

                  I come across this site and it is very useful to view and watch the magic trick first and then  how it was done thro video on many sources and few only in writings . But all the  whole, this site will give you some fresh thoughts. You could also learn the same and do to your family members.  Particularly this trick of vanishing coin and card is an example of how simple thing when does fastly escapes our eyes. When you see the trick, it would be somewhat unbelievable but at the same time, after you learn the trick, you could feel confidence of doing . It not only contains card tricks, but variety of tricks and it is free to view. Please enjoy.

Computer Help / BSOD and restart , when i play a movie file in vlc
« on: October 11, 2016, 01:32:05 AM »
              When i play a movie file from dvd disc with vlc media player , all of a sudden, the computer crashed and rebooted automatically showing that windows recovered from unexpected problem and the code is shown as 1000007f.
                            i went to minidump files , but could not open to see what is the bug.
Then i downloaded nirsoft utility bsod view and then i could saw the three minidump files thro it. It all pointed to the intel graphics driver and also list out the stage, all the processes everything, when the crash occurred. I could not go beyond this.
                       would somebody say what the dump log tells. Which i should do to correct the error. as normally windows tries to reboot successfully after each attempt to play the file. it is a vob file of a old movie.
                     I also notice a green bar like thing while playing thro the vlc medai player. I uninstalled and reinstalled . pl give solution

Computer Help / SMF released latest version 2.0.12
« on: October 02, 2016, 07:26:13 PM »
Hi, Shane
                      The SMF has released its latest version 2.0.12. Please update the same in this site.

                  normally one would want to split a large audio file in meaningful way that is split when some background music is running in between the vocals. For those audios and generally you could choose the point at which the audio of the first part start and end, and then just selecting two , start and end points of your audio, you could split in to no of files, at one go with this free utility mp3directcut software.
                      Just do not download from some suspicious sites, as it is bundled with PUP and other trojans. Jus tdownload from which is reputed site for download.
                           Just download it and then open it from the programfiles folder, or where you have saved, and then, just click ok to popup menus. Then select your audio files and , here start it to play. If suppose, you know , idea about where to start, normally from beginning of audio file, just play and press the start session button , you need not hear the music through out, just move the slider to your required point and then press the stop button, and then press the end session button, your audio now shown in different green colour. Just select file and save the session menu and name it as you like, say ..part1.mp3 and then save it. It saves the file as mp3. Just start the next session by playing the audio from the point where you stopped for the first part, and then click start session button and then just move the slider to required position of the song an then click stop button and then end session button. Just go to file menu again and save the audio as part 2 and so on till the end of the file at one go. It is very easy , as you need not play the whole song. If you know, where to end the sessions as you wish it is very simple and effective. There is no audio quality loss. It is one another plus pointl. Enjoy..
The buttons are self explanatory in nature, so i did not touch . There are more tricks, and you could refer the manual or help file in the program.
Here is how to merge two audio files using the same software

Computer Help / Is this method safe to not to get unauthenticate emails
« on: September 24, 2016, 09:08:02 PM »
The idea of enabling the verify the authentication of sender in Lab tab in gmail settings is said to block receiving the non authenticate emails , the email with ?red question mark at the senders address? Is it advisable to enable it?. I enabled it as a measure to not receive any spam or hackers message from some of the sites, for which i have become a member, like say, a matrimony site. Recently i received an alert to change the password for the site, as somebody could steal the personal information , and says he is while hacker. I just did nothing. Till now, nothing happens. But receiving this kind of hack alert from ? mark emails , i think is a security lapse. I searched and found this

Computer Help / How to schedule mbam.exe to run on every start up
« on: September 24, 2016, 06:06:09 AM »
                Using task scheduler, i could make the program start and it shows in running stage, code 2670009. But , what i want is to execute the program mbam.exe at start up. I am failing in this with possible error codes 1. If the task has been run, i should get 0 as Last Run Code. I checked the last run activity code in nirsoft utility.
                 what i want is , to run , the mbam.exe at start. Please say, I have given some name and in actions , selected by browsing mbam.exe in my computer path and then make it to run on every start up. whenever, i tried with nirsoft tool, i get the code, which states that the exe is running. I could also see the process in process tab in task manager. But , what i want is, it should exe, by opening the program, when we double click it. I think, giving the path of exe would be enough , if the program has to start.
                             I know that it is running , but it did not show any opening in my desktop pl
the command line parameters do not work in latest editions of mb

