Author Topic: Reset File Permissions works only on "c" Drive??  (Read 11289 times)

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Re: Reset File Permissions works only on "c" Drive??
« Reply #15 on: December 16, 2011, 06:56:47 PM »
No need to click, it is just a mouse over :-)

Wow, must be way to click happy, never noticed the mouse over effect.

I forget, doesnt the SFC tell the user it needs a reboot when needed?

Both your executable interface and the DOS box warn/suggest: "Please restart Windows after SFC runs" with the DOS box warning being an echo call of same or similar language?? Running SFC /Scannow  from the DOS box directly gives no instructions about rebooting. Actually the optional step 2 "Check File System" has the same issue, but its instruction is not ambiguous at all in that it states: "This action requires a system restart."

You have a great program and you have already spent time and effort to create a fix for my apparently very rare situation, so take this suggestion for what it is...a suggestion.

If it is absolutely necessary for a reboot at the conclusion of either option #2 or #3 put a reboot button on the page to initiate the reboot. Save info to restart Window Repair after the reboot and bring to the next step in the procedure. Controlling this reboot action within Window Repair would make it clearer and cleaner for users concerning those two options and the necessity and safety involved when using those two options.  One issue is the warning to close all open files and programs prior to initiating a reboot without having to redesign your interface excessively.

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Love Cleanmem; just found the Pro version in the last month or so; definitely will buy it; additional info available is optional and the main program itself is effective and unobtrusive.

Simple Port Forwarding; if I can figure out how to use it i.e. put enough time into the documentation so that I can make use of it will certainly buy it.

Simple Internet meter I have used. Lots of into. Myself I would prefer a less modular design with a single resizable/scrollable window containing the information. Will see how the last two develop, would support them as needed.

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Re: Reset File Permissions works only on "c" Drive??
« Reply #16 on: December 16, 2011, 07:42:33 PM »
For now I will go ahead and get this update out and then get back to work on the new program.

I have a lot of updates planned for the Windows repair tool :-)


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