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Title: Simple system Tweaker
Post by: Willy2 on August 19, 2017, 11:22:05 AM
Requested/suggested improvements for Simple System Tweaker v2.20:

- The SST program should be upgraded with the latest Registry Backup (RB) version (v3.53).

When the user clicks on the 2 buttons on the "Welcome" page then SST only opens the "Backup" tab in RB, it never opens the "Restore" tab.
Suggestion:  Remove one button and rename the button to "Open Registry Backup" (or something along these lines).

Or make sure that these 2 buttons open RB and the appropriate RB tab ("Backup" or "Restore") at the same time. I.e. assuming that that is possible at all.

- If it's possible to open the appropriate tab in RB then this possibility should also be incorporated in (a/the next version of) Windows Repair (WR). Because WR has 3 buttons ("Backup", "Restore", "RB settings") and clicking on those buttons only open the RB tab called "Backup". Don't know whether or not this is a bug in WR and SST or that the bug is "hiding" in RB. And this assumes that this is a bug. Perhaps the appropriate program code still needs to be added/incorporated.

The program code (in SST) needs to be cleaned up in 2 ways.
- The user can go through the 4 tabs using the "Next" button in the bottom right hand corner of the GUI. But when the user clicks on "Next" in the "Services" tab then the "Visual Tweaks" tab/screen opens but the header of the tab(s) suggests that the user has (re-)opened the "Welcome" tab.

Similar story when the user uses the "Back" button. Do the following:
- Open the "Networking Tweaks" tab by clicking on that tab (on the top of the GUI) and click on "Back".
- Now that "Networking" pane/tab opens but the tab header suggests that the "Visual Tweaks" tab has been (re-)opened. (This is NOT OK).
- Click on "Back" once more and the "Welcome" tab opens and the "Welcome" tab is highlighted (which is OK).

- I think that Tweaking should make up its mind. Choose one of 2 options:
1) fix this "Next"/"Back" behaviour (see above) or
2) Simply remove the "Next"/"Back" buttons, following the KISS (Keep It Simple Stup*d) principle. The user always can use the tab(s) (headers) on the top of the GUI.
Title: Re: Simple system Tweaker
Post by: Willy2 on August 22, 2017, 06:16:25 AM
More suggestions to improve version v2.20.
- Make sure that when the user starts the program, none of the 4 "Apply Tweaks" boxes at the bottom of the GUI are automatically selected/ticked.
- If the user makes a change in e.g. the "Visual Tweaks" tab then make the program code automatically select the appropriate "Apply Tweak" box (at the bottom of the GUI).

- For the "Services" tab: Let the program read the current state of the Services listed when the user starts the program and make sure that the Services boxes reflect the current state of those Services.