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It should be noted that I used Windows Repair version 4.13.1 (Free). 

Two days ago, I decided to run Windows Repair on my Windows 11 Pro Inspiron 3891 for no particular reason, just that I have found it seems to repair problems known to me and unknown to me. When the repair was finished and rebooted, i tried to run Windows Update. I got an error message to try again later, but every time I tried, Update refused to run.

One day later, Yesterday, thinking it's about time to reset Windows, I did so, deleting everything and then reinstalling all applications and other programs. Windows Update ran well and all updates were installed.

This AM, again for no real reason, I decided to run Windows Repair again, setting a restore point prior to repairs and then running the program in the Safe Mode. After running Windows Repair, I, again, tried running Windows Update. Again Update would not run with an error message. I tried several times to run Update and finally decided to go back with Windows Restore.

Windows Restore did restore my computer and Windows Update is working, but now, for the first time ever after using Windows Repair for many years (since Windows XP), I find I cannot trust the application.

I hope somebody at looks into this soon.   

Thank you ... have done so, and am rebooting now ... It has been rebooting for about 1 1/2 hours, apparently trying to repair Windows. I'll have to wait awhile to see if I'm going to have to reinstall or not.

It has been on job 39, Step 1 of 2, for most of that 6 hours. It is showing that it is using about 5% plus or minus 1 to 2% CPU and about 5.5 GB memory, no reading or writing seems to be taking place at this time. The process count shows 216 (whatever that means). I am using the latest version of Windows Repair and the computer has the latest version of Windows 10 pro completely updated. The purpose of the repair was that the computer would not create a System Restore Point. It seemed to freeze.

5 Support & Help / Re: Performance tweaks
« on: June 05, 2020, 12:20:09 pm »
Performance Tweaks? I do not find any of your programs called "Performance Tweaks" or anything similar. Where do i find these "Performance Tweaks"? Thanks.

6 Support & Help / Re: problem with v. 481 ans W10 2004
« on: June 05, 2020, 12:12:43 pm »
If you ignore the error (just close it), Windows Repair will run. I assume  it will run normally. I've had no problems, first seeing this error with preview versions from Windows Insider, and now with 2004. I also see the error now in Build 19640 (the present "Insider" preview)

7 Support & Help / Re: 2004 ver
« on: June 01, 2020, 02:32:31 pm »
Actually, Windows Repair 4.8.0 does work with Win 10 2004. Just ignore the error message and continue on. Apparently, MS wants a specific folder for Win 10 2004  added.

I have not yet run the commands you have given, but I will this evening.

Two problems ... 1. This problem has to do with Microsoft Office Professional 2019. For the last week, when I attempt to open an Office Application such as Outlook, I have to "repair on-line". This usually works a day or two, but then reappears. ...2. The computer seems to run and boot slowly, even though I try to keep Start Programs to a minimum and unnecessary files deleted (using the tools built into Windows).

The computer is an HP 8300 Elite with an i5-3470S, 16 GB RAM, and a 240 GB SSD.

I am running the latest version of Windows Repair ... 4.7.2 ... on a Windows Insider machine running Windows 10 Pro Build 19577, and I get an error message that the file 10_2004 is missing. I tried reinstalling 4.7.2 and got the message again. I then downloaded and ran the Portable version of 4.7.2 and again got the same error message.

I have 7 other machines running Windows 10 Pro Build  18363.693 and am not getting the same message on any of them ... though I notice that the file 10_2004 is not on any of them, too.

That said, ignoring the error on the Insider machine does not appear to stop Windows Repair from running.

I closed the error message and ran it anyway. The reason was there were too many hesitations and I've found that something in the program fixes that problem. It worked.

I've tried to use 4.4.9 on two different Win 10 1903 computers and get an error message on both "Could not find the required files for repair ..."

My guess is that Quicken Support would not be interested in helping somebody with 8 year old software.

By the way, my wife has had no problems with permissions since the OS reset.

OK, I have run the "repair install" as you suggested, and have updated it back to 17134.165 (yesterday's cumulative update). Everyhthing looks good now. She has no problems saving files. her Quicken opens as it should. And I just hope that 3 days from now she doesn't wake me from my morning dreams and tell me she cannot save any files (again).

