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Computer Help / Re: are sfc scan and w.readinesstool different?
« on: August 28, 2017, 05:59:46 AM »
 Hi, I asked, but he just told me not to bother. But , finding so much pending renames bothered me. So, I ask in this forum.
Hi, Boggin, one sub question: What is install.wim and boot.wim. If you know, pl let me know

Computer Help / Re: are sfc scan and w.readinesstool different?
« on: August 28, 2017, 12:38:00 AM »
Hi, I tried every tool but could not fix sfc errors. Then i wrote to sysnative forum. They have given two fixes . In the first fix, they have given solution to some of the missing or corrupted files. I was asked to again scan by sfc. I did and sent. In the second fix, my problems solved and subsequent sfc scannow, now shows no integrity violations.  But,  if i use findstr.. to show corrupted files, it does show correctly. But when i open the cbs.log there are numerous pending rename entries What are those, and how to delete. Ofcourse, i noted a Temp folder in winsxs folder and it contains pending deletes and pending renames folder.
               If i do sfc scan, each time there are entries of pending renames. Would it not be deleted automatically. Some says to activate the Trusted installer, which i did , But i do find so much files everytime. Is there any fix in All in one repair to repair?
                  What are the repairs noted in registering windows files, do pl

Computer Help / are sfc scan and w.readinesstool different?
« on: August 22, 2017, 06:42:10 AM »
I presume that sfc scannow helps in fixing the system files when the files were loaded , and it checks to see the files that were present in the installation dvd  and correct any missing files from the required folders from the system itself.
 Windows readiness tool is on the other hand fixes the windows updates from the time of installation to the date of running the tool.
If there is any corruption in the system files, then you get errors or otherwise no error  for all the files, when those files were installed in sfc scan (like using i386 folders in xp)
If there are no pending windows update, then you get no error in check sur log, otherwise, you get some errors and by installing those updates, you get no error.
Are my assumptions correct? please.
are any changes made in files like explorer.exe and other exes in window updates?

Computer Help / sfc fix exe could not fix some missing dll . pl
« on: August 21, 2017, 09:19:02 PM »
                    After scanning with sfc /scannow, i used sfcfix.exe to fix the errors. It asked me to keep ready with the install dvd, which i provided in the cd drive. After some time , it exited with 2 errors not automatically fixed.
                     I know that the sub-forum regarding this has been stopped. But , if possible , kindly send me the two dll files mentioned in the winsxs folder. I tried to copy the same dll, but even after that , the same error is reported.
                       i heard that winsxs folder contains the other versions of the same dlls in the system 32 folder to fix compatibility issues , while we try to run applications and the same set of dlls for the different versions have been stored in the winsxs folder. If possible , send the dlls for windows ultimate 7 32 bit of the two files i enclose herewith. Ofcourse, it is something tough to locate the exact folder and find the dll


Hi, It createda woutempadmin account and since i enabled auto boot in between the updates, it has taken time to finish the updates. The first session ended abruptly because of power failure. It resumed after some time. It did finish all the updates it could in two to three days. I also left it continue with woutempadmin account.
                 Then i started manual updates for which , wsuoffline could not update.Now hope that all the updates are installed.

Computer Help / Wsuoffline installer hangs and start and hangs at reboot
« on: August 16, 2017, 06:58:46 AM »
Since, i was having problem with explorer, i could not see the screen at all. As a result , i had to clean install c: after so much fixes did not fix it. Ok, i did and tried wsuoffline install, it installed security pack 1 and some updates and then started to hang. I waited for more time but it does not move from there. After seeing the size just 30 mb, it should not have taken more than few minutes. But it was hanging there . So, i had no other option but to close the installer.
                 When i tried the second time, i thought , that it would start from where it left, but after a few checks, it started hanging after waiting for list of ids that could not be updated... and it stayed there.
                  Can i uninstall all updates other than security pack, which is already installed and try again?
                    Moreover, it is funny, that when i try elevated command prompt, it did not direct to c:windows\system32, instead, c:windows\woutempadmin. pl say the fixes.
                           When i did the same , last time,no problem arose

Hi, Thanks samson. Pl this thread can be closed. I have problem in copying to the new ext.hdd, which i will post as new thread

Hi, Thanks. if suppose, i create a new folder and copy the other local drive contents, i find the folder in ext.hdd shown as hidden attribute folder. It does not show normally , and if you enable show hidden files and system files in folder options, you could view the folder and contents. Why this happens?

Hi, Thanks . Will try . Is there any thing to know, if my windows vss service is working properly?, is there any tool in shanes all in one repair program?
If i copy the other drives to ext.hdd, then would the hidden system files also will be copied? I am asking because,  it stops at system volume information folder , if i resort to robocopy with time stamps without exiting ,getting in to the loop, waiting for 30 seconds and then trying ..never ending
If i make my folder options , view menu  and check do not show hidden files, would that get copied to the ext. hdd.?

