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Title: Shane = Virtual Hero!!!
Post by: Allen on December 18, 2011, 03:36:57 PM
After having a severe Windows problem (Windows would no longer even load, effectively making my laptop a rather large and expensive paper weight).

I had my wife bring the laptop to the notorious Geek Squad.....their advice (after doing nothing but watching it fail to load), would be to scratch the idea of the computer being fixed, contact the manufacturer, purchase a new Windows disc, and reformat the hard drive. They DID offer to do a diagnostics test on the system for a humble $200, but advised against that because they considered the computer to be beyond repair.

Well......forget you Geek Squad, because Shane owns you. Shane, under absolutely NO obligation, selflessly lent me his time and brain in helping me fix my computer. Not only was I able to get Windows fixed, but all of my important data (my childrens photos, resumes, and priceless home made videos) were all saved. Now, this scare was indeed my lesson to learn by not having backups of my priceless data, but Shane made absolutely sure that nothing bad was to come to my computer.

Overall, working with Shane was a wonderful experience. He helped calm me down (from outright panic mode), assured me that everything was going to be ok, and helped me step by step to fix my computer. He was extremely quick to respond every time I posted, and went above and beyond any help that I expected.

I am extremely grateful to Shane. Had it not been for him, I could have lost years of photos, videos, and data, not to mention saving me financially from whatever I would have had to pay to restore my computer.

Thank you Shane. You have a true fan and believer in me. I will be marketing your products, web site, and forum. Continue to do what you do, because you're great at it, and the people need you!