Oh, by the way ... my kudos to for their great software. I've been using it for years and it has saved my behind many times. It's about time I purchase the license. They've earned their money.

Just this AM, the Windows Repair "Permissions" (repair 1, 2, and 3) was run to repair my wifes problem saving Word files and after the repair, all her quicken files became visible opening the application, so that problem was fixed (probably temporarily) with something done during job 1, job 2 , and/or job 3. I shall try the "repair install". I do have a copy of build 17134 on a bootable USB stick, and a copy of the latest cumulative update to that, 17134.165 on another USB stick (having 8 Windows 10 computers almost necessitates downloading these once and saving them rather than downloading them 8 times).

Thanks for the suggestion, I should have thought it myself, but somehow overlooked that solution. I'll give myself 30 lashes with a wet noodle for punishment. 

My wife depends on me to keep her computer running properly and she constantly seems to have "Permissions" problems. She cannot save Word Files is an example of her problems. Another is the failure of her Quicken 2010 application from populating.'s Windows Repair always fixes the problems, but they reoccur constantly ... my guess is (I am not sure of this) that every time she shuts down her machine and reboots the problems return. She then reports the problem to me and I run the "Permissions" repair (1, 2, and 3) part of Windows Repair. Everything is fine again until ... well, I'm not sure, maybe a reboot?

Anybody have any ideas about this? I do not want to do this, but I'm thinking about wiping the drive and reinstalling everything, but I'd prefer a less drastic repair.

Thank you for any help you can provide.

17 Support & Help / Re: No windows.7z
« on: April 11, 2018, 01:31:09 pm »
the version I had was downloaded from MajorGeeks, so I downloaded the portible version from I placed the new Portable version on the desktop, booted into the safe mode, executed the repair, and it is working. I must have gotten a bad version from MajorGeeks.

18 Support & Help / Re: No windows.7z
« on: April 11, 2018, 01:01:43 pm »
I was using the portable version of I shall download it again and report here the results.

19 Support & Help / No windows.7z
« on: April 10, 2018, 03:56:25 pm »
I've run Windows Repair on two separate computers today, and the application finds on both of them that there is a missing file.  The application says

"Missing file: files \permissions \7 \ windows.7z"

Because of this, the application will not run.

What do I do?

Yes, I believe MS should fix their application as soon as they can, but I would not rely on them to do so. If making changes to 4.0.15 is relatively easy, I would not wait for MS to do their thing. If MS takes a week to fix it, Windows Repair 4.0.15 is dead in the water for those folks using Defender, and's chances to sell Professional  Versions of this software are lessened, even after MS makes the fix, as some folks will decide their free trial failure is enough not to come back for the next version.   

After much consternation while trying to place the portable version of onto my hard drive and then pinning a shortcut on the taskbar, my preferred method of installation, I did this ... 1. I turned off Defender "Real-Time Protection" 2. Downloaded the portable version of, 3. Extracted the download, 4. Placed the extracted file in the location I prefer, 6. Pinned the .exe onto the taskbar, and 7. Excluded the folder in the location where I placed it.

But I agree with ergo (above) who said that the user should not have to go through all this hassle in order to use the software. should have tested the software against all the major AV applications before releasing it. That said, however,  fabrikator mentioned that defender did not catch the (in this case) false positive at the time it was released. It was only after an Defender update that the false positive was reported. So, in this case, the problem was not with But the problem did become's when the false reports started coming, and they must fix the problem as soon as possible. I expect a new version, with the fix out soon.

And as soon as he does, I will download it. Thanks.

It was the repair window that came up, not the user account control. And no, unless I run it again, I cannot get a snap shot of it. If you would like, I could run it again, but that takes some time. I was in Safe Mode when it occured.

One of the things I did was to check the box to keep the App Window "on Top". If I had not done this, I would have noticed the request (Y/N) to run the repair.

Whoops, I decided to minimize the Windows Repair Window and I found a Window underneath requesting permission to run the repair, I typed "Y" and the repair restarted, finished and is now working on repair 38 (the App Store).

All seems to be ok, but I've never had to authorize a repair while the program is running in the past. I suggest that somebody at look into this apparent bug before thousands of other folks have the same problem.

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