Computer Help / Why the internet light in modem becomes red?
« on: August 08, 2017, 04:24:31 AM »
Hi, My internet light occasionally becomes red if i log on to pc , after getting wifi access thro smart phone. When i am using the log on to internet access with wifi , thro the wifi modem and then power on the pc, i get my internet light red. If i use flushdns command of ipconfig then it is becoming green.
                    I know that i could access the wifi in mobile only thro the modem. If i log on to pc, after that, occasionally the internet light becomes red.
                   Wifi access is entirely different and bb access is entirely different. Is it correct? Why this is so? what is the fix

Hi, Samson,
i had fixed the error. It was a VSS error which i never heard of. I just went to the macrium help pages and found out a registry tweak. By creating a dword key in hkcu/software/macrium/reflect/vss with 0 value. This would enable the macrium use the vss of service of its own ,instead of VSS of windows services. Then there was no error in getting the c drive of my pc also.
This instruction should have been incorporated in main menu as the most probable cause of hanging while image creation is the VSS service. If the vss services of windows get corrupted, then it will hang in 4 percent for even an hour, without exiting the program.
                           Two questions :
                            If i take a back up of other drives, using macro reflect, the file size gets shrinked/ Is it correct? When i backup c: plus reserved partition, which is about 54 gb, the resultant image is only 17 gb.
                            How to know, that my vss service is working properly. I just copied the reg download to fix the vss problem. But how to know that it is working properly or having errors ? Will it affect system restore also? my vss writer thro cmd is microsoft

Hi, Samson, It is new hard disk i bought from amazon and I also registered the information in seagate site for warranty purpose.
You mean reformatting for quick format? pl. Anyhow i am going to do that. If the back up could not be read or the disk has any issue, as you say, the process of taking up of backup is useless. So, i have copied the image file to the d drive of pc and also necessary files.

Hi, To make it clear Samson,
                   I took OS backup of laptop using mac.ref of your version and then copied all other drives. I tested the recovery usb, by booting laptop to check whether it is booting. No problem with laptop as i have usb boot option there.
                   Then , i tried to take the back of pc, with mac.ref. Since download contain much files. I just moved the files from mydoucments and download folders from c: drive to D drive to reduce the size of c: drive. Then i tried, when the error came.
I already ran chkdsk on pc and ext hdd on my pc, which took hours for ext.hdd and about 2 hours in the pc hard disk. no problem was deducted and if at all, it would have been fixed with me opting chkdsk /r.
                      Now, my problem is , can i reformat the ext.hdd drive by moving the files stored in it to my pc in a folder in D drive. It was preloaded with some files. I am afraid that if i delete those, i may loose the easy connection.
                         Can i just copy the mmring backup file of laptop to the D drive and then format it?
                         I did diannosis with DST driveshort test which passed. I then opted for fast fix all test, in the hope that it would fix, but it failed at 77 percent on two counts.
                          Regarding robocopy, i just copied using it to copy files from on pc to my ext.hdd. drive, with success rate of 100 percent , fastly.
                           I could use the recovery usb (macrium rescue) on pc, only after taking the backup.
                           when i had the crc problem, my pc went out of order and i could not boot. I used plop.boot a linux program, to boot from pendrive, usb. The option is not there in my pc, which is having older hardwares. i used plop boot iso to retrieve my computer by going to the repair my computer in install window options. I just clicked repair instead of install option in the starting windows install screen. Now, i could boot my computer and view all the files.

Hi, Samson, i took backup all the drives of laptop. I even took backup of d: drive of pc, with robocopy to maintain the original date as it was created. But i am getting errors or progress stops at 5% whenever i click for backup of OS drive. i get some files stored in the ext.hdd , one temp files and another backup file, and xml file in a separate macrium folder.
                              First i had the problem of recognizing of ext. hdd in explorer, but not in list disk or disk management. So , i got crc error. I have used chkdsk /r both in pc as well as in ext.hdd. The ext.hdd chkdsk took almost 8 hours to check as it is 1.3tb.After that, when i tried the backup, it shows progress bar upto 5 and then stops there, no not responding but running in task manager. What would have been the issue. I tried to delete the previous backup file and temp file and xml file in the concerned folders, but still i could not take a backup.
                           I need to take the backup, as a few days back, there was error in booting with an alert to insert the dvd and choose repair. i could not log on safety mode, nor could be able to do anything. i even had to search for my OS dvd. Once i found it , i could not start the boot process with pen drive, as it was not recognized.
              i repaired the dvd disc and used plop.iso (linux based) and could get the boot priority menu on top of my screen and then selected the pendrive and opted for repair. Oh, almighty saved me from total loss of data.
                        After this incident, i now know the importance of backup and would ask you , how to further proceed in the matter.

Hi, Samson, I will try another usb port.
                   I know the value of verification from your post, but what is hash is incorrect. It is the same program , mac ref that is writing the image from the one from computer in its own form. In laptop, i did not have this problem. So, i will try verify and then only try to check with rescue disk.
                           Glad that you never experienced this error.
                               The image creation is 100 percent success, but the process of verify is having problem.

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