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Hi, Freecat,
What the troubleshooter error denotes. You start from there

Hi, But do you experience the same thing. I.e, when you restart your computer, your dsl light also blinks to get reconnection? The ethernet light blinks when shutdown before restart, a flash of a second and then stay on. But dsl light blinks.
Secondly, the same thing is not happening when tested at other places including the service centre of dlink.
Hi, Boggin, how used usb devices, such as nano adapters are shown in netcfg /s n. Would it not cease to exit? Moreover, it is showing usb hardware ids in the command prompt. I could only detect and delete thro usbdview by nirsoft utility.

So are you saying that when Ethernet connected the DSL light goes out on the router when the computer is first switched on and going through its boot process ?
Yes, this is the problem. if i remove the ethernet wire from router, then there is no blinking during the boot process and subsequent restarts.
I have checked the modem for errors , nothing, and also checked the dsl line, it is not blinking always, except for the reason i mentioned above.
i checked the ethernet wire on both sides, and found no problem of broken or wire being damaged.
When dlink checked, they found no blinking or any of the problem i mentioned in their service centre
PS: i issued command netcfg -s n,
It list all the information connected with the network
I found 3 nano adaptors entries of dlink dw131 in those. I did not know, where to find those hidden adapters. I remember that i have used the dlink nano once upon. Then i looked on network adapters in computer management. I could not find even after show all hidden devices.
Then i downloaded nirsoft usbdview and found those listed in the scan. I just deleted using that interface and now it is not shown in netcfg command.
But still the problem persists.

Hi, I have checked. ofcourse, the port on pc , is showing as connected, as otherwise, i would not get ethernet/ Is it correct?
Ofcourse, the click sound is missing on that port. It was a NiC card connected to the mother board of my pc. Is there any thing i could do with some kind of attachment, llke connector on the port to reconnect the ethernet cable. I hope you understand what i mean?
How to check , if there is a kind of loose connection on that port.
Only the click sound is missing and this mother board has no showi only ng of green or amber lights as i usually got when i had the other mother board, older one.
Will this be the cause of intermittent cut on restart? please give your valuable advice.
I checked again and again, and found that this issue is occuring only if i connect the ethernet and start the pc?
The dsl light is ok and so the internet cut happens only because of loose connection or no click connection!
Is there any connector available to connect the ethernet jack outside? pl
P S: I found sound network usb adapters in google search. But my problem is, how to disable the motherboard  adapter? Moreover, will the ethernet work , if i use the usb ports to connect thro the network adapter, as it is another form of connection to the network card inside the pc.
Please give your advice on that.
PS2: I have checked by removing the ethernet end at pcs back and just plugging get me internet access and so i do not have any problem with the connection , it seems, but any how
when i restart the windows, when the windows UI is loading, the "starting windows" screen comes and four coloured icon is processed, i get this disconnection of dsl.
Does wireless devices have any thing to do with this problem.
I do not have any wireless adapter but getting wifi thro the modem

Hi, Boggins,
                        i checked he firmware wihe dlink. They say that i have the latest firmware.
By the By,
                          On restart of windows
                          if i remove the ethernet cable from modem, there is no problem of dsl blink and internet loss
                          If i connect the ethernet, then, i get this problem for sure.
                          Modem has no problem, as i have checked the modem with dlink centre.
Could you kindly say where to look for?
Is it in the connection between the ethernet cable  of modem and pc port

Hi, The router time shows 1st January 1970. I could not imagine, why this is happening?
I was advised by some technician that thre was an attack on my ISP's routers and the first suggestion, he gave me to change the settings of time from ntp server default to copy computer time.So, i selected that option and save the settings. But , it changes itself to 1st january 1970. What would have been the issue. Is the router defective?
Is bitdefencer is a online program? unlike avast? like eset online scanner

Hi, I already tried that . But it seems that you have to install some other framework for this to work. trendmicro very odd and not user friendly. avg is avast's. panda, two slow and unnecessay popups,and others not at all tried.
Avast was my preference  for years.
The event viewer just shows the 1014 error id, name resolution for the timed out error, nothing else.
Noted that the router time , in status page, is as old as 1970, where the router also would not have been made.
Is that anything to do with the connection issue.
Today, i saw the date and changed the prefered time from copy computer time to server and just selected the dlink time server. Now the date and time is shown correctly.
Have to watch tomorrow if this works.
any idea

Hi, suggest another free one without intrusion and menu friendly.
Is mcafee available for free. Could you Really recommend that?
Regarding event viewer, do you want only warning and errors or all the logs including information, audit pass and audit fail.
Where i could see those logs, in dhcp or dns or something others ple

Hi, After replying to your post,
I had an unusual situation, suddenly internet light turns red, but dsl does not blink.
Troubleshooting suggested that your modem is experiencing connectivity issues and the details is
The network gateway is accessible, but Windows couldn’t receive network traffic from the Internet
After a few minutes, the internet light becomes green to give me internet access.
What is this behaviour. Previously, the dsl also blinks after internet light goes off, but now only internet light turns red for some time.
The speed and telephone ring has no problem.

