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It's 11:05pm-ish here but it's very rare I get to bed before 12:45am - there's usually someone on a forum that I post on asking for advice or help. :)

Tweaking Repair may have solved my internet connectivity problems. What used to happen, after I opened a browser and clicked on a tab/address was : I'd get an error box, then I would run Network Diagnostics and it would connect. This would happen every time the computer was shut down. But since running the program just a few days now, it doesn't do this. Hoping it stays like this.  Why are you up so late? It must be near midnite in the UK? Get some sleep!
The only free program that I know of is Recuva but don't know if that will do the job for you, given that your computer will have bee restarted a number of times.

Are you still having Internet connectivity problems ?
Right - thanks.
Thank you Boggin an JPM for your interest in my question.

Just after using Tweaking Repair I also had used a MS Hotfix and also deleted the program. After this is when  I noticed that data was missing. Contents of my Documents folder,Picture folder, and possibly more. I've had problems with my power supply cord and my computer has been repeatedly shutting down unexpectedly. I believe I've corrupted the OS and have had no Recovery Points to recover or the ability to make. That, with some issues for Internet connecting caused me to try those fixes in the first sentence. ( I don't remember the name of the Hotfix and have lost browser history of it).  Not knowing that Tweaking Repair couldn't delete data, I contacted the forum hoping for some way to recover the lost data.   Care to recommend a free Data Recovery program?
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I've found the tray.exe - I hadn't expanded in the Program Files (x86) and then the AIO.

Norton Security isn't even listed in Task Scheduler as having any triggers, so haven't a clue what's going on with this machine.
The program cannot delete data - except the file cleaner.  What is missing?
Program & Site Requests / Re: Delayed Start
« Last post by Boggin on Today at 09:30:17 AM »
I only have in my Programs Files (x86) and there are quite a few items missing from Task Scheduler in comparison to my other laptop, including the tray icon.

Reinstalling the program has made no difference.
jpm will get a notification of your reply but as to when they will be incorporated, I don't know.
Hello again, Boggin!  Uninstalling WR 4.16/installing WR 4.17 produces the same results as previously reported above on April 2 (other than it's now the WR 4.17 installation screen at step 1.

As a gentle reminder, am bringing forward your closing reply to the predecessor thread to this one based on WR 4.08 at the time:
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Re: Preservation of some installation option elections

Reply #6 on: October 21, 2017, 01:36:03 PM

Your suggestions have been taken on board and added to the queue for updates to the program.

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