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Hi,  Shane,     Ok i admit that the above software is having a bug or i do not know to do this.
      Once merging the videos thro, joiner, if clicked to play, it plays the first file of the merged file and then the status bar comes back to the beginning. You understand the problem. If suppose, i go to the status bar to move to the second file and it started from the point where you put the status bar/mark/button. But after the second file of the merger one finishes, it goes to the beginning of the play.
    So, one has to watch the timings and then move the status button of the media classic player, (which i have, as per your recommendation, a special one) to go to the next stage of the movie or video.
          I would request you to give any solution for the above. As we are merging, the file gets merged and not the consequent sequence

Computer Help / Re: Trojans
« on: March 29, 2013, 08:49:38 PM »
Hi,  Desiree
                Mr. Shane has given excellent solutions to your query. Please try it and report if the bugs are fixed

Computer Help / Re: Strange network connection icon
« on: March 29, 2013, 08:38:42 PM »
Hi,  Recentlyl i heard about BAZOOKA  virus, which has even sent unimaginable size of request to all the users , led to total cracking of computers. This was slated to be a electronic shock bomb virus. This has especially attacked anti spy bot spam spamhuse or some thing. So, i think it is a emerging topic . Hence, i am writing this.

Computer Help / Re: Strange network connection icon
« on: March 28, 2013, 09:22:18 PM »
Hi,, In the , when you are registering and logging , it gives some menu for quick links. What it means to the member? Today, when i tried to open my gmail from, it does not allow. and I presume that i have logged in the infected ips. and since, i know the information from your post, i swithched off my moden and relogged in a different ip. Then i was able to open the mail, that i received from this site. I went to and logged in and look for the ip that i logged and it gave me information of the infected ip i have logged in the first attempt. It shows some ips and a lot of information on the ips that i logged on. It also gave me the harverster who uses this ip for spamming purpposes.

                    So, i want , you as a sharer of valuable information, and at pleasing and gentle mood would try to read and help me regarding what the Quick link means. When i tried to give a quick link, it shows an unknown link address, . So i do not know , what is what . The information will also be very useful for the users of this informative site

Hi,    I recommend the IMGBURN for burning and other purposes connected with it for copying larger files to cd r cd rw dvd r dvd rw. Particularly for cd dvd r burning , this tool is really good and handy and free to use. It gives tips at every stage and does allow user changes in the software.
        I have tried to  write this with nero, but it is not a free one and earlier versions support only iso 9660 support. But imagburn which i am using is a easy to write burner. The burner has so many features, that even paid version of some of the other software do not have. I have wasted a couple of 8.5 dvds which could not be rewritten.
         I have tried the same with the imgburn and the work has been completed in a matter of minutes without much fuss.
          TIPS i got from imgburn on writing larger files more than 2gb

          1 First you have to make two adustments. You have to select udf format from the option menu in the opening screen.
           2. You have to enable add excess file size in the restricted tab in the Advanced tab in the opening screen.
           3.It is better to update to the latest drivers  from the respected  cd drive software
           4. It is a must that you reduce the write speed from the default to 2x which will give smooth writing of the files or folders
           Some of the tips that it will give before starting writing is a very good aspect of this wonderful burner.
           Support is promptly given by them for any issues relating to the product within a day or two.

          Detailed guidelines are available at their website
          Attached herewith 3 screen shots for easy writing experience.

          Very useful wonderful and free software accomplishing many things.

