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Title: Shane Croft is Downright Awesome
Post by: steve47co1 on April 14, 2016, 07:33:34 AM
I have to say that all of you cheapskates that are using programs for free are missing the opportunity to support one of the PC world's best people. Here's why - I have had a continuing problem with not being to auto update my - Windows Repair Pro program. I tried everything; checked firewall settings, turned off AVG, etc., and still, no joy.

I contacted Shane via email and he suggested a TeamViewer session after his business hours. When he was connected, he quickly went through about 3 quick diagnostics, but no joy. He then dove deep into the program and started replacing code; no joy. Then he started comparing code within inet control functions and found some discrepancies; replaced the command line. No joy. Hmm, now he was getting very interested....he looked at everything. Still no solution.

Then, by genius and/or lots of experience, he decided to look at "Internet Options" in Contro Panel; Connections. In LAN settings, he looked to find that the Automatic Detect Settings box was unchecked. Bingo! Not only does Repair Pro now auto update, but also any other programs that utilize inet control.

In all, he spent an hour with me on TeamViewer problem solving, and also, via Notepad, with a great sense of humor; often at his own expense.

This man is a great human being! Support him with $$! Thank you, Shane!

PS I got a sneak peek at some of his thinking on V4 of Repair Pro - can't wait - it is going to have many more Pro settings and features.
Title: Re: Shane Croft is Downright Awesome
Post by: parkd1 on May 06, 2016, 08:13:49 AM
I am with you can not wait to see what he has in store for version 4. I just think he should release it this summer after the next big Windows 10 update comes out. That would give him time to test it with it. Been a big fan of his work for years. He really knows his stuff.