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Post by: Shane on October 24, 2013, 07:38:02 PM
When posting please make sure to post what version of Windows you are on and any other info that might help me understand the problem, screen shots are always welcome as they let me see the error or problem instead of trying to explain it :-)

I normally try to reply to every post within the first 24 hours, but I also run a computer repair business and sometimes I get slammed with work, so I am sorry if I don't reply as fast as I normally like, but I will reply! :artist:

I do try to take the weekends off to spend with my wife and kids, so keep that in mind, but on weekends where I am not busy with the family I will reply to posts otherwise you can normally count on a reply from me come Monday morning.

And last but not least, never be afraid of asking me a question. My goal is to teach and to help, and you wont learn if you don't ask. Also for my fellow techs out there you are always welcome to post, ask questions, answer them, I enjoy talking with my fellow tech. I have built both my sites and all my programs by word of mouth, so if you like my work and I am able to help you all I ask in return is to help spread the word  :wink: