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Computer Help / Re: How to; reinstall win7 and not lose my programs?
« on: November 05, 2016, 05:21:04 AM »
The way I do it is not installing programs on the SystemDrive and Backup the Registry.Provided you would use the same windos installation it should work nicely

Computer Help / Re: Slow Computer after fresh install
« on: July 06, 2016, 05:23:13 AM »
The backup for the drivers is located in D:\ so do have all required drivers.

Can't help you then.

If you were logged on with an administrator account things should have worked out.You said in the topic the location is "K:\" while in the error message the path is "C:\Users".The command i given was intended for "K:\DISK\Documents\" and not for "C:\Users".The syntax for that path is completely different as it requires 2 lines to unlock,first the main folder and second all the files within.

cacls "C:\Users\" /e /c /g %Username%:F
cacls "C:\Users\*.*" /e /c /g %Username%:F

This will unlock it and don't be affraid if you see multiple lines of code displaying.Its normal as this command grants to the Current User acces to each and every file within that folder , including the hidden ones(*.*)

As I mentioned , the files must be located on your pc/laptop and you must have administrator rights to perform it.If this doesn't work then I can't help you.

Computer Help / Re: Slow Computer after fresh install
« on: July 04, 2016, 02:04:42 PM »
Always formatting the disk to prevent infection from older files
C:\ is my System Drive
D:\ is my Backup Drive
E:\ Personal File Storage

Ok so the Batch didn't work and the Safe Mode Failed(look in img attached how it should look like).I am going to give you the exact command in cmd to unlock them.Press start then Run ; type cmd ;then type as it follows , 1 line at a time:

cacls "K:\DISK\Documents\My Music" /e /c /g %username%:F
cacls "K:\DISK\Documents\My Picture" /e /c /g %username%:F
cacls "K:\DISK\Documents\My Videos" /e /c /g %username%:F

Provided you have administrator rights you will unlock them.Pls also post a SnapShot of the error.

Code: [Select]
No processes locking this file or folder have been found.
1. Currently, you do not have permission to access this folder.
2. Click the Continue button to get permanent access to this folder.
3. Permission denied access to the folder.
4. To access this folder, you must use the tabs security.
Are you sure they were in the same folder(like in the vid attached) and the program did detect it,same as in video.Still not mentione if on pc or in other removable device.If you done accordingly try this :

In order to gain acces to this folder you must enter safemod with the account name and type Administrator , then once done , right-click , Properties , Security/Ownership I think , Apply the file permisions you need to your account , Apply to Folder Files & Subfolder Files.Restart in normal mode.There you go,now you have acces.

Computer Help / Re: Slow Computer after fresh install
« on: July 04, 2016, 02:53:10 AM »
Did a BIOS reset , no results.As for the problem with webpages crashes on Firefox , it's related with plugi-container.exe so this is a separate issue.I will reinstall the system again tonight and I hope the problem would be solved.

Computer Help / Re: Slow Computer after fresh install
« on: July 04, 2016, 02:06:59 AM »
Normally I would only install a OS that requires serial.I don't trust these Pre-Activated versions of OS cuz they tend to install lots of junkware

Computer Help / Re: Slow Computer after fresh install
« on: July 03, 2016, 01:39:44 PM »
If required I do a new windows install but i need a good source for the iso.So far The Pirate bay and File list didn't provide so much.

Computer Help / Re: Slow Computer after fresh install
« on: July 03, 2016, 01:36:50 PM »
Can't read that - it's just a solid block of text in Notepad.

See what changing the Windows Update settings to Never... and then go into services.msc and change the Window Update service to Disabled/Stopped then reboot.

With a fresh install it may be looking for updates and if it can't find any or if it's update agent is out of date then that can max out the CPU.

This article looks trustworthy which you could use to download the Windows Update Agent but watch out for any additional software that may be included in the download.

 :wink: *.csv filles are opened with Microsoft Office Excell

Computer Help / Re: Slow Computer after fresh install
« on: July 03, 2016, 01:16:55 PM »
svc host is an already old issue.Fixed it no normally.But i did installed a new reg cleaner , reg clean pro but still no results.Also what ive noticed to a program I made is that CPU has perioads when it nearly halts.I might suspect i has to do soemthing with services.See in attachment all services

Computer Help / Re: Slow Computer after fresh install
« on: July 03, 2016, 11:12:48 AM »
Info on RAM Use

And some info in msinfo32 in attachments

Computer Help / Re: Slow Computer after fresh install
« on: July 03, 2016, 09:43:42 AM »
Curiously enough i tryed both chkdsk and safe mood.Looks like they were failiures of the old system.Now work normal.And about taking the battery off,I will avoid it owing to my loose AC and prevent sudden system shutdowns.This will affect my Harddrive and will eventually kill it.

