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Title: Testimonial
Post by: HappyElderGeek on March 15, 2016, 09:16:20 AM
 :teeth:  It was scarey, trusting a valued Latitude E6420, to Windows Repair (v3.8.4)...but it was so abused, so corrupted, we were on the verge of wiping the disk and donating it.  So, I tried one last thing...
 :cheesy:Windows Repair.  But, this time, instead of trying to shortcut, I did ALL the steps:  Even though I make 100% daily backups of every computer in the shop, every day (overnight), I followed every step.  And, I ran the actual "Windows Repair" final step twice, as recommended.  Then I did a "repair install" of Office 2013 (H&B), and had to remove, root & branch, some Outlook add-ons, to get back to a working, stable system.
 :smiley: Windows 7 SP1 is now working, is stable, and Outlook is rebuilding my IMAP email as I write and I have re-written my procedure for curing seemingly intractable Outlook 2013 problems, and everything is working exactly as it had when it was brand new.

It's time we started giving Shane public credit for what he has done with this suite of products.  All together now:

Hooray for Shane!
Title: Re: Testimonial
Post by: Boggin on March 16, 2016, 04:12:42 AM
I'm sure Shane will be grateful for your post given the hard work he has put into it.

Shane's program is recognised as a valued program as I've seen it suggested as a fix by others on another forum and its worth is also valued when MS techs have been reported as also using it.
Title: Re: Testimonial
Post by: jraju on March 16, 2016, 06:30:24 AM
Hi, I am not tech savvy comp mechanic, but i use this to fix so much problem, my friends face like permission issues. Instead of just selecting the files , for permission, if you choose permission in Shane tool, it fixes everything  without any side effect.
                     I only wish Shane, include the problematic lines in every repair to be flashed while repairing that process.