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Title: MD4 miss-match
Post by: Jamest on June 24, 2021, 05:00:44 AM
2nd posting as I can not see my previous.
I see that this problem was current some years ago and I followed the 'solution' given back then of removing a line of code from services.
However, that particular line was not to be found in the Tweaking program services section as I have it.
I have Tweaking version 3 Pro and I am still running Vista - it is not that I like Vista but I like the others even less.

The MD4 miss-match came about after installing the latest update 4.11.4.
MD4 Hash Doesn't Match: WR_Tray_Icon.exe
    (Expected MD4:  CB3F830956A82657FA24E2E2F74B4B92)
    (Returned MD4:  9882B8CCD271C51E4EA517CE445F05A0)

Thanks everyone,
Title: Re: MD4 miss-match
Post by: Boggin on June 24, 2021, 08:51:29 AM
I'll pass this onto Shane with a link to your thread.
Title: Re: MD4 miss-match
Post by: Boggin on June 24, 2021, 01:40:11 PM
This is the reply I've received from Shane but no explanation as to why it is happening.

The exe isn't getting replaced, make sure the tray icon isn't running. But the tray icon isn't important he can also open the file list txt file and remove the tray icon from the check.
Title: Re: MD4 miss-match
Post by: Boggin on June 25, 2021, 01:00:56 AM
Following a further query to Shane, he's informed me that he's only seen this once before where one of the files was on a bad sector of the HDD.

To check the status of our HDD, go Start - type cmd and right click on it when it comes up and select Run as administrator then enter -

chkdsk /r

Enter y for it to run on the next reboot then enter this cmd which will effect an immediate reboot -

shutdown /r /t 00

After it completes, go Start - type eventvwr and press enter when Event Viewer comes up.

Ensure that Event Viewer (Local) is highlighted in the left pane - if it isn't then just click on it.

When it has read the data, expand Windows Logs - click on Application - Action - Find and type chkdsk into the Find box.

Cancel the Find box and read the log in the scrollable pane below.

Primarily you are looking to see if it reports any kbs in bad sectors.

If it does then immediately create a system image onto external media in preparation for full failure.

You will also need to create a System Repair disk to boot up with to load that image onto a new HDD.
Title: Re: MD4 miss-match
Post by: Jamest on June 26, 2021, 10:49:48 AM
Very grateful for the replies here and I have taken immediate steps to copy my hard drive just in case - something I do occasionally.

Much troubles. Maybe started a couple of weeks ago when my VPN failed to load. While struggling with this and finding that I could get it to start by first using Tweaking tray icon - 'clean memory' but something was locking the CPU at 100%, another clean memory brought the CPU back to normal, a number of other problems started occurring:

On my desk top I clicked on 'Spybot' but it failed to open. Rebooting (Tweaking style), I was clicking F8 to do full Tweaking but it just carried on to boot normally. Tweaking tray icon loads on booting so I looked for boot to safe mode but it was missing.
Anyhow, I clicked 'Spybot' again and the recycle bin opened, on impulse I deleted the spybot icon but of course only succeeded in deleting the recycle bin.

Spybot and its immunisation feature have been useful in (temporarily) removing another annoyance and that is an apparent 'stuck key' fault giving /////////// or 999999999 in menu boxes and then scrolling failed in that it would fight (and win) to stay at the top of a page. I loaded Tweaking and the update came up which then gave me the MD4 nonsense.
Since my posting here I have deleted Tweaking, Spybot and the VPN and reloaded them but with the previous version of Tweaking.

From tweaking I did a reboot to safe mode as my F8 command still does not function. The computer restarted with wild beeping for several minutes before the loggin page appeared but the loggin box was flashing in and out in a fragmented style. after a few more minutes it settled to 'wrong password' and I could proceed from there. However it was still a normal boot up.

To get safe mode I had to cut power to the computer. Not something that I wanted to do but it gives immediate safe mode on starting. Tweaking and Spybot scan have brought everything back to more or less normal. I still get 9999 occasionally but Spybot repairs it. VPN wont load automatically but it does manually.

The worst part is that Tweaking is not fully functional - in Step 3, I went straight to a check disc reboot, it managed this after all the beeping and flashing again, only to get the messages check disc scheduled, check disc cancelled.
Another power cut reboot and this time I went for the simple check and surprisingly, all was well.
Step 4 said that there was a repair scheduled that required a restart so could not proceed. Clearly that was wrong so I moved on to repairs.

Computer will shut down and and start as separate actions but restarts provoke the mad beeping frenzies.

I am still looking at the detailed guidance so kindly given by Shane but I have had enough for the moment and I am pleased that I managed to resist picking up that big hammer in my workshop.
Thanks all,
Title: Re: MD4 miss-match
Post by: Boggin on June 26, 2021, 02:31:10 PM
You seem to have a lot going on with your machine.

Can you download and create a Kaspersky Rescue Disk to boot up with which after loading will scan your system, but you need to wait for it to load.

I have to Ethernet connect to get an Internet connection for it to update its Definitions.

You can use Imgburn to create the bootable disk -

Let me know if it finds anything and if things improve after the scan.

You may have to remove the disk and power shutdown.

If nothing has changed then I would suggest you back up your personal stuff and factory reset your machine.

You will need to reinstall your programs but I would advise you to swap Spybot for the highly rated free TotalAV but I'd swap Spybot for TotalAV anyway as you shouldn't have to keep running Spybot - it has a bad rep.

If you can get into Safe Mode. select Command Prompt and enter bcdedit

Under Windows Boot Loader check to see what is says for identifier.

It can either be {current} or {default}

Using your identifier enter bcdedit /set {identifier} bootmenupolicy legacy

Ensure you use the correct brackets.

Enter exit to close the cmd window and shut down to see if tapping F8 on Start gets you into the advanced boot options.