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1 Support & Help / WR-AIO Problem
« on: October 23, 2012, 09:26:56 AM »
I just ran WR-AIO on this system (W7 64-bit, i7) and have run into a problem with pinned items. It seems none work after running WR-AIO. None on my taskbar and none in the start menu. Normal shortcuts work - just not pinned items.

I take that back, Windows Update pinned to my Start menu works, the other items (to things installed on my D drive) have a blank default icon and when I click on them, an error reports the item I selected is unavailable, and may have been moved, deleted, etc.
Note I install Windows and hardware drivers ONLY on my boot disk. C drive. Everything else goes on another drive. I fear WR AIO resetting everything back to out-the-box defaults may not account for users having more than one drive. And the fact Windows Update, being my sole surviving pinned item, and the only pinned item that goes to C (my boot) drive seems to support that.

If the idea is to reset the Start Menu and the Taskbar by purging them of pinned items, then that didn't work either. The pinned items should have been completely removed, not replaced with Windows default icons that point to nothing.

2 Support & Help / WR-AIO Minor Quibble
« on: October 23, 2012, 05:15:29 AM »
I never install anything but the OS, OS updates, and hardware drivers on my boot (C:) drive. I always install programs somewhere under D, and in this case, D:\Utilities\Windows Repair AIO, and in my Start Menu, I have its shortcut under Utilities too.

The problem is, if WR-AIO is already installed and you are installing a newer version, the installer does not recognize a previous version and instead of updating the old in the existing install locations, it attempts to install the new (and now 2nd) version under C:\Program Files and under its own folder in the Start menu.

It would be good if the installer would first look for any previous installs, then prompt the user to use those locations.

PS - just noticed under Repair Missing Start Menu Icons, the repair Info says, "move by rouge virus". Well, the virus may be rosy red (rouge) but I think you meant "rogue". However, since I don't know of any virus that is not rogue, I think it should just say "malware".

3 Support & Help / Registry Backup Problem
« on: June 09, 2012, 08:05:20 AM »
New to here, but not forums or computers.
Ztruker asked me to check out Registry Backup and report any problems here. I am getting same error, so rather than start new thread, I piggybacked here (but can open new thread, if desired).

Error message:
Volume Shadow Copy Failed! isn't running. Check the Log_VSS.txt file to view any errors.
And said log says,
C:\>-script="C:\Windows\temp\vss-setvar.bat" -exec="C:\Windows\temp\vss.bat" C:
'-script' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

This is with Windows 7 Pro, 64-bit. I have re-registered wmiutils.dll with no help.

Minor quibble - note the lower case "i" in isn't. Also, installation prompts for "Shortcut Folder". I find the term "Shortcut Folder" confusing as that is not a common term used in program installations. It should say "Start Menu" location.

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