Computer Help / Re: Slow Computer after fresh install
« on: July 03, 2016, 09:29:27 AM »
For Uniblue Software its based on device configuration.It will change the registry filles back to a template state I think.For XP does wonders,don't know about other systems though

Driver Booster did sometimes downloaded the wrong drivers for sound but thats the only accident that happend.Now its ok,all functions work normally.

Here is TaskManager processes sorted by most memory used

Had an old problem with svchost cpu overdrive but fixed it

About Temperature.The default values program says device is running within normal parameters

Without installing any programs is the same.This made me think its a power/registry issue.All programs from startup removed from startup folder,disabled through msconfig.

Already have HWMonitor on Computer.Details Below

GBoost is a software that acts as it is described , a "powerful tool" that will close all unnecesarry services so as the PC makes the best use of resources and to have 100% accesible.This will close any unsaved work.

And Hitman Pro is a scanner I use from time to time owing to different databases from AdwCleaner.Theoretically they have the same databases , I tested it myself and they give same results by as we know exceptions may occur so i rather be safe than sorry.

I dont have BSOD view.I think i never acces safe mode or use chkdsk /f to trigger it in this install.Will return with results in next post.

Note:I only come here when I cant solve the problem myself or with software.Usually google all things up an solve em on my own but this time I cant really define the nature malufunction 

Depends on where the file is located,if the file is located on your computer use the solution I attached.Otherwise I cant help.To be easier to use I made a batch file.Safe to use and you can see the source code.No delete ,copy , move , rename commads.@rem commands display each code line scope as a commentary

Note:If you have it on a usb but you can still copy/move them move them in your computer and begin unlock process.Just make sure the Batch is in the same folder with the locked ones to detect them

If dont know how to view source code just open it with notepad

Computer Help / Slow Computer after fresh install[Fix]
« on: July 03, 2016, 05:58:36 AM »

My computer is running very slow at times and for unknown reason.After a fatal error that prevented my computer from booting up I was forced to reinstall the system.Downloaded and created a Windows XP SP3 bootable USB and reinstalled.Then I notice my speed and I said yo myself that my windows setup was corrupt and reinstalled it again using a different source.Results were the same.Then I ran utilities to boost its performance but even after that , simple programs would lag during minimizing.

For instance , how could posibly a simple program like Notepad lag and crash or programs like cmd to never get milisecond 00 right(Used to do well before )?!Apart from this some websites are malufunctioning and all page gets black for that respective period  of time(Yahoo;Youtube HTML5 player).From that point I had it up.

One more problem is that the system recovers very slow after RAM straining proceses.I hosted a local server on a game , I was the sole player ingame and still lagged like hell although I was the host.After closing the game ,RAM would go from 99% to 30% in in graphs but windows will lag indefinetly till restart.

[Installed Programs]
VLC-Player,Gboost,Driver Boost 3.3,Microsoft Office 2007,Mozilla Firefox,WinRar,Daemon Tools,GreenShot,Core Temp

[Tools Used]
Uniblue Powersuite 2016 ; System Repair All-in-one ; Junkware Removal Tool ; Avast Antivirus ; RKill ; RogueKiller ; Kaspersky TDSSKiller ; AdwCleaner ; CC Cleaner Pro ; Hitman Pro

In BIOS i tweaked the setting as much as I could and avoided CPU Overclock

Note:The tools did detect some problems and fixed them but they were not related to the PC Speed Performance , still slow laggin and crashin.Also all software was used individually then uninstalled to prevent any conflicts and RAM memory waste.

[Known Issues]
Battery nearly depleted(18 min on 100%) ;

AC Adapter Charges irregularly(will either not charge or not be regonized by the system(BIOS says unknown adapter) and keep the battery at the same power level),I must manually tweak it into certain positions to charge.The AC Adapter did undergo some repairs as at some point some wires were actually riped apart and were re-binded together.More Explicit below

                             [Performance]     |    [Battery]     | [BIOS adapter readings]
[Unplugged]       -  |Laggy(MIN)        | discharging    |              <none>
[Loose Plugged] -  |Laggy(MED)       | not charging  |          <unknown>
[Well Plugged]    -  |Good (MAX)       | charging        |                 90w

After Reinstalling windows , on attempt to acces computer SafeMode or perform a scheduled chkdsk scan(chkdsk /f in Command Prompt) , laptop will crash and get BSOD,reason still unknown.

