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Title: A nice tool again from nirsoft that enables speak the test and so many things
Post by: jraju on September 17, 2016, 01:15:35 AM
           Every body knows about nirsoft site, who is giving valuable software at free on so many windows problems and tweak and i will recommend this command line tool nircmd, a nice tool. Pl go and enjoy and they will be adding other commands also in due time.
             Also see this winhelponline tutorial where the use of it to speak text from a text file is given. I have tried the speak , and the audio has an issue so , it does not work at first. After i repaird the audio , this too was working. But alas, i tested a frst text , full of computer logs , and i do not know how to close the audio. The audio is pucca replication of text, but enjoy using some nice text files, you created or stored in text file.
the winhelponline contains the download link for nircmd and also instructions are self explanatory.
i have asked the winhelpline, how to close the audio if i want to stop the audio in the middle of speaking
                 If you go the nircmd , there are some more options of closing the dvd, opening dvd and whatnot. Enloy