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Using the registry restore may resolve the Bitlocker problem if it was okay before running WR but have you checked for any video driver updates ?

You can eliminate the video drivers though by using VLC or doing what you normally do in Safe Mode with Networking when it does happen, where the machine will then use the on board VGA.

The fact that a repair install didn't resolve suggests that it could be an update to driver compatibility problem.

Have you tried Windows Media Player or the K-Lite Codec Pack ?

Have you run a memory diagnostic check ?

This is best done on just one RAM stick at a time as Windows can only map 4GB at a time and one dodgy module can be masked by a good one.

Computer Help / Re: errorcode: 1002
« on: January 19, 2018, 02:43:38 AM »
@ tomhen - Do I assume you have Smited me for my actions against you ? :)

Can you boot up into Safe Mode with Networking, open Windows Repair - go to Backup Tools and use the Registry Restore option.

Click on the Registry Restore tab and use the dropdown to select the back up then click on Restore Now.

Boot back into Safe Mode with Networking and download and create a Kaspersky Rescue disk.

You will need to change the boot order to boot up with this disk and while your system boots up, it may be prudent to run it to check that you are infection free.

The scan can take a while to complete.

It can also correct Windows anomalies.

You will need to be connected to the Internet when you run this disk as it needs to update its Definitions.

Does Explorer still crash in Safe Mode ?

Black screening is usually indicative of memory problems but given that an open program will still run would eliminate that as a cause this time, but doing a memory diagnostic check wouldn't harm anyway.

Do I assume you are running Win 10 ?

After restoring the registry I would normally advise a repair install but that could be problematic if Explorer is crashing.

Depending upon which version of Windows you are running, the next best thing if running Win 10 would be to back up your personal stuff onto external media and then boot up to the advanced boot options and use the Reset option that retains your personal stuff but will remove any 3rd party programs you have installed.

Computer Help / Re: errorcode: 1002
« on: January 18, 2018, 08:15:52 AM »
You can actually troubleshoot your Excel problems and error 1002 within the Windows system. To do it, follow the steps below:
- Point your mouse to the Windows Start button and right-click
- In the menu tab, choose Explorer
- Once you get to Explorer, open the directory of C:\Program Files\MSOffice\Office\XLSTART
- Once you open the directory, delete the File named GWXL97.XLA
- Close the Explorer
- Open Excel
- After you open Excel, the program must start and enable you to work without the errors
More information on how to recover Excel file you can find

I've removed your link as promoting paid for 3rd party programs is classed as Spamming and will get you banned.

By the way - You are not in Washington.

Thanks - I hadn't expanded what he had attached.

I'll pass on what you have posted and perhaps they can be incorporated into the repair program.

Not everyone has access to another compatible machine, but how did they differ to the ones that Shane had attached in his earlier thread that didn't work for you ?

Thanks - so where did you get those registry entries ?

Can you attach that in a compressed zip format as I don't have anything installed that will extract a .rar file.

Yes, your install disk has to match the version you now have installed which is the SP1 version for to perform either an offboot sfc /scannow or repair install.

The download is ~3.09GB and when I was on ADSL with a download speed of ~6Mbps I think it used take ~1hr 20mins.

I usually Ethernet connect when downloading a large file so that I'll get the best download speed and wired can be more stable than a wireless connection.

Given that you had run a sfc /scannow prior to running Windows Repair, this CBS log has quite a lot in it with moving files.

I wonder if WR did that ?

I'll run a sfc /scannow on my Win 7 and save the CBS log, run WR and then another sfc /scannow to compare.

I looked up that bootres.dll and was wondering if a offboot sfc /scannow would fix it as it could have been corrupted by a 3rd party program, but as it's referenced by MS Windows Client Features, it may do.

It's never advisable to download a DLL file from a 3rd party website as they could carry some nasties with them - they are always best got from the source.

If you have a valid retail product key, you can download a Win 7 SP1 ISO from

Scroll down the page and enter your product key and if it accepts it then it will release the download and select Save.

You can then use Windows USB/DVD burner tool to create either a bootable DVD or USB.

If you don't have the Win 7 product key to hand, it may be listed when you go Start - right click on Computer and select Properties and scroll down to the bottom of the page - else download the free version of Speccy.

When it has analysed your system, click on Operating System and it will display your product key.

With the install disk, go Start - Computer - insert the DVD and double click on its drive.

This will start the process for a repair install that won't affect your personal stuff or installed programs.

However, I'm not sure if an offboot sfc /scannow would replace that DLL.

To perform that you would need to boot up with an install disk that included SP1 and navigate to the Install screen to click on Repair your computer.

Navigate to the Recovery Environment and select Command Prompt.

At the prompt enter bcdedit |find "osdevice" and using that partition letter instead of the X I have used, enter -

sfc /scannow /offbootdir=X\ /offwindir=X:\Windows

That will check your volume against the install disk and will hopefully repair without the need to do a repair install.

You need to enter that bcdedit cmd as it doesn't always see the volume in C: in that mode.

For clarity, that is a Pipe symbol before find and is the uppercase of \ and note the space before each /

EDIT - I don't have anything to open a .rar file - if you right click on the desktop icon - Send to and zip it up, you can attach it that way, but if it only reports the same as SFCFix.exe then there's no need.

Even Shane is suggesting a repair install in that thread.

That would take about 2˝hrs if it's successful.

I say that because my Toshiba keeps getting so far and then rolling back, so I've never been able to perform one.

You could still give 3.9.4 a try though.

Ah well - I'll pass this on that repair 08 isn't repairing and that you continue to get error 91.

I've come across an old thread where Shane is helping someone with this error 91 where he has attached the ADO files from his Win 7 x64.

Perhaps you could create a restore point and try those and then run Windows Repair.

You can upgrade to Win 10 again without affecting your files.

Open Windows Explorer - This PC - insert the Win 10 install media and double click on its drive.

If using a DVD this will start the process but if using an USB, this will open to its files where you would double click on setup.exe Application.

However, it may be worth creating a system image of what you have first.

I assume you don't have a restore point that would take you back to before this problem ?

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