Despite of those issues , that somehow seemed to have transfered to the new installaition , the performance isn't the same although all i did is installing basic drvers and ocasional utilty software(Office,Greenshot,Gboost).Any advice regarding software issues would be of help.As for the hardware issues they would be dealt in the near future.

[Additional Info]

Computer Help / Re: Several Computer Problems[Solved]
« on: April 17, 2016, 11:09:03 AM »
simple ,envision the speed of those

18000- Ferrari
5000 - Turtle
16-Little to None

Computer Help / Re: Several Computer Problems[Solved]
« on: April 17, 2016, 08:01:49 AM »
In Games its often reffered as actions per minute.My program is a batch and its code is such.The fixed time one is to improve speed.Performance or APM starts at 0 and continuasly adds 1 for a minute  (when A (a static defined time)NEQ B(changing defined time)).That s varriable is a 1 time  switch to define the minimum value registered as the first value of the APM .At the end will store the value within a text file APM.txt.The graphs i posted contain data within them.At 5000 APM a computer should be crawling,in case of my dual core procesor.You can leave it running all day but due to the speed of calculation,this small batch will take up to 40%.I calculates pretty fast and with this method I also detect offline lags.Mainly the only repeated code in defining the APM is this:

title %Performance%
set /a performance=%performance%+1
set B=%time:~3,2%
if %A% EQU %B% goto TimeB

4 lines so almost nothing

the CODE

@echo off

mode con:cols=30 lines=10

set Max=0
set s=0

echo Waiting time 00 (%time:~6,2%)

if %time:~6,2% EQU 00 cls
if %time:~6,2% EQU 00 goto TimeA

set c=%time:~6,2%
set d=%time:~6,2%

if %c% EQU %d% goto time

goto FixTime


set Performance=0

set A=%time:~3,2%


title %Performance%

set /a performance=%performance%+1

set B=%time:~3,2%

if %A% EQU %B% goto TimeB

set /a s=%s%+1

if %s% EQU 1 set Min=%Performance%
if %s% EQU 1 echo %date% %time% >> APM.txt


if %Performance% GTR %Max% set Max=%Performance%
if %Performance% LSS %Min% set Min=%Performance%

echo %Performance% >> "APM.txt"

echo Performance
echo ----------------------------
echo Curent  Value : %Performance%
echo Minimum Value : %Min%
echo Maximum Value : %Max%
goto TimeA

End of CODE

Computer Help / Re: Several Computer Problems[Solved]
« on: April 16, 2016, 11:43:55 PM »
Checked MBAM and yes,I have it to treat PUPs and PUMs as Malaware.And about the name of infection I can't tell exactly what its name was.I just assumed the file responsible for that is within some folders I worked recently with, mainly my downloads folder.Then deleted all local content stored by my browser to eliminate all data stored on my device from various websites.I must't have deleted it long with some other filles.I deleted most of my PC games and now all my local disk have either 50% or below disk occupied.I don't know for sure its name mainly because Task manager didn't dispayed it as a process so it was completely "Invisible" to Me(Task Manager - tryed that first,dispay process from all users ; Process Monitor),just nothing to see.

As I said ,that virus might have been lingering in my system for a while and activate itself periodicaly through a registry schedule.Since autoimatic registry editing is a background service you wont even notice any change.I still pointed out what i've been searching for that gave me that infection.
And I still had to monitor my device to ensure complete removal.Since my last post, the performance (APM) is way greater.That graphs have data from the ending of my backtracking process and observing the performance improvements.The virus didn't seem to make any new appearence in my system

Steps Undertaken by Manual BackTracking

1. Remove old Filles to improve scanning speed(Remove OLD Large Trusted Filles (All but Recent System restore Points,PC Games,Movies) )
2. Scan for Viruses(used Avast and Kaspersky,curiously none reported anything since i monitor all my downloads(Check then Move for SafeKeep/ Remove))
3. Scan for Malware(MBAM-no malware detected)
4. Disk Cleanup(cleanmgr.msc process to delete ol filles,syste restores,or internet cookies)
5. Disk Defragment(Advanced System Care 8)
6. Registry Backup(Manualy at the end of my every OS install i do 2 registry backups.1st is a registry backup for OS only and 2nd apart from OS includes Drivers.Any other software is excluded owing to the fact that many of the modify your OS registry without your notice)
7. Registry Defragment(Advanced system Care 8)
8. Double Check New Filles in the system(All new filles have been checked by executing them directly and observe the impact over my APM,curiously enoungh,one of the files caused my APM to go down to 16 APM(Nearly Freeze and slower than a human beeing)).Can't say if the filles were infected in the first place or if the virus just migrated onto other filles to keep its concealing.Several filles caused this problem so im not entirely sure
9. Observe the Results in Time(since Task manger dispays only the % of CPU used and that virus could have disabled 1 of CPU,I wouldn't have notice.Created a separate Batch(1 another program can't edit and if edited i'll notice immediately)) to track peformance.

