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I think it was Malware Bytes.  I had tried to install that so that it didn't do any monitoring and I could just use it for manual scanning but I guess it can't help but be intrusive.  I found two of its processes running so decided to get rid of it.  After uninstalling it with Revo Uninstall, letting it do a full sweep and then rebooting I now get a full Registry Backup as I used to.  Since the problem was intermittent, this may not really be the issue but until I find otherwise we can consider it fixed.

Many thanks and I hope I don't have to come back with bad news.  :-)

Shane, via the Advanced Setttings page I am telling it to run vss_7_64.exe specifically and it still tells me that vss is not running.  The .bat file that pycron (alternate scheduler) runs to invoke Registry Backup is:

  net stop vss
  net start vss && cmd /c "C:\Program Files (x86)\Registry Backup - Tweaking\TweakingRegistryBackup.exe" /supersilent

The && after the start vss ensures that it completes without errors before executing the backup.

When the .bat is completed vss is in fact running but the Registry Backup log reports that the exes you mention are not running.  I don't see them running from Task Manager.  I've attached the log.

Its not that vss isnt running, but that VSS didnt make the snap shot it needed.

Check the vss log in the backup folder and see what it says, the error should be in there :-)


Thanks Shane,

No, it's that Registry Backup doesn't think VSS is running.  The UI says "Volume Shadow Copy Running: NO" and no VSS log is created.  It just waits a while and switches to the Fallback which only saves the logged in user and only sometimes that.  I can verify that VSS is in fact running by creating a Windows restore point.

This is intermittent, it ran from Pycron last night and no user info was backed up and no Log_VSS.txt was created.  I just invoked it manually and it said VSS was running, backed up all users and created the log as it should.

Oh, I am running with administrator privilege.

When executed manually (or via Pycron) Registry Backup 1.6.7 almost always says that VSS is not running when according to the Windows Services panel it is and all it's prerequisites are too.

I say almost always because every now and then and with low frequency it finds VSS running and works correctly.

Help appreciated.

Everything Else / Re: Selective restore
« on: March 26, 2013, 05:55:13 pm »
I can't seem to find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\... anywhere.  It's not in SYSTEM.  Do you know what hive it is in?


Everything Else / Re: Selective restore
« on: March 26, 2013, 03:43:21 pm »
Dammit!  I just wrote a reply that could be helpful to others, tried to send it and it was lost because I hadn't yet logged in.  It infuriates me when that happens.  :angry:

In brief, the RegFileExport utility from NirSoft does part of what is needed.

Everything Else / Re: Selective restore
« on: March 26, 2013, 01:20:56 am »
I don't much like sucking the registry backup into the registry just to access it and then delete it (the less large scale registry mucking the better) but if that is the only way...

I just tested it with the "system" hive per the MS instructions.  First, nothing under the key name I gave it is remotely recognizable and now I can't delete it.  Tried changing permissions then ownership recursively and both fail as well.   This is just the kind of crap I want to absolutely avoid.  Heavy sigh.

It appears this is not the tool I need.

If you included an option to convert (extract) the whole backup to a .reg file then Notepad (or better) could be used to get at specific info in a usable way.  Please consider this a formal request for that.

Everything Else / Selective restore
« on: March 25, 2013, 03:36:40 pm »
Is there a way to view a backup (perhaps stored in a mounted full system backup image) with a regedit type program so as to export from a backed up key to a .reg file as you can do with regedit?  A utility to convert a backup to a .reg file would probably do the trick because I'm pretty sure there are regedit type utilities that can operate on .reg files.

My system path was destroyed by something I installed and I didn't discover that for a few days during which the registry had evolved some.  I don't want to restore a whole registry backup, just retrieve "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Environment" entry from the backup to a .reg file for restoration to the regstry.

In many, if not most, cases a full registry restore to some past state is far too drastic.


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