Hi,   The reply from imgburn has solved my problem. The imgburn has advised to update the lg driver from 11 to 13. i did. Then it has advised me to adjust the speed from the normal 6x to 2x, which also i changed.Then there was no problem and the write is successful. I already changed the file sytem to udf and enabled excess limit in their menu.
         Thank you for sharing what you know, always to all

Hi, Thank you for wealth of informations . But the link does not list the ips, as per my browsing.
My simple question is how to know the service providers name from the ips of infected ones. Is it possible to know. But this information , i think is not available in the link you provided, sir. Thank sir, I will also google it for any information in this regard

Hi, Thank you for the answer. Could you suggest the best one at cheaper rates. Is this offline software or program or online program. Thank you once again

Computer Help / Re: IQRl less or not equal error BSOD
« on: March 26, 2013, 09:20:33 PM »
if Graphics driver  video card drive. is the error

i have asked is Graphics driver same as video card driver. Pl kindly tell how to up to date the latest drivers i saved. Should i uninstall the old one or i can merely double click the new drivers? I  do not find drive sweeper in the link. So, I am asking. Thanking you, sir,

Computer Help / Re: IQRl less or not equal error BSOD
« on: March 26, 2013, 06:26:10 AM »
Hi,   I am to inform that there is no driver sweeper as shown in the link in the recommendation part. Let me know how to update the drivers i saved from intel. Pl kindly advise . Also should i also update the audio drivers from intel.

Computer Help / Re: IQRl less or not equal error BSOD
« on: March 26, 2013, 06:15:31 AM »
Hi, I have gone to the intel link and they advised automatic update of pc drivers by automation process. if Graphics driver  video card drive. I have downloaded the same but not executed it before i hear from you that it is related. It also shows updates for audio card. Should i also update the same. Should i create a restore point before downloading the updates, sir,
expecting your reply


             I do understand that backups are provided by various softwares to completely take a back of the system as a whole, so when the computer crashes or could not be revived, you can restore the sytem to the  full shape as it was before, without installing the windows once again. How could that be done sir,
how to restore that with booting process including. sir. I surfed the net, but there were confusing too much on the technicalities in the issue. Would you be kind enough if a link is available to get a real and clear idea of how to restore this. Or I would expect, sir, Shane to tell in your crisp words how to do it.

Hi,   In recent survey report, i heard that one survey reports that such and such service provider has lot of spam or infected ips. I want to know if it is possible for anybody to find the service provider with the ips totally surveyed or taken in to consideration.

Hi, Thank you Shane, to know that the dvd will read 0 bytes, if it is not burning well. Is dvd burner is in the software or hardware.? I have checked and had the drive problem somewhat fixed by a fixit microsoft. If i could not burn the cd, there is no other way but to buy the dvd writer.But it is burning with the trial nero burner dvd rom.

        Is it a fact that all dvd supports udf format . But i learnt that the windows xp does not even recognise the udf disc..
        What is the normal format of the dvd 4.7 g. b.
        By getting answers from you, i am improving in the area where i do not know anything. I normally simply insert the cd or dvd and let it burn. But when i come across problems, i could not use the burnt dvd r whether be it single and dual layer. I tried imgburn, a free ware to burn a total flv file of 8.2 to a 8.5 g.b, but it has asked me to correct the settings, firstly change the udf+9660 to udf  in the OPtion taband also enable the allow excess file size to be written in ISO 9660 in the Advanced tab. But when i enable burning there was some servo failure message which i have addressed to imgburn support.
        I also learnt about the bluray dvd which could save up to 25 if i am correct, in one instance. Even settings changes in the image burns did not work to my satisfaction. It gives ioh sound when it fails on something. But DVD drive is now perfect , i suppose. As always expecting reply from you

        When i inserted a blank dvd , and on verifying the properties, it shows zero bytes and RAW as it file system.

Computer Help / Re: windows explorer keeps crashing and restarting
« on: March 24, 2013, 08:47:26 PM »

In continuation of my solution
Try the below work around:

1. Click Start, run, type "inetcpl.cpl" (with out quotation marks) and click
2. Click the Advanced tab.
3. Under Browsing, uncheck the "Enable third-party browser extensions
(requires restart)" check box.
4. Click OK.
If the third party extensions have any problem, this will fix the issue.This i had taken from the net advice and it has fixed

I would recommend you to  install malwarebytes to check for spywares in your pc.

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