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Title: Got a "Sharing Violation Error" when installing a program? Read This.
Post by: Shane on March 28, 2016, 08:19:11 AM
Installing one of the programs and you get a Sharing Violation Error? :omg:

A sharing violation error means the installer was trying to access the file but it was locked out of it. This almost 99% of the time because of your Antivirus. :wink:

Your antivirus could be in the middle of scanning the file and hasn't unlocked it yet, or it could be flagging it as a "GEN" which stands for generic is always a false positive.
That ever happens just send the file to your AV company and they will remove the false positive.

As for the sharing violation you just need to disable your antivirus while you install the programs. This is why almost every installer and setup program out there always says to please disable your antivirus, because it can and will get in the way.