Hi, Boggins,
After i disabled the ipv6 (after doing all the microsoft fixes, lilke creating override key, in registry, and some like, enabling g only in bgn settings in wireless, creating some keys, i was still getting the start internet cut problem.But as you , said, i went to adapter settings and just unchecked the ipv6. One or two restart shows no sign of internet loss. Let me try one or more restarts to check further to report fully .
Now i do not also have the user profile registry leaks by avast error 1530.
Could you say, how those are related, please
Could you also say, what is the main difference between bridged mode and not in bridge mode.
From your reply , it suggest that it is to be done to connect more devices .
I wish to state that i was having the same set of devices , without the bridge mode also.

Some settings in router in wireless part,  only gives access to laptop,thro btooth and smartphones by the wifi settings in the router.
What is the  exact difference, of bridged and non bridged connection.
Do you mean that if it is not bridged, then i could not connect  with the same devices i mentioned.
Some says that bridged connection makes the router as just modem and it will not route?
I could not quite clearly understand what it is meant.

Hi, Boggins, let me say that i have done what you say.
I have disabled ipv6 in network adapter, lan,
What is meant by either adapter? I am only having one lan network wired adapter.
Ofcourse, i am having dlink combo router and modem wifi, thro which i am connecting other devices thro wifi.
I am senidng the show all hidden netowrk devices to you to know, which one is virtual adapter? Please say
A sub query:
        what is bridged and not bridged connection.
       My ISP configured the router by wiz and then he went to the channel config page to change as Bridged ethernet, instead of disabled  and other menu
What this bridged connection denote, ? in wired connection
Should it not be?
My staff says that bridged connection is the one to be selected. But previously all my routers did not have this settings changed by ISP.
Please say , what is bridged? Is that settings made my combo modem only act as modem only and not router.
Then what it denotes in layman understanding?
When i type my router page ip, ilt opens . That means it is also router?
The terminology confuses me much more than anything.
your valuled suggestions please boggin

Hi, Boggins thank you very much for the exact link, in which this was shown as waring in win 7 and information iin windows 8. So , Now i am sure that this warning does not produce the internet cut during restart.
Whenevaer i restart the pc, my internet light goes off, then dsl starts blinking , the internet light turns red and then reestablishes the connection. It is only happening in my windows 7. Thought that those warnings are the cause for the same. But your link certainlyl dismissed those.
why this behaviour?
i have tried all sorts of tricks, but could not fix it.
I will give a clue. My isp has not switched over to ipv6 and i also just enabled ipv4 in my router initial settings.
Is it normal to get this behaviour? i.e, when we shutdown and restart, the ethernet port power is off and then on.

i had some 1530 user profile error for this SID user account, which shows registry leaks by the avast program when closing the pc.
How to know if a user profile is corrupted or not pl
Please see the error code, where there was mention of registry leaks during the shutdown, on restart of a pc. Ofcourse, the windows just removes the handles to close itself. But registry leak is my concern.
Are those files are user preferences of application and settings , that one do in the course of time, in alerting windows alerts by okaying or denying?
Are they not necesary when one create a new profile.
Normally msoft advises to copy the user data from the old profile to new proflle without the ntuser bunch of files.
If those are not recreated , what it tells directly or indirectly.
If those are only registry user preferences copied to the personal user accounts , then could we just create and log in the new account, without bothering about those things.
are there anyway to open and view the contents of those files.
Normallyl , we try new user, if we have any problem in old user account, but how to say that the old profile is corrupt? I googled but could not get any thing clear.

My doubt is , the microsoft article on change of profile only has ntuser.ini,ntuser.dat, and ntuser.dat.log.
But perusal of my picture would show that there are more files with bif extention and regtrans ms . Are those normal.
Since i thought, that this denotes a kind of corrupted user, i changed the user name and tried to avoid copyiing these files. They are not recreated if you just delete using admin account.
If you are not logged , then you do not see that user name in c:user folder.
what those log1 and log2 files.
Are those created when i set some settings in programs
i googled but do not know, if the user profile is corrupt or not?
How to find if a user file is corrupt.
i had some 1530 user profile error for this SID user account, which shows registry leaks by the avast program when closing the pc.
How to know if a user profile is corrupted or not pl

Hi, My user profile it seems corrupted, with not those files present in the user profile folder. Instead, i am having netuser.ini, netuser.dat , but two or more files of netuser.dat.log1 and netuser.dat.log2. I tried to create the new user account and then copy the profile folders excepting these files , but if i just log on with a user account already have, the same files copied .If i delete those files in the hope that it would get recreated, i am afraid that it does not.
If i am having the same set of those files , then i get another corrupted profile.
Is there a way out , how to copy these files.
If available for windows 7 ultimate 32 bit, please send those ,
I can delete but not could create. I suppose, it does not autocreate if it is deleted.
I tried to copy those files by unselecting these files, but if had not logged in to the new user account, then the user account is not shown in c:user folder .
Please give me solution.
What are those log1 2 files , and some regtrans files with ntuser guid numbers

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