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Title: How to Stop Baidu Hijacking
Post by: on March 14, 2020, 12:20:23 AM
Would anyone please advise how to use Tweaking to stop Baidu from replacing default Search Engine of MS Edge browser with Baidu Search?
Baidu does more that that, it also turns default launch page into some Chinese page full with links to Mainland Chinese websites.

Do I need Tweaking Pro version to repair (switching it back) it?

Strange enough, this Baidu only attached Edge browser whilst iE was left alone.

I am using Surface Book running Windows 10.

Thank you 
Title: Re: How to Stop Baidu Hijacking
Post by: Boggin on March 14, 2020, 03:18:38 AM
Is Baidu your Internet Provider ?

Should it be an unwanted program, you could do scans with the ESET Free Online Scanner and AdwCleaner.

AFAIK the repair program would not be able to resolve this, although you could run the repair program after doing scans with those two free programs.

I find it's best to download and run them in Safe Mode with Networking.

BTW - I would advise you to change your username from your email address to something else as this is an open forum and you could end up getting all sorts of crap sent to you.