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Title: Repair Boot
Post by: gandalf41265 on January 30, 2015, 09:49:22 PM
Hello again. Here is the other question I was going to ask.

In the last 2 weeks, I have had 2 client PC's that would not boot. Manufacturer splash screen, then black screen with flashing cursor. In both cases, I was able to run bootrec/fixmbr or bootrec/fixboot, and repair the problem to get me into a boot up. In both cases, there was malware on the machines.

Would it be possible, or does your software already have the ability to- boot from a disc or flashdrive, run an MBR program, boot to windows and start the repair tool?
Just a thought.
Title: Re: Repair Boot
Post by: Shane on February 02, 2015, 04:50:37 PM
No, the program doesnt have its own OS ability to where it can boot itself up. It needs Windows in order to run.

What I do for systems that need the MBR repaired is use the Windows PE boot image or I also have the Windows recovery disks (ERD) which you can only get through a MSDN subscription. I dont know why they dont make them free.

A lot of times though, booting off the Windows disk will give you a repair environment as well where those commands can be ran. :wink: