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Program & Site Requests / Re: WR v3.xx issues
« on: October 24, 2016, 10:54:41 AM »
There is a bug with the program going pro when a users date and time on the system has words in it, that is fixed.

Added the service to the repair windows updates, is already in the repair.

Updated the repair mdac with the two new files as well :-)

Good call on adding the deleting of the thumbs.db

I actually have a bat file I use on my own system that will work with unicode paths as well, I will add this to the repair and have it set to do all fixed drives on the system.

@echo off
chcp 65001
@echo Looking for Thumbs.db files...

set "_dest=C:\"

cd /d %_dest%

for /f "delims=" %%i in ('dir /l /s /b /a:-d thumbs.db') do (
if /i "%%~nxi"=="thumbs.db" (
@echo "Removed - %%i"
ATTRIB -A -R -S -H "%%i"
del /f /q "%%i"


The program runs a lot of the repairs under the system account. To do that it installs a service that runs as system and launches the repair from there.

For some reason your system isnt letting the program have access to installing the service. The user account you are running under has to have admin rights, can you double check that the user account isnt limited?


Feedback / Re: A Bug in Environment Checking
« on: October 24, 2016, 09:28:48 AM »
The program pulls the path variable from the registry, in the program is that path at the bottom of the list?

When the program pulls it from the registry it then calls the findfile api (It finds folders as well) and if it comes back as false then windows is telling it it doesnt exist. But I have had it to where the path registry key had extera chars in it and so when the program pulls it and breaks each path part those extra chars cause the program to look for the wrong path string, normally this happens at the end of the list since that is where the chars are.


The program exe is protected, so if there are any debuggers running it can cause that error. Also if your system files are messed up that can happen as the protection is calling a windows API.

Have you ran system file checker on your system yet?


Test results.

vmware, windows xp 32 bit. After each test I restored the vmware image back and so each one ran under the identical conditions.

XP - total repair time - 05:27 - No enhanced instruction set
XP - total repair time - 05:36 - SSE2
XP - total repair time - 05:34 - SSE

And each one set the permissions and worked correctly. :-)


Why do you have so many spaces in the address? Get rid of the spaces and then in the print preview mode click on the check to enable the grid and then double click where you want the address and the program will adjust position offset on the main window for you :-)

From what I can tell your printer isnt liking the custom size. Is the size under the printer supported ones? The ones that says printer supported are the ones that windows reports that the printer can handle.

To use custom sizes it all depends on the printer driver itself on if it will work. At the bottom of the window you will see it says you have to use the post script printer drivers in order to use the custom size. Since you changed OS, your printer driver also changed. :wink:


I updated the change log :-)

I have already looked into winpe and basically only a few of the repairs could be ran in it.

The reason why is a lot of the commands that are called, such as registering files, write to the registry and I have no way to tell it what registry, such as if I loaded up the offline registry.
Since I cant control that none of the repairs would touch the registry of Windows that it needs to.

The permissions repair could be changed to work in winpe, maybe. The unhide files could and repair recycle bin could, all because those dont need to work with the registry. All the others do, and so wont work.


Computer Help / Re: SMF released latest version 2.0.12
« on: October 05, 2016, 10:39:36 AM »
Thanks for the heads up, just updated :-)


Well since it is just a recompile setting lets give it a try. Updated both manageacl exes to v1.4.0

The 32 bit one I actually set to no enhanced instruction set. Since SSE is suppose to be used to speed up float values I checked and I am not using any float values, so lets see how it does.

The 64bit version doesn't have that compile option and so isnt any different, I just dont know why the exe was bigger on the compile, perhaps because I updated visual studio and so some of the header files must have changed.

But since they are bigger and so something has changed I need to test to make sure they work like they should. I have xp in vmware I will test the 32 bit one on and compare the speed on the old comple to see if there is any change, good or bad. Then I will test in the 64 bit oses and make sure it still works like normal :-)

So here is how you will do this, grab the two new files I attached and put them in the files folder of the program replacing the ones already there.
Then in the main program folder open the file_list.txt file and remove the two entries in there for the two exes. That file list isnt to stop users from using modified files, it is only there because I have had some of the files end up on bad sectors and be corrupt or antiviruses remove them, and then the repairs get screwed up. So the program simply does a file check at start up to make sure they didnt get corrupted or missing.

Let me know if that fixes the crash for and if it does and my test shows the exes work like they should they will be in the next update :-)


Feedback / Re: Repair of WMI Issue (SOLVED)
« on: October 04, 2016, 02:00:27 PM »
I put it at the top of my to do list, not sure when I will have it done as I will have to build a new tool for it, but I have it at the top of the list :-)

Most users dont ever set mount points, it is the power users like yourself that do and who need more control over the automation of the repair. I will come up with some ideas when I make the new repair for it. I just dont have a time frame yet.

My computer repair business has been insanely busy and I am struggling to get caught up on all the programming :wink:


I dont have an old athlon to test on, so not sure what the best compile setting to use.

I wonder if /arch:SSE would do the trick and also if there would be any speed difference between them.


I dont have any of those set, but I checked and looks like sse2 is default


    Enables the use of SSE2 instructions. This is the default instruction on x86 platforms if no /arch option is specified.

Which as of right now I have none set.


Feedback / Re: Repair of WMI Issue
« on: October 03, 2016, 04:57:21 PM »
The repairs are ran in bat files. I only have so much control over the commands I am able to run. So in the bat file the cmd to search the drive for the mof files is ran, not a lot of options with it.

Perhaps I need to see about changing the repair to where the program itself first goes and searches for the files, that way I can have it skip symbolic links and then some. Then it can output the files to be add back the wmi in the bat file and not have the bat file do the file search.

One way I could tell that this works is if any of the file scanners in the program itself dont have any problem with searching the drives (They are set to skip junctions and symbolic links) the unhide hidden files repairs is one, the check rephrase points is another.


The program right now has to be able to contact my site to make sure the key is good, mainly because of hackers  :tongue:

I am working on the next update which i am hoping will be out tomorrow where once the program checks that the key is good it wont need to worry about it again for a few days. That way when you run it on a machine that isnt on the internet it will stay pro.

I am also having to deal with the cracks that they make for the program completely killing the repairs and then the systems. They keep cracking the vb6 runtime file itself to make it pro, but it screws everything else up. Then when the repairs are ran it screws up the system. Then because the corrupted repairs kill the system my program gets bad reviews and shot down. Who the crap cracks a run time file!

I am actually testing the new build right now and so far it is working like it should. By having the keys online and not a single line of code in the program for the keys it will keep them safe and also means I will be able to start making random key codes instead of being tied to a users email. So if a person buys 3 copies they get 3 different key codes instead of right now they only get the 1 key code.

I have had a lot of people abusing the hell out of my program and the license. So on the major v4 update that I get done hopefully in the next month or so I will be redoing the licensing on that. Looks like the honor system isnt working as much as I wished it did, shame.


Feedback / Re: What Have You Done to My Machine?!?!
« on: September 13, 2016, 09:11:47 AM »
My program didnt do that to your system. Random reboots and black screen normally means you have a hardware problem. The program also did a registry backup which you can restore.

When you did the chkdsk on the drive did you do just the normal one or did you do the one to have it check for bad sectors?

The thing that happens if a person has bad sectors on their drive is when permissions are set or files are registered (writing to the registry) and pretty much everything the repairs touch make windows write to the drive, the registry is a database file and so you write anything to it and the drive is written to. So where nothing was on a bad sector after the repairs and all the new drive writes something can end up on a bad sector and then you see all hell break lose.


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