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Feel free to delete the last message if you need to

Dont have a reply button I can find even in the menus.  And Cant change the PP location.  Just get the same error  Just let me buy them as I can.  Wasnt looking for a handout thanks  I will buy the first one and go from there.  I know this is turning in to PIA and it wasnt my intention   Get it tomorrow :)  Thanks for putting up with me.

Also I am finding that Real Player is part of the problem as it changes registry values without telling you   S I deleted it and will see what goes on from here.  If everything is OK I will post a suggestion for others.     Also not sure my wireless on the computer s not goin gout   I have another USB Panda wireless on the way


I am aware of the forums.   i just added the mint for context   When your 71 even when you have done it before you have to relearn It :)  But you can help me with your message system.   Trying to reply to Tom and when you go to reply his message shows in the . Not sure if your suppose to delete that and put in your own or what  I replied to his email  I hope he gets it.

System Back up. NOw there is something for me to screw up LOL  Never done it.  I use eithier windows pro7  Tried 10 and just coulndt take it. Or I have some with Mint and peppermint Linux on them.  Long learning curve and programs run different on the similar computers  i can run Firefox on Mint 18  on a desk top all day. It just pretty much sucks up all the memory and crashes on every thing else

I cant wait I made it this far :)

Thanks   I just would like to support him  Dont usually do that cause they never live up to the hype this is one fantastic program Its the only one I found that really works while others talk This one delivers.   I just got done on one of my computers that was having real problems. It fixed over 500 errors.  I had run it a few months back   And now t seem to be doing fine.   Maybe i will just buy the pro version one at a time. :)

Feedback / 71 year old Vet needs advice about tweaking, Great Program
« on: July 01, 2018, 09:26:05 AM »
Came across Tweaking couple months ago and it has done wonders for my old Think-pads.  I dont have a lot of funds SS and hopefully future pmts from VA finally    Would really like to support you.  I have more than three computers and its what I do when I cant get outside.  Should I get a license for one PC and use the free one on the ones that dont give me trouble.  how should I do this
I know the vet stuff is easy to say on line  and it took some gumption to get up the balls to post  Not much of a computer board type But I will verify as much as I can


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