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Title: MD4 hash doesn't match HELP!!!
Post by: maglib on January 18, 2016, 10:11:13 AM
MD4 Hash Doesn't Match: files\reg_permissions_excludes.txt
    (Expected MD4:  380C08051344059C78522237F589E0CC)
    (Returned MD4:  10CF7FD71F2163A8982EF131F796856E)

Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.
Title: Re: MD4 hash doesn't match HELP!!!
Post by: Shane on January 22, 2016, 12:44:59 PM
Ah, that file shouldnt be in part of the check because users are able to add their own excludes to it. I will update that in the next update. Did you change that file? If not can you send it to me so i can see what is different about it?

For now just open the file_list.txt file in the program folder and remove the line that shows files\reg_permissions_excludes.txt

Then save the file and reopen the program :-)

The point of the MD4 check on the files is in the past I have had users who had bad sectors on their drive or had a antivirus mess with some of the files and the files would become corrupt, which of course wouldnt bold well for the repairs. So the MD4 check is to make sure the files didnt get changed.

Title: Re: MD4 hash doesn't match HELP!!!
Post by: maglib on January 22, 2016, 06:49:11 PM
Thanks for the reply.
I'm not the most sophisticated user so no reason I'd be editing files unless they were personal...  Seems I had an older version of and a newer version and the old one wouldn't delete so I had to use a deleting tool to get rid of it.  I then saw you had a new version this week that I downloaded.

It seems that hash problem went away.  Just haven't had time to figure it all out.

My screen on my laptop died.  I had to stop AMD drivers so I'm getting a ton of errors now in first run.  If I had AMD running, then second screen only worked in safe mode...  not sure if I should continue past first precheck with all the AMD errors or not.

I appreciate the help.
Hoping to stay with power over next few days as the storm hits.
Title: Re: MD4 hash doesn't match HELP!!!
Post by: Boggin on January 28, 2016, 03:23:28 AM
Hope you haven't fared too badly in the storms - from the news here in the UK, you have had it pretty bad in the US on the eastern seaboard.

Are you able to go into Device Manager and roll back the AMD driver or use your restore points in Safe Mode prior to the driver update ?

You haven't said which version of Windows you are using but using Win 7 myself, I used AMD's auto detect and it installed their Red Crimson which I didn't like.

I found I was able to uninstall those from Programs and Features.
Title: Re: MD4 hash doesn't match HELP!!!
Post by: maglib on January 29, 2016, 02:46:49 PM
Storm was loads of snow and honestly they did a great job plowing us out. My kids did the driveway. Since it was weekend we just stayed in and had family time.  Roads are only bad at night and it's been warm during day. Still have about 18" on the grass.

Hope all is well in the UK. Seems lots of great techs are there.  Thanks so much.

My laptop screen is fried completely, not even a light.  I'm using a 2nd screen. When I have the AMD drivers installed I can only boot in safe mode.  So I had to deactivate them.

restore points were all corrupted which was first time I ever experienced that.  I just made the basic drivers for the 2nd screen work and it's fine for now.

I actually need to purchase a new laptop.  Just need time to figure out what to get. Any suggestions?
Kids do some gaming like SW's Battlefront on it.  Other than that it's used for taxes and presentations and photos.  Turbotax and quickbooks don't work on the cross tablet/laptops.  I do a load of volunteer taxes, picture editing. 

This one was a waste of money went overboard buying what my tech friend suggested...always ran hot and it's not overclocked. Constant issues that others who own it experience at same rate (3 of us bought it in 3 months all similar issues). HP Pavilion DV7 T Entertainment laptop with intel core i7 8gb ram 64bit os with win 7.  Waste of money. Replaced hard drive 2 years out, battery within 1st year, now fried lcd, and there were other issues, the heat just keeps frying one thing after another. HP was sent it for overheating and did nothing other than have fan always on and it was still hot but I just didnt deal with it when it was within warranty sadly.  No viruses nor malware but constant errors. Just not worth the time commitment, as I fix 1 thing, next thing stops working.

I also need a new wired network printer if you have any good suggestions.

Thanks as always.
Title: Re: MD4 hash doesn't match HELP!!!
Post by: Boggin on January 29, 2016, 03:11:17 PM
We are getting the backlash from the storms here in the UK with winds/gusts up to 100mph and while it has been blustery in the n.e. UK where I live, further north are getting the brunt of it with snow blizzards in some places.

I have two Toshiba laptops but they are only low spec and bought them more for the price than what they had and neither are worked hard.

Not sure why TurboTax doesn't work on a laptop given the min requirements and your machine sounds like a higher end one -

As for a new laptop, you could Google for a list of gaming laptops which should have a decent spec on them, but some aren't sold in all locales so a Google from your end will produce a more topical list.

Do the same for the printer and for both, Google for reviews on them and then Google for the item - Amazon where you can read the Customers reviews.

You'll also need to take the OS into consideration.

EDIT - I took out a 5 year extended warranty on both of those machines and have recently renewed the extended warranty on one of them with the other being due later this year.
Title: Re: MD4 hash doesn't match HELP!!!
Post by: maglib on January 30, 2016, 03:09:58 PM
Turbotax works on laptops just not  well on the macbook nor the tablet cross like msft surface pro. They claim they do but if you look up complaints, you'll see they have a ton of issues.

Which toshiba laptops?

When I google I find most things are advertisements or fake press.  I want opionions of what to really buy....  Definitely getting a warranty but most don't offer 5 years.

Stay safe. 100mph winds is scary. 
Title: Re: MD4 hash doesn't match HELP!!!
Post by: Boggin on January 30, 2016, 03:42:33 PM
My Toshiba laptops now no longer supported are L450D-13X bought Aug 2010 and a C660D-1GD bought Dec 2011 - both Win 7 x64 Home Premium.

The only thing I wasn't happy about is Toshiba split the HDD down the middle and stick just 8 or 9GB in what becomes the Recovery partition.

I used a Win 7 install disk to remove and merge that partition with C: but have recovery media to factory reset with should I need it.

The 100mph winds are up in Scotland but it has been windy enough here in the North East of England and now we have below 0ÂșC overnight temps to look forward to and not much warmer during the day - but hey - it's winter :)
Title: Re: MD4 hash doesn't match HELP!!!
Post by: maglib on January 30, 2016, 03:45:11 PM
damn cold.... brrr

it's warming up in NJ. I didn't even use a coat today.  in the 50's.  still have a foot of snow to melt.  Black ice at night but probably not tonight as it wont be cold enough.  crazy jersey drivers though so loads of accidents.

Title: Re: MD4 hash doesn't match HELP!!!
Post by: Boggin on January 30, 2016, 04:04:52 PM
I can feel the drop in temp but I'm off to roost now as it's just turned midnight.
Title: Re: MD4 hash doesn't match HELP!!!
Post by: maglib on February 05, 2016, 11:24:38 AM
how do I mark solved? I'm a mess.
Still looking at new laptops.  The new Toshiba's have stickers for keypad. I was shocked.  Seriously every key was a tightly stuck on sticker.  Now looking at Dell or Asus or Lenova.  Lenova seems expensive vs. the others. I've never bought ASUS and Dell had issues in past but now offer 4 year at home service so possible. 

Thoughts on i5 vs i7. I think I5 will be fine for me. my old laptop was i7 quad core and I don't think I ever saw it working faster than our i5 laptop....