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I appreciate your quick reply.

Also, on under FAQs | Q:  Is support available for the free version?  A:  ... support will soon be available to registered users only. ...

I have - Windows Repair (Pro) and I am registered in the Support Forum.

What constitutes a "registered user"?

Am I a "registered user"?

If yes, is there any estimate when "support will soon be available to registered users only" besides the Support Forum as that is implied under the aforementioned FAQ, according to my understanding?


In - Windows Repair v4.11.3 under Advanced Repairs (Pro) | Cleanup Missing Registry Package Files, the Missing Registry Package Files are not being removed.
Please advise and please fix this problem ASAP.

I got the Create Restore Point error message in Safe Mode with Networking for the first time ever as I used - Windows Repair for years for that and it always said it created a Restore Point with a date/time stamp but I never verified it which is my bad. :)

If - Windows Repair was never creating a Restore Point in Safe Mode with Networking for years and this error was not caught until now, then that is a major testing failure of - Windows Repair!

You stated in sentence #2 "Safe Mode w/o Networking".

Did you mean Safe Mode with Networking?

I only use Safe Mode with Networking.

Thanks for your help!

I have done this for years using Windows 10 Safe Mode with Networking when Creating a Restore Point in - Windows Repair but I never got an error message but I perhaps it did not create one as I think you are saying.

Your response is not clear to me.

1. Are you saying that I cannot create a Restore Point using Windows 10 Safe Mode with Networking when Creating a Restore Point in - Windows Repair?

1. a.  If yes, will Shane fix that issue in - Windows Repair?

1. b. If no, will Shane disable it in - Windows Repair?

2. Are you saying that I can create a Restore Point using Windows 10 Safe Mode with Networking by "press the Windows key and r together then type rstrui.exe into the Run box and press enter"?

Please advise?

In your response, please individually note which number/letter that you are replying to.


While in Windows 10 Safe Mode with Networking when Creating a Restore Point in - Windows Repair I got the following Error Message Alert "Error Creating Restore Point -2147023812 - This service cannot be started in Safe Mode 0".

Please advise?


I did not understand Shanes's reply.

I still think I am correct.

It is no big deal to me as I just wanted to let TWR know about the discrepancy according to my understanding.

I think Shane is incorrect.

According to Start | Settings | System | About | Windows specifications the 19042.804 is the OS Build, the 20H2 is the Version and Windows 10 Home is the Edition for my PC per the System Settings.jpg.

Please advise?

Please keep me informed of any updates.
Don Zimmermann

I cannot believe you cannot follow my instructions!    :rolleyes:

You are just clicking on the the thumbnail picture displayed in the post which is only for my Windows System Settings.jpg file in my original post.

There is a file attached in my original post named _Windows_Repair_Log.txt.

You need to click on it to download it, open it and view it as it will display the Windows Repair log which is the final output screen for my - Windows Repair 2021 v.4.11.1 Pro Version.

Then compare both files to see that they do not match.

Also, I never mentioned that I have "two final output screens".

I can open and view _Windows_Repair_Log.txt from the Forum on

What do you mean by "Can you re-post what WR is reporting and where."?

In my - Windows Repair 2021 v.4.11.1 Pro Version the final output screen lists the Version as 2009 but I have 20H2 according to my System Settings.

The OS Build appears to be correct as 10.0.19042.804 on the final output screen for my - Windows Repair 2021 v.4.11.1 Pro Version as my System Settings says I have Windows 10 Home Edition and OS Build 19042.804.

Please see the attached files named _Windows_Repair_Log.txt and System Settings.jpg.

Please advise?



I appreciate your excellent support since I joined in Feb 2018.

Your answer works for me and I believe my assumptions are correct.

It would be a shame if you left the forum as you have probably helped countless users.

You might know more than Shane now about - Windows Repair at least at the support level.

Perhaps there is documentation that Shane can send to you to help you with how - Windows Repair has been designed so he does not have to be bombarded with questions from users so he can concentrate on fixes/upgrades.

Don Zimmermann

Whoever designed the - Windows Repair | Advanced Repairs (Pro) | Missing Package Files - Reg Cleanup should know the answer.

