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Title: Unexpected results and "Undo"
Post by: jmbruni on August 21, 2019, 01:14:12 AM

I recently discovered you, your sites, and these great programs/utilities -- there is still hope in the world, I see :)

I downloaded and ran the free version of - Windows Repair, watching it the whole it approached the stage where it addresses and fixes directory links I balked some, I have never liked or really understood what Microsoft did with those and like even less that those links are not visible.  The program said it was going to fix 5 links - 3 of which were the Music, Pictures, and Videos links...I almost unchecked those but didn't.  Now I find that in my C:\users\jmbruni\Documents folder there are 3 new folders, My Documents, My Pictures, and My Videos and I don't have access to any of them.  Luckily of the 3 Windows folders (with special icons) I use only the Pictures folder at C:\users\jmbruni\Pictures and it seems intact and accessible.

I know it's fear-based and probably quite illogical but I am still not a fan of these links and I'd like to go back and uncheck those 3 selections.  (Something about having CONTROL, lol...if it's invisible I don't like it.)  So my question:  Is there an Undo or Revert or Rollback option somewhere or a way for me to go back and uncheck those 3?  I imagine there is in the reg backups or maybe running the program again -- I don't know and don't want to blow Windows up yet again so here I am exercising calm restraint and asking first lol.

Thanks for your work and thanks for being someone I know I respect (your weekend philosophy and belief about Honor and Respect did the deed!)

Mike Bruni
Title: Re: Unexpected results and "Undo"
Post by: Boggin on August 21, 2019, 05:10:32 AM
You can try the Registry Backup to see if that will take you back but I always create a system image before test running each new version of the repair program.

Open the program and have it boot you into Safe Mode with Networking and click on Backup Tools.

Click on Restore under Registry Backup then click on Restore Registry then use the dropdown to select the dated back up then click on Restore Now.
Title: Re: Unexpected results and "Undo"
Post by: jmbruni on August 21, 2019, 10:43:20 PM
Hi, thanks for your quick reply!

I used the Safe Mode reboot in the program and when it came back to boot/accept PW or pin/etc it looked like it had gotten lost.  The background picture seemed to shift out of focus and then nothing...a quick press of the reset button and it all came back and I manually did a Safe Mode reboot.  There were two backups from Tweaking so I restored the most recent -- no change to the links, then I rebooted and tried the oldest restore -- same result.  With everything else working quite well I just accepted that this is how it is and I'll figure out the Link stuff later - probably using those three folders for practice.  I'm liking how Windows is working post-Tweaks so I'm not going to fuss much.

Thanks for helping and for this great software!
Title: Re: Unexpected results and "Undo"
Post by: Boggin on August 22, 2019, 03:53:49 AM
I'd pass this onto Shane but I'm not getting any replies to my emails to him.