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Hi, i made settings in Kitty Software in  a such way that it autologs and issue a command to access the status page of my router. My router is designed in such a way.
I have succeeded in creating a task to open the exe in task scheduler daily at requested hours to check the speed and other details of the router stat.
Now i want to know and if possible give me command line help in windows to activate a tab Open or Start automatically to get the task executed.
Now, the appplication opens up as per settings in task scheduler. I have to press open or start to get the result. i want this opetion to be added in task scheduler either in start a program box or in arguments box, so that it executes the next command of open or start to auto execute and get the router page results instead of application open page. i think , i made it clear .
How to execute a tab in an applilcation thro command prompt.

General & Misc. / Pleasegive the link of the Shane's other website
« on: January 30, 2019, 05:39:44 AM »
Hi, i forgot the link to the other site Shane is having.
Would be happy if the link is given.

Computer Help / command line batch file help from experts
« on: January 30, 2019, 05:19:15 AM »
Hi, i experience sudden change in bb download and upload speeds.
The speed sites are full of redirects virus and unwanted popup of advt.
i tried one way for my router and it gives the status of the router in cmd quickly
 i need not log on to router to give uid and pw
But i want it in a form of batch file, in coding in which i am totally a newbie
The sequence i will explain
i will give it as command in english for easy understanding
go to cmd as administrator
issue command telnet x x x x
i will replace the x x x x with later
it will ask for user id: and it has to take admin as id without pausing
it will ask for password: and i will replace the pass word here with mine
it will go to dollar $ sign
you have to type "show status" without quotes and that should show me the result in desktop  and the user, i, have to close it.
i am asking the code, so that i could enable this bat file in task scheduler to report in intervals
Experts please
I think it is possible to achieve, as what i want is a kind of automation of some entries.
go to cmd as admin involves, may be tough. But experts would be able to give me code for this.
If suppose, if vb is favourite, then i would love to have it.
Quick reply if you please

Computer Help / How to get rid of http redirects to suspicious sites
« on: November 03, 2018, 05:52:40 AM »
Hi, whenever i click the link in ccleaner, for eg download, imgburn, download , and speedtest ookla site when pres using GO button, i am redirected to  :angry:to ultimate fake flipkart site, to login, or install java in fake java site,or flash player in fake adobe sites.
first of all, i want to know, whether the redirects are allowed by the site owners of these sites using their own programs to redirect to those sites or
is it because of third rogue party doing something in these genuine sites or
is it because of the Isp allowing those things voluntarily. pl let me know and also give me solution to completely get rid of this .
sometimes, it goes to the site one time or sometimes two times and the third click ultimately goes to the correct page of download or seeing the speed results.
may i have your views on this and solutions

Computer Help / please tell me how to make rescue usb disk macrium reflect
« on: November 03, 2018, 04:18:54 AM »
Hi, i . want to upgrade my xp laptop to windows 7. I want to take up backup of all the folders of xp, including all the drives . i have downloaded the latest version of mreflect and is backing up the drive. I think i have to create a rescue disk using a usb to boot and shwo the restore menu.
I forgot, which part of the download link that it provides  the link to create a usb rescue disk.
would it show, when backup finishes, or should i create it separately. I forgot and so i ask.
samson has given me sweet tips then , but i lost the tips.
if any could give the procedure of just creating the resscue disk, and the link for it and how to go on would be very helpful to me.
now i am backing up and if a speedy solution is given it will be useful to me.hoping toget a jet reply from.
could it be done separately or should it be done , if it prompts. please

Computer Help / Are those settings correct? in network adapter
« on: June 04, 2018, 07:12:07 AM »
Hi, I enclose there with the network adapter settings.Normallly these selected items are taken by a software, as otherwise, i have to take each setting picture separately as a jpg.
Ok, To fix the problem of internet light blinking during startup, along with dls light, i tried some changes in the default settings of the adapter. This is the latest available driver from for my network adapter.
Still the problem is persisting, and i want you to check, if i have disabled or enabled correctly. Ofcourse, i made some changes to try to fix my problem.
For eg. some lan settings have been disabled like ipv6 etc..
Can i change the settings here. It is because, of ethernet port, that i am having the problem. ethernet port is connected to motherboard ethernet card, Manual checking of that port does not produce the problem and hence change in the network adapter settings.
I could easilly change those to default, but i have a doubt, that if those default settings are giving this problem, as the driver would be the fresh date whereas the device is of older one.
Please advisse how to go about from here.
are there any specific effects it would have on speed and other things in internet access like security flaw, please experts

