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Title: Catching Up
Post by: Modsceintist on November 13, 2015, 02:49:39 PM
I've been working with all levals of electroins since the age of 9. I started by runnig and hooking up phones in the house. That"s when the system used all four wires. Now the technoligy uses two 22AWG instead of 18AWG  fo the most part and the speed is faster. My father loved his music and had every componiant in his system. My mom would move the furniture around and my job became taken apart and rewireing before he got home to listen to his music. I entered my profetional aspect of my field at 17 years of age as a roadie wanting to mix. I have been lucky enough to learn from the best in the field. All older then me. I had a licencs that said I was 6'2" 25 with black hair  when in essence I was 17 going on 18 5'7" With long orange hair. This was the start of my love  the world of electreonics. I endned up Going to school for Electronic Engineering and been around all aspects of sound then video cctv alarms and pretty much all low level conumer and profftional equpment and in there some were computers. I was involved putting together IBM PC EX and AT computer orders and burning them in. I remember the one tech taking out the mannuals tapping on the material DOS no winows yet and telling me this is were it's at the software. Fast foward and he wasn't kidding. I loved the hardware that made it work at the time and now the software has been in the forfrunt. Today  it dosen't seem hardware is  there  kinda left in the backburner. Now I find myself after several tramhas that overther the years have rendered me unable to to any heavy stuff and sitting for long periods can be a issues. But how could I give up my love and passion. Now I'm trying to get into the software that make it possible. I'm hoping I can pick . If I didn't learn anything I learned to be around the best to also be the best. That is why I find myself with your comunity. I've been following and it seems the techs hear have my principles. I don't believe fellow technicans should charge each other. And I like the donation thing. I myself I'm a single father struggling to support a sn in collage and take the trip down our path. Well just wanted to give you all thumbs up and say Peace and thanks for the site 
Title: Re: Catching Up
Post by: Boggin on November 13, 2015, 03:16:18 PM
I don't know where Shane or anyone else learns the ins and outs of Windows, but perhaps Shane can give you some pointers.
Title: Catuching Up
Post by: Modsceintist on November 14, 2015, 12:26:03 PM
Thanks for the quick replay. I would appreciate any input,clarification or constructive criticism. I really want to also learn the software for 3D printing and writing programs in general. Since I have more of an understanding of the way the electronics of  it works. So that's what I see in my head. Now I find it's like literally understanding how to talk to the system with words and symbols and the way there used and arranged. With components it's more like directing traffic. How the circuits are arranged and the signal respond. As if stopping for signs or being redirected around detours. My son has found some sites I just for learning Python,Java kinda and a couple of other programs. It's still nice to have somewhere  to go to though.
Title: Re: Catching Up
Post by: Boggin on November 14, 2015, 04:59:18 PM
You could have a look at these and while it isn't often that MS give anything for free, except in the case of Win10 for which I think they have ulterior motives, the article does have a link for free ebooks of which some may interest you.

I'll email Shane with a link to your thread so that he'll pick it up and perhaps he can give you further advice, but there are many aspects and it depends upon which you want to specialize in.
Title: Re: Catching Up
Post by: Modsceintist on November 15, 2015, 07:08:47 PM
Thank"s for your help again. To make it easier and give some direction to my quest of knowledge and the path your trying to help me discover would be Music software,FL and Abel ton. Cad Inventor and Design and Electrical. Cura,Java, and I'm looking for a video editing software. Also Basic Stamp and Arduino software. I've got what I can for free to learn from and do find it's like the Martial Arts Or any art. The foundation all have similar relationships. And like in Martial Arts One Arts outside block is another inside block. Depending on the direction the block originates kinda. Were to start  and someone to ask Question is the other thing. Even with the training tutorials they kinda leave you scratching your head. I'm not always looking for the answers just a hint that makes sense.
Title: Re: Catching Up
Post by: Boggin on November 16, 2015, 01:16:16 AM
I must admit that some tutorials can have your eyes glazing over :) but Google does tend to be your best friend and rephrasing the question you ask can produce better results.