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Hi, I forgo to attach the router page as said in the previous post
i could edit a post, but could not have other options if i modify, lilke adding enclosure, or bold , italics etc.
Am i missing something here

Hi, Boggins, See this router page, where all the information on dhcp server is available including the pool.
What is dns relay, is it different from dchp server. The default is given. I think, that there is no need to change anything there.
But i have a doubt, that there is a default server name called
I do not have any domain. The computer properties list as workgroup only.
please your ideas.
Morever, i have attempted all the repairs in the link. But still, i am experiencing a re connection on log on. The dsl goes out and come back leaving some minutes without internet access.
But the name resolution for domain name timed out, gives some other domain or com name, now

Hi, It is not in bridged mode. It is in PPPoe mode, that is connection thro cable thro telephone.
What you see in the picture is default. The actual is at the bottom, where the configured mode is shown. I checked and it is in pppoe mode only. Really i do not know, what is wan ip being fixed.
I will go through all the commands starting with your host command. If the problem is fixed, i will inform you immediately.. Pl see post 20 and 21
Pl also see this
C:\Windows\system32>netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=disallow
The Wireless AutoConfig Service (wlansvc) is not running.


Hi, Boggins , consider this , My outside telephone wire >Rosettebox>line>splitter-modemplug>modem
                                                                                                                    phone plug >phone
I have already explained the connection, but only wants to know , the splitter has the mechanism to give full signal in modem plug and filtered signal on phone plug
I will just inter change the phone to the modem jack, by just disconnecting the modem jack . If that has inner mechanism, then i will get whoosh sound in the telephone. If i get a filtered tone, then i can come to the conclusion, that it just split the signal to two devices, modem and telephone.
I will check and report

Hi, So you say, that is inbuilt (inbuilt mechanism, having different inner parts within the splitter. Wow. Nice explanation. Because, splitter suggest just splitting, meaning that it just routes the wire to two devices.Your explanation is good.
I thought differently that if it just split, then the maximum data speed required for computer would be slowed, if just splits.
So, i take in to that, it gives full speed wire signal to the modem, even if it passes thro the splitter with the Adsl outlet and Filters the other line going to telephone to reduce the whoosh, sea sound
In other words, if i change the telephone wire connection to the modem, then i will be getting the whoosh sound, will check. Thanks

Hi, I suppose, that after getting the clarification, i would have issued host commands.
       But does the wireless connection has anything to do with the modem, except that it fetches the wifi?
I did see the internal ips , it is getting when connected. Is it that when your pc starts, it has to get the ip from dhcp, and hence it is totally emptying the total ip table and then getting the fresh ips for all the connected device once again to get  disconnected or reconnected?
Did you check at your end?
Normally, when the dsl line is ok, then the internet should not cut off, when login or logout. Is it correct?

Hi, Boggins, Thanks for the information.
But my query is , is the adsl pllug has does not filters , so that you get full data speed thro it , and the other phone has a kind of filters to filter to your telephone line , within that splitter?

I read from so much websites, that the telephone line if it passes through directly will give unbearable noise.
Likewise, if it is not directly connected to modem, you give feeble data signal through it.
But when i ask the same to technician, he insist that both line could be passed through the splitter, at respective labels and it is the best thing.
My query is , if you have a modem supplied with splitter, that it passes the full signal through the modem lable, and filtered signal thro the phone line?

Hi, The dns warning and internet light goes off along with dsl still exists.
                  In one other thread, you have said, i remember, that if i set the dns in the router, then I need not change the dns server in other devices. i do not remember the thread. So, i just enable dhcp or any specific dns server in the router itself.
                     What is the 1006 event id, where i get, the incorrect configuration of dns server. I do not know. In the mean time, i will also check with dlink support, if there is anything wrong in my configuration.
Yesterday, you have given me a link. i will also look at that.
Those settings i already tried, but let me know, should those commands be tried on every log on. Or is it a one time change?
But i think, that did not work in my case.

Hi, Sorry for lae reply.
Even after wiping out all, and reinstall windows, i got some 1006 event id errors. I wasa then having only one dns server for testing google dns But when i enabled dhcp, by trying another terracom, my old modem, the actual dns server shown was some that i did not configured in the router. The router had the isp address of course, but the actual dns servers were shown as one top, opendns and the next as google dns. I do not know, how those things come about.
There was no internet, even when all lights are ok. I was getting various error messages , like investigate router or modem,your modem is experiencing connectivity issues, the dns server is not responding, and always got, windows could not automatically detect the network proxy server settings, etc.
I tried google dns and then the connection was somewhat smooth.
                I got the internet and the problem gone. But on verifying the event viewer, i found dhcp,dns client errors.
Today also i experienced error id 1006, which i enclose for ready reference.
                 How even after complete wipe and reinstall , these errors are happening , i do not know.
               I still probe, how i got the opendns and google dns server as the actual servers, while i enabled dhcp from my ISP.
               There are more than just connectivity in network problems.
                I already tried bOggins 3rd level servers, but the problem persisted.
              Just with heavy heart, i had to wipe out the total data.
             There  the suggestion of tb expansion hdd came to my help. I just copied the othe drives and necessary files before opting reinstall of windows.
                 As already said, changing the auto to specific does not make any difference. 
First let me try boggins 3 level ips now .

Hi, Thanks . But selecting the specified also does not permit me to change to dhcp. Even i tried for bridged to test, whether it is giving a chance to select. I do not know anything about wan ip settings in the configuration.
Thanks anyway for giving me a clue to try, samson

Hi, That was the reason for enclosing the previous png.
But i could not eidit that tab? How i do not know.
But there is dns settings in advance settings.
I do not know, why i could not change the static ip over there.
Any clue,
Would this be the reason for the problem

hi, please see this . That was a general page setting, without configuration

Yes, Samson, I confirm. I bought , as bsnl router terrycom supplied the router and then vanished without any firmware update. But i configured the router, with BSNL dslam staff.
Hi, samson, Why configured dns servers shown in router, the exact ips are not shown in ipconfig /all. The dhcp, dns, and the gateway all shows my router gateway ip,
Is it correct or do have to make some changes.
Moreover i use router check beta, a nice program for the router check. Here , the configured dns server is shown as router ip, and on the details tab, it shows, the owner of the dns as Local Address, What is this. Could you explain. What is the term Local Address refers to?
But the Lilnk given by Samson, is for the older model of the same router, My router is the same having the latest model
The menus are entirelyl different.
Napt is enabled? what is that
I have by-heart the settings, Emptied the already configured data, reset the router, and then enter the vp 0vc1 35,pppoe protocol, channel llc, and then supplied my user id and pw to get internet access
i do not think that there is anything wrong in it.
But modem reboot on every logon is annoying me.
hope to get solution and details
The exact lilnk is this

Hi, Boggins, it was the later Home network. I have issued all commands and on reboot, i get the same results. First on shutdown, all lights were ok. But on reboot, when the windows 4 colour starting appears, the internet light turns to red, a few seconds later dsl is cutting itself and as usual , after few successive blink, the internet light turns to red and immediately to green giving the access.. i checked all settings in the router and found no problem.
In wan ip settings , i could not select the dhcp, as it is default set to static wan ip. is there anything.
I am doubly sure that it is having in assigning the internal address, but could not find the solution for it.
what is home group . If i am using a pc and laptop , should i select home network or home group. please advise.
When i configure, after deleting the entries, i just give vc, vc1, protocol, pppoe,mode,llc,i just give my id and pw to get the pppoe connection of internet access. I just go to wireless to give the ssid and pw to get the wifi connection.
I also wish to inform, that on the dsl stays green, my wifi gets first connection and then the internet lights glows red and greeen. I think i have explained all.please

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