I am assuming that this process will permanently delete the registry key of missing package files if I choose "Yes" and since they are missing I assume it should not cause a problem on my PC.

Please get an answer to my question and assumptions?


For - Windows Repair | Advanced Repairs (Pro) | Missing Package Files - Reg Cleanup at the end of the process on, I think it was called, the Administrative Screen, which I think was gray, and, it asked "Permanently delete the registry key, I think HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE,\???????????\C ? Yes/No".

I apologize for not writing down at the time of exectuion the screen name, screen color and registry key.

I answered No and the process ended and my PC has run OK since then.

I do not remember getting asked this question previously when I ran Missing Package Files - Reg Cleanup.

Why is that question there?

What are the implications of answering Yes or No?

Has - Windows Repair been fixed so it does not keep a PC stuck in Safe Mode?

If - Windows Repair has not been fixed, what is the estimated date that it will be fixed?

What is the estimated date that - Windows Repair will be fixed so it does not keep a PC stuck in Safe Mode?

I decided to leave it as is as that is good enough for me as the fix is too involved and risky for me.

Thanks anyway!

For faster, I meant the PC Processer and Internet Speed.

My old HP PC Processer was 2.4 GHz and my new HP PC Processer is 3.6 GHz.

My old HP PC Internet Speed was 50 mbps of a Wi-Fi limit of 72 mbps and its problematic NIC topped out at 100 mbps. My new HP PC's NIC tops at 1000 mbps and its Internet Speed is 180 mbps which is from Comcast/Xfinity.

I also keep a lean PC using CCleaner Pro and Windows Automatic Maintenance plus automatically scheduled anti-virus/anti-malware programs.

I noticed on my new HP PC Win 10 64 Bit Home Edition that - Windows Repair is not listed in Programs and Features of the Control Panel and, also, it is not listed in Uninstall in Tools of my CCleaner Pro. I downloaded it yesterday. It is listed in the Start Menu and I am able to open it.

I shutdown the PC and started the PC again and it still was the same as above.

Please advise?

It was time for me to get a new PC anyway as my old HP PC was about 4 years old and running slower than I preferred. By the way, my new HP PC runs great and is much faster.

Per other postings and myself in the Forum, its seems - Windows Repair needs more exhaustive Quality Assurance testing as this last bug and other bugs were a real doozy.

My prior reply was not just for you but also for others that read this post.

Also, you should not have deleted that other reply in that other post since it could have been helpful for others.

Although, I appreciate your help your comments sometimes are arrogant and self-centered and you should not let the power of being a global moderator get to your head!


Refer to my reply in Programs & Site Help & Support / Re: Windows 10 build 1809 and WR (Make sure to use WR 4.4.0 or newer) for related information.

Last week, on my HP PC Win 10 64 Bit Home Edition pending some updates for Build 1803 from MS which were originally bad and were supposed to be fixed by the end of November 2018, I ran - Windows Repair 4.4.0 Pro Version in Safe Mode with Networking using my NIC Card which had some intermittent dropouts but I started to run the Pre-Repairs Steps and I got the Blue Screen.

After I restarted my PC, it seemed to be stuck in Safe Mode without Networking and I could not do anything meaningful. Since I had NIC Card intermittent dropouts for a while and recent Wi-Fi failures on this PC, I got rid of my old HP PC and I got a new HP PC. 

My new HP PC Win 10 64 Bit Home Edition has all good updates for Build 1803.

I need to know if it is safe for me to run - Windows Repair Pro Version in Safe Mode with Networking in the future and which version #?

24 - Windows Repair Pro Version 4.4.0 in Normal Mode with Wi-Fi works as I stated previously which is good enough for me now. - Windows Repair Pro Version in Safe Mode with Networking Support will not work per you since I cannot get an Internet connection.

As I stated previous, If I have time I will try your solutions to get an Internet connection in Safe Mode with Networking Support and I will post it here if I do but do not hold your breath.

I consider this post closed for now until further notice from me.

Happy Holidays!

I think I must have checked it but I don't remember it since it must have been at least six (6) months ago as that was when - Windows Repair Pro version and CCleaner Pro version both stopped working correctly.

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