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Title: Trivial problem!
Post by: Dave on January 24, 2016, 01:51:15 PM
I recently came across an article in ComputerActive magazine, here in UK, reviewing Windows Repair - and, having a few small 'funnies' on my system, decided to give it a try.

On logging on, I was delighted to see the '' logo, having had brilliant help from you, before.

This is to report a) all my little problems seem to have been eliminated, but b) one trivial bug has seemingly appeared.

I spend a certain amount of time each day playing Freecell, MahJong, SpiderSolitaire and Solitaire, the windows Games.

With MahJong, if a 1) start a game, 2) close down mid-way through, using 'Save' to store the game, 3) later fire up Mahjong again, and choose to re-open the Saved game, 4) finish the game successfully, then 5) later, open MahJong again, the unexpected happens.  The game offers me the 'Re-open saved game' option, and if i take it, presents me with the game in the state it was at step 3).  Normally, closing a 'Saved and recovered' game clears the saved game.

Before running Windows Repair, I never remember it presenting the stored, uncleared game in these circumstances. (It may have started doing it, but if so, I never noticed it - in other words, I cannot definitively say the fault hadn't arisen before WIndows Repair, but I don't think it had.)  I can't yet say if the same happens with the other games.

As bugs go, this is trivial.  I report it mainly in case it indicates some deeper thing that needs attention.
Title: Re: Trivial problem!
Post by: Shane on January 31, 2016, 08:36:51 PM
Thats a hard one, none of my repairs touch the games, and it could always be something with the game from an update, hard to tell.

Best thing to do is to uninstall it, reboot and then reinstall it from the store, that way you know it is fresh and the way it should be. If it keeps happening after that it may just be something with the game, if that fixes it I wouldnt have a clue what would have caused it so I wouldnt even know where to look lol