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Title: Prime 95?
Post by: chris635 on August 29, 2013, 07:18:03 pm
Hey Bud,

   As you know I just built a new system with the FX 8320 and Asrock's new 990fx extreme 9 motherboard. I have overclocked this to 4.620 ghz (using the multiplier and fsb) with 1.365 volts with LLC set to 50% which ramps voltage up to 1.406 volts when under full load. Now using AMD's overdrive stress tester and AIDA64 stress tester for 6 hours a piece it passes with flying colors. If I use prime 95 it will fail immediately. So to further test I have been playing hours of crysis 3 and battlefield 3 and the system has been running for 7 days straight without shutdown while also using the system for normal use and no problems at all. My question is this. Is Prime 95 outdated and just not necessary for modern CPU's? I understand that it's possible that I haven't hit the right circumstance to crash my system, but so far so good? What do you think?

My core temps never go higher than 50 degrees celsius

Title: Re: Prime 95?
Post by: Shane on August 30, 2013, 10:58:18 am
Not sure on prime 95. I would test with prime while not over clocked first to see if ti still happens.

It is also possible it is using a different cpu instruction set than that other apps and might be why the others are not crashing. The old SS3 SS2 and all the different sets.

I know when I over clocked my system it ran fine until all the cores are running at max at once. As long as all cores where not maxed out it didnt crash. But once maxed out it did, but only when over clocked.

When your gaming the game isnt using all the cores, in fact the only way to really stress out all the cores at once is with a tester or running something that is multi threaded that can use them all at once.

Using all the cores at once uses the most power.

Title: Re: Prime 95?
Post by: chris635 on August 30, 2013, 11:07:57 am
Aida64 and overdrive do use all cores to the max. I wonder exactly what is different. So maybe I'll try prime 95 when not overclocked.

Title: Re: Prime 95?
Post by: Shane on September 02, 2013, 07:59:52 pm
Try it not over clocked and see what happens :-)