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Title: Full system lock up
Post by: Lotrus on September 01, 2017, 07:01:01 AM
Hi All

Not sure how TWEAKING.COM v4 2018 has ended up on my win7 system, but it looks handy enough, however if I try to run the software my whole system locks up.
I have to pull the power and force a shut down.
Can't even uninstall to repair.
Any ideas.????
Title: Re: Full system lock up
Post by: Boggin on September 01, 2017, 07:43:51 AM
This program is never bundled with anything else and has to be manually downloaded by whoever is using the computer.

Prior to the repairs, the program auto creates a registry back up which you can restore with and is best done in Safe Mode as is when running the program.

Which version of Windows are you using and did you do all of the pre-steps prior to running the program and did you run the program in Safe Mode with Networking ?

To restore, either use the program to boot up into Safe Mode with Networking or do that and then run the program.

Click on Backup Tools then on Restore under Registry Backup.

Click on the Restore Registry tab then use the dropdown to select the back up then click on Restore Now.

Was there any particular reason why you ran the repairs ?
Title: Re: Full system lock up
Post by: Lotrus on September 01, 2017, 09:21:42 AM
Using Win7, 64bit,
Not sure how this ended up on my p.c I'm the only one that downloads.
But HP Essentials has now been trashed and I can't reinstall, when I've looked the status shows Tweak to be running but I don't know where or how, I do know my KASPERSKY total security, spotted it running and asked if it should be as it was doing something associated with a virus so may be blocking but again not to sure.
A little concerned about running anything in SAFE MODE though, the back up log only go's back two days I've been trying to remove/activate for over a week as I thought let it run.
Title: Re: Full system lock up
Post by: Boggin on September 01, 2017, 01:59:00 PM
What is HP Essentials ?

Which restore log are you referring to ?

The registry restore will create a back up as soon as you click on Open Repairs, so the earliest registry point in the dropdown should take you back to before the repairs were effected.

Boot up into Safe Mode with Networking and all 3rd party programs will not be loaded and then start the Windows Repair program and then perform the registry restore.

This is standard practice to isolate any 3rd party programs as well as any infections.

If you can access the Task Manager by right clicking on the taskbar or pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and then click on Start Task Manager - under Applications you can click on anything there and then select End Task.

Are you sure it is Windows Repair that is running - that has to be manually installed and while the program will load, it will not run any repairs until you start them - except the system tray icon and that is only a shortcut to some of its attributes.

If you don't already have CCleaner installed, boot up into Safe Mode with Networking and download the free version of CCleaner.

Click on Options then on Monitoring and uncheck those boxes then click on Tools then scroll down to and click on - Windows Repair and select Uninstall after using the program to restore the registry back up.

In Safe Mode with Networking, go Start - type cmd then right click on cmd and select Run as administrator - accept the UAC then type restrui.exe and press enter.

That will open System Restore.

Click on Choose a different restore point then on Next.

It may list one where Windows Repair was installed but if not, select one then click on Scan for affected programs where it may list WR.

In any event, select one to before you started getting this problem but still click on Scan for affected programs as you may need to reinstall anything legitimate that was installed.