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I have just had Windows Repair Pro quarantined and removed by Windows Defender as a severe risk of infection by Trojan:Win32/Critet.BS
I have repeatedly downloaded and tried to reinstall but the effect is the same.
I presume that this is a false positive but can you confirm ?
Better to be safe than sorry.
Any plans to look into this issue, if it is a real one, and liaise with Microsoft to prevent a recurrence and issue an update ?
I really rely on Windows Repair.
Neither did I but there were other links, although I didn't read through them.

Perhaps you should include the type of files you want to exclude in your Google search.

Google can be very helpful but you have to ask it the right questions.
How to use it, step by step. I do not understand anything complicated about it.

not directory (only files)
I would copy & paste that question into a Google search where you will see a number of suggestions.
How to delete all files by excluding only those files from the list?
Do you have a Win 10 install disk or USB to see if you can boot up with that to get you into the recovery options to use the restore point feature ?

If you don't and have access to another computer, you can create either after reading the instructions at

To get into the BIOS press and hold F2 as you switch on then use the cursor keys to move along to Boot and then to select the DVD or USB drives and F5 or F6 to move it to the top.

Insert the install media - press F10 to Save and Exit then enter to confirm.

If you have an UEFI BIOS which the machine will have if upgraded from Win 8/8.1 or the machine came with Win 10 then you will need to turn off Secure Boot to be able to boot up with install media.

Computer Help / Re: Permission not granted for saving in a specific location
« Last post by Har301 on March 16, 2018, 12:35:24 AM »
Okay! I will check and get back to you!
Computer Help / Re: Permission not granted for saving in a specific location
« Last post by Still_Game on March 16, 2018, 12:32:28 AM »
You don't by chance have Malwarebytes 3.4 4 installed? There is a glitch in the latest release that can give similar symptoms - see the second post in this thread and the temporary work around until the fix is issued.
Computer Help / Permission not granted for saving in a specific location
« Last post by Har301 on March 15, 2018, 11:19:03 PM »
Hello Tech Geniuses!

I accidentally downloaded some content on one of the folder where it was not destined to. I tried pasting it to the location I want it to be but I could't do it! I Have made sure that the desired location (where I am pasting) has full control and has admin access too, but it still is not working out! Could anyone please help me get rid of this issue?
So i ran tweaking windows repair thinking it was going to fix some issues i was having now im stuck with black screen and cursor

[Here is a forum i found but no solution]( please i need help
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