I wish I can say more about this infection but I can hardly believe 2 TOP securitiy softwares had no detections on it and the virus was well programed.If you want I can open a session of TeamViewer and Inspect the system yourself,usually when i repair my system,everything is white-clean.

Computer Help / Re: Several Computer Problems[Solved]
« on: April 16, 2016, 03:59:19 PM »
[Problem Solved]

I've monitored my pc performance at startup daily by a system(a batch that adds 1 continuasly for a minute duration , just to trace performance ; also known as APM) and discovered i caught some sort of Ghost Virus.Incredibly enough none of the antiviruses i used deteced it so i had to manually backtrack it(thank god i had that batch so i see any performance drops).

Anyways,this virus just "Disabled" all my drivers 1 by 1 by removing their part of their vital functions(you know the graphic card driver,remove it and your system will start crawilng).In addition it fucked up with my laptop battery drive and I recieved a message of Inadequate voltage(so your battery wont charge because that pesky virus "reduced" the value of the voltage your battery charges making it apparently full but with reduce voltage so it will sustain the device way shorter).It keeps the application running and prevents it from crashing so everthing works apparently ok at Software and you start blaming the Hardware.Anyways got rid of it but very hard,mostly cleaning up most partitons(about 50% or more),defragmenting and repeated scanning and none came.

Glad I got rid of it.Now Device APM tripled,got from 4900-5000 to about 19000 so I am very happy.
Thx for all help and support.Until then avoid searching for Newest movies,i caught this from a cookie of Zootopia or KungFuPanda 3

Computer Help / Re: Several Computer Problems
« on: April 03, 2016, 03:58:31 AM »
Added a fan to under my laptop to decrease the temperature.But I checked the temperatures on one of my roommates and strangely enough CPU temperature is quite the same,although his device is a Quad-Core.I've also made some research and lagging(GPU drops) shouldn't occur unless CPU temperatures exceeds 100 degrees Celsius.

I've also had some error mesages displayed like not enough memory space to allocate.What is that supposed to mean?As far as i kniw RAM should clean itself at regular time intervals.

For cleaning up of my fan,what would you recommend?
Clean it Myself / Clean it at a Computer Service provided by my Device manufacturer

As for the "explorer.exe",it seems a user account related problem.Created a new account and the explorer worked like a charm on it.Any idea why this happens?

Computer Help / Re: Several Computer Problems
« on: April 01, 2016, 10:36:24 PM »
The problem is that the the lag does not appear when i start a game but throughout the game.The more time i spend playing,the better chance to get this lag.It wont appear during the beggining.It will just slowly become more and more obvious until it works with frames  :sad:

Computer Help / Re: Several Computer Problems
« on: April 01, 2016, 03:10:42 PM »
Down is the data you requested.I've been trying to recreate the conditions that "Halt" produces and came by a supprising result.Apparently my RAM does't clean itself up for some reason.In one of my games it reported an error saying not enough memory space to allocate.Why took me so long?Well apparently the tool i've been recommended is somehow diminishing the efects but not by a substantial value.Still i wonder if this problem is related to user profiles.Will check it out

Now System Resources Vs Game Requirements

All around Disk Usage

And the issue by CPUID HWMonitor

User Submitted Tweaks & Guides / Corrupted Recycle Bin [Fix]
« on: April 01, 2016, 02:25:18 AM »
Made this Batch.Pls check and see if it works well.Open with notepad if you are suspucious to viruses and for Debug

Password :

Problem : Undeletable File within Recycle Bin

What the batch does?
1.Detect all local drives(A-Z) based on the existence of "driverletter/RECYCLER"
2.Claim ownership over the Folder Tree if driverletter/RECYCLER" exists
3.Deletes all filles within Recycle Bin
4.Report the local drives which had the filles within recycle bin deleted

1.The windows will create de folder again within the local drive automatically or when another file is deleted from the respective drive
2.May require restart to change icon of the Recycle Bin(Full to Empty)
3.Running it twice would display a fake log cuz windows may recreate the folders automatically and the program does(see What the batch does?)
4.Wont affect Removable Media(USB,CD,DVD),not sure about external HDD so remove it before use

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