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Hi, Shane , Thank you very much.Then why latest pendrives have also a default fat32 system, which is having limitation of 4 g. b etc. I also noticed, that when copying the larger files to ntfs formatted drive, the actual file size as shown in the properties are shown in the pen drive . Thank you very much.


                With the permission of the owner of this site, i wish to share this tips for others

                 I tried to copy a flv files more than 4 gb to a pendrive, which is having more than 8 g.b. But there was an error that disk is full. Please remove one or more files. I tried to copy again and again, but could not.I could not format the pendrive also , as i presumed there is a conflict of file system type of both the media. Computer having ntfs and pendrive having fat 32 system. I formatted the drive with this syntax at the cmd prompt.format J: /FS:FAT32 /X where j denotes your pen drive. I formatted it but could still not copy it. But this time i received an error message that "confirm stream loss" and the loss could be the summery information etc. I clicked yes but again no solution.
                    Then on surfing the net, i found this solution.
                     Go to device manger, by right clicking My computer and then select device manager. In the disk drive menu select the pen drive and then click properties. Then go to policies tab and select optimum performance tab and click ok , to enable to computer to show the two types of fat32 and ntfs system in the format menu. Otherwise, the default format menu will onlyl show fat32 system alone. (This was my experience)
                      Then again go to MY Computer and then double click. Select the Pendrive , right click and then select format and then select ntfs in the format file system tab and then click format. Your problem is solved. And now you could copy the flv files of size bigger than 4 g.b to it. Beware to copy the pen drive files to a separate folder before formatting

                        Thanks to the forum for permitting me to give this tip, and thanks to mr. shane,

Hi, I found the solution after few hours of suring for the solution if any. I could not format also as it shows that the disk is used by some process which i could not find. Then i found one answer in yahoo forum and formated with the following syntax. format J: /FS:FAT32 /X. This is the command i used to format the pendrive, as there was some clash in formats. pendrive having fat32 and my file having ntfs format having more than 4 gb , which is a flv file.
                     I formated but could not copy this flv file, which shows the disk as full. Then a message suddenly pop up confirm stream loss. the loss could be the summery information. etc.I said yes but to no solution.After that i went to device manager, disk drives, select the usb drive and then went to properties, policies and selected optimum performance tab. Then , I double clicked my computer, went to the pen drive, and then select format, by which i got the choices menu in the format tab. fat or ntfs. I did select the ntfs and wow it worked and i could copy the flv file in the same format to the pen drive. Thank you very much for getting some problem myself and finding solutions, .
                     The essence of the matter is that some files show file size less than what it actually has.If it contains the other information which is not supported by the pendrive then this problem crops up. So, the content is also important. If it is a mere data file, then there would not have been any problem.

Hi, Shane

                   the remaining 7 g.b. I also wish to inform that i have enabled show all hidden files including operating system files in the folder option. I could not format also, as it shows that disk could not be formated either, as it is used by the device.

               I tried to copy a 4 g. b file in to a 16 g.b, which has 8 g.b used storage. But it shows the disk is full please insert a new diskette. I could not copy a lesser size file to a known free storage. Why and how to rectify it.

Hi,  Thank you, i surfed thro the net and tried idoo video xpress, aiesoft total video converter,aimersoft video converter, tipard blu ray etc. But none of them worked as it is only merging after encoding in other output format and it took hours together. But at last i found one cool flv joiner named andy flv joiner, which is very simple to merge more files in their original format and resolutions etc. The time taken for 4 gb is hardly five to six minutes and it retains the original sound video quality etc. The others are priced heavy, compared to this free one. I have given as useful tips in your forum. But before i reply to this thread the power went off. So, i am replying now.
      Can i send this kind of useful tips to this forum, with your permission, Shane , sir,

Hi,      After surfing the net , i came across this tool, Andy flv joiner, a cool tool to merge any number of flv files to one merged file without loosing the quality and audio. I tried a lot of tools , which is available in give away of the day, and other tools such as reputed. Either it is priced higher and involves limited conversion or merger. A tool for eg would only allow merger of 2 files of limited size. Not only that, it will take hours together to merge those files, as it will show side by side video progress and processes.If interrupted by power cut, then the process has to be started afresh.
          But this tool is a marvellous one at that it is very simple , all you have to do is to download this tool and then add flv files one by one, prefered to maintain the serial, then press the "Join" button and that is all. Your flv files numbering so many will be merged in a matter of 5 to 10 minutes and no loss of audio or video. Everyone really have to thank the Author of this program, who has taken much effort to give this awesome free tool . Once you use it, you will never go for any other tool, that is for sure.

The link is here

Hi,  I uninstalled and reinstalled codec pack and as per your advice has enabled normalisation of sound on 2 items, in the set up exe instructions. Is that correct one for normal and one for ffmdshow or something like that in the same menu. I thank you very much for your thoughtful solution and will report any further problem.
       Is there any video joiner or merger of flv files of the same format and resolution such as the original to use. I mean if i have a format flv of 480*360, then the resultant output, should be the same, instead of flv other resolutions. I will be much grateful to you if you give me the solution. By the by, which conversion from flv, would compress the size of the file to small without any loss of quality.
        By logging to this site, i am learning so much and reget that i did not become the member beforehand, atleast 5 years back. Thanks to great efforts. How to get views from other experts

Hi,   I got the point. I tried to mouse a little bit extra in to the down screen and it worked. Fantastic answer. I did not notice the upper small black arrow, since, i could not scroll with the display. Thanks a lot. I would like you to consider this tips to be posted in user tips, because, these are the small but effective tips that one gets.
       The scroll in the mouse did not work here. Thank you once again.

hi, A good reply at that. But SMPS cost much nowadays and replacing without even knowing that it has real damage or not is a real concern. I will try to surf and inform if anything is there. Thank you for your reply.
How to vote for your real useful answers to increase your karma score. I want to give some.

   By the by, No of posts could be viewed. How to view the no. of views. I always like the sharer of the god given knowledge and want to give some special points.

Hi,   Seen the reply , but laptap battery power etc could be monitored by some softwares. Why not a solution could be attempted in this regard. Because, every time if there is a problem in SMPS, then you have only the choice of replacing.(hardware solution only) By the by , what karma denotes in everyone's post.


                 Downloading the required programs, the all program list is increasing and it took almost the entire window screen, so whenever you download a new program, it is getting added and the "all program' report "new Programs installed", but i could not see to know it or see it at all . Is there any solution for this problem.
                 I surfed the net, and tried the solution of checking the scroll mark in the customize tap in the task bar properties in the Advanced menu" in customize. It totally reduced the program to a single column but it does not show all the list, as before.

Hi, Shane,

                 I am only asking adjusting the sound volume in the program. It seems that the sound gets a little low, when playing videos. Where is the sound settings to adjust the sound volume.
                 I am using firefox, as i find google somewhat compromised to hackers. Even when firefox starts it gets the search results only through google. Is it correct.?
                  I will send it when i receive the error, further. Today, i got the advertisement in that place

Hi, Yes . I am getting the error still on each reply login. It is at the bottom of the page, where some adv. like quikr gets displayed.
  By the by , my query on volume control, answer please.

Hi, When i open this forum, this page, i received this message, what is it, anyway, sir,
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mysql_async() (previously declared in /home/osadspro/htdocs/conndb/conndb.php:5) in /home/osadspro/htdocs/conndb/conndb.php on line 8

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