                     Once when i opened my gmail account, i have imported all yahoo mails to gmail by adopting imap and pop settings in gmail. I remember that it was enabled by me.
                         the exact incident: i once tried outlook from other client to send a message without knowing that i will loose all the yahoo mails to outlook.
                             To retrieve those emails , i opened an account in gmail and retrieved all the messages from outlook to gmail and i labelled it.
                                Now to continue receiving yahoo mails in my gmail, i have made imap and pop settings.
                                So any mail addressed to my son ymail is automatically forwarded to gmail and there is no problem .It has been since 2009. But i just went to the same settings and found pop and imap enabled from those date. But, i do not know , how to see that details of the emails included in the settings, like mails from yahoo. etc. How to check for those details.

                I have registered to a matrimonial site, from which i have received a security alert from a white hacker to change the password for the site, as he could easily steal my data . I have received a ? mark in all the emails sent by them. I have checked the whois, and came to know that server is godaddy. I do not know, whether the site owner knows . But the name of the registration was in the content of email from that white hacker or team.
                    i have enabled mail security in avast, but somehow, this mail was not filtered or i think that only paid version would do that correctly.
                     Now, my point is , should i inform the site about this in first place?
                           Secondly, i could access the gmail without any access problem.
                              How to stop receiving this kind of unauthenticated emails from any body in gmail.
                                  filtering would help in some form. But i want to stoop all emails unauthenticated. how to do in gmail? I hope some one would answer

Computer Help / Offline window updates..clarification ..reg
« on: September 17, 2016, 10:07:24 PM »
               I just typed offline install of windows and i got this link
                    The latest version printed could not be located there. I had not attempted this. Some persons who has to reinstall windows, would have known something about this update. Is this possible. I just clicked one last version and it contains mere a 2 m.b.
                          Each wu contains more than this size. So, i am a bit confused how could this offline installer would update. Is it possible and is it feasible.
                            I have read in somewhere in my thread about boggins, recommendation of update in simple manner, without have to install all updates at the same time. But could not remember the thread.
                                Please let me know how to update to control the download of updates so that i could update gradually.
                                     Of late, i am receiving some weird mails so thinking of updating...
                                   My system is having windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.

           Every body knows about nirsoft site, who is giving valuable software at free on so many windows problems and tweak and i will recommend this command line tool nircmd, a nice tool. Pl go and enjoy and they will be adding other commands also in due time.
             Also see this winhelponline tutorial where the use of it to speak text from a text file is given. I have tried the speak , and the audio has an issue so , it does not work at first. After i repaird the audio , this too was working. But alas, i tested a frst text , full of computer logs , and i do not know how to close the audio. The audio is pucca replication of text, but enjoy using some nice text files, you created or stored in text file.
the winhelponline contains the download link for nircmd and also instructions are self explanatory.
i have asked the winhelpline, how to close the audio if i want to stop the audio in the middle of speaking
                 If you go the nircmd , there are some more options of closing the dvd, opening dvd and whatnot. Enloy

Computer Help / account suspended please contact host provider what is it
« on: September 14, 2016, 03:44:41 AM »
Hi, It is a free site for downloading videos and i have not signed up . It is free for all. I used to download old videos and there was no problem in downloading. But when i accessed the site, there was the message , i mentioned in the topic. what that means. I do not have static ip, and even when i accessed the site remains the same.
                                How to overcome? what that message means. I did not signup for the site. Is there any clue

i do not have share and pim tab as shown in the tutorial. Moreover the file size is 36 mb, which could not be saved in phone memory which is less in older model nokia phones.
                     How to change the location to memory card. If solution is given quickly , i will be happy

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