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Title: How to translate the HUGE html file?
Post by: Angelika on June 26, 2020, 01:58:43 AM
How to translate the html file.
Each page informs you that you cannot translate even less than 1 MB of file. File too large. (Too many characters).
Separating 10,000 MB piece by piece (html) will not make sense. Because I need tens of thousands of small pieces. Translation piece by piece will take me a whole year.
There is a tool that will process a large file to translate gradually and automatically piece by piece.
I really want to translate 50,000,000+ character Cyrillic to other language
I know it's a lot, but can a program not process even the whole day?

I don't have any programming knowledge of "Google API" so this idea falls ...

$20 dollar per million character

probably $1000 dollar 50 mln character ???