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Title: Great Product
Post by: JohnM72 on February 16, 2017, 01:04:17 PM
I had a problem with Windows Defender and could not figure out how to correct.  I did a couple of queries to determine how to correct my problem. came up and the comments were positive. Now, I have downloaded a number of of "repair Windows" software which after running want to charge you a million dollars to fix (well maybe not that much) but it was annoying not to see this up front. That is why I use REVO Uninstaller Pro! I decided to give windows repair a try... WOW it worked :smiley: and what was more amazing was my boot up time was reduced significantly. I was a little concerned when on boot up, after cleaning, it took 5 minutes + to make changes. On the second iteration (I read instructions) the repair was almost instantaneously.

I will order the PRO upgrade.

Thanks, I will look at your other products.