Hi, My user profile it seems corrupted, with not those files present in the user profile folder. Instead, i am having netuser.ini, netuser.dat , but two or more files of netuser.dat.log1 and netuser.dat.log2. I tried to create the new user account and then copy the profile folders excepting these files , but if i just log on with a user account already have, the same files copied .If i delete those files in the hope that it would get recreated, i am afraid that it does not.
If i am having the same set of those files , then i get another corrupted profile.
Is there a way out , how to copy these files.
If available for windows 7 ultimate 32 bit, please send those ,
I can delete but not could create. I suppose, it does not autocreate if it is deleted.
I tried to copy those files by unselecting these files, but if had not logged in to the new user account, then the user account is not shown in c:user folder .
Please give me solution.
What are those log1 2 files , and some regtrans files with ntuser guid numbers

Computer Help / (Solved)eventid 7000 service control manager error
« on: April 03, 2018, 05:40:17 AM »
Hi, I enclose a error log, which i could not locate to find whether the service is started or not.
The error message
eventid 7000 service control manager
The ScreenCamera Video Camera service failed to start due to the following error:
The service cannot be started, either because it is disabled or because it has no enabled devices associated with it.

In services.msc, i could not find the camera service or to that effect .
How to fix this error. Is it related to some third party applications. If so, how to single out and fix it

Computer Help / Would you please say the version of macrium reflect
« on: March 27, 2018, 12:22:51 AM »
Hi, This is to Samson,
               Due to enabling updates, and installing critical update of jan 2018, by mistake by my son, i lost the system and the macrium relect image helped me to restore the system back to atlease a 4 to 5 month back . Eventhough, i tried the latest version of mr, the one recommended by you, which you said somewhere in my thread gives no problem in restoration process. Would you kindly say the version of it, so that i could use for taking the image incase of any system failure.
expecting your reply,pl
Hi, boggins, julian i did not visit this site for some periods and would go through the recent threads and trends.
Hi, How is Shane?

I read from so much websites, that the telephone line if it passes through directly will give unbearable noise.
Likewise, if it is not directly connected to modem, you give feeble data signal through it.
But when i ask the same to technician, he insist that both line could be passed through the splitter, at respective labels and it is the best thing.
My query is , if you have a modem supplied with splitter, that it passes the full signal through the modem lable, and filtered signal thro the phone line?

Computer Help / Why downstream speed fluctuates for PPPoe connection?
« on: February 06, 2018, 04:07:55 AM »
Hi, PPPoe connection involves the sharing of internet access thro cable to users on a single line basis by the ISP. Here, whenever , i notice a decrease in download, if i check the router status, it shows, the same speed totally different from the promised speed of the plan, that you buy from ISP.
My query is , why it is flucturating?
does the server at the ISP is over loaded at times of a day?
Or The ISP having limited bandwidth and connections are becoming more .
I have to get 10 mbps download speed. I called the lilne man. He checked the wire and just connected them securely and asked me to check the speed. It was nearlyl 10 mpbs. After he went, the speed comes down to 7, 6 and at times 5 also.
What is the cause for this ?
Is there any real fix.

Hi, Admin, moderators and experts, long time no see.
My system collapsed after i downloaded some latest updates. The first symptom is deaddd slow computer browsing and then ultimate death of pc. It was update regarding meltdown virus, and it just collapsed intel mobos pc, as bolt from Blue, i mean BSOD.
Ok coming to this problem.
This is error No.1014 dns client. On every logon and logoff, the internet light on the modem would turn red, followed by dsl line blinking and then reestablishing the connection.I have tried all sorts of tricks, but could not overcome this error, which for the past few days is annoying. I checked the dsl connection and everything is good.But on every log on and log off, i am seeing the foregoing symptoms of internet loss and gain.
I am enclosing the error logs, so that experts may give the solutions.
The error name resolution for timed out, messages .
Please see the last line of the log and ignore others.
Those are the errors, when i tried to solve the error and subsequently corrected thro System Restore

the lilnk for download is given here
The latest version is 2.0.15
To the attention of Shane, Boggins , Julian

hi, I changed the motherboard and processor. Some zeebros mother board and a processor. I had problem, initially, when the screen suddenly goes. I went to bios and disabled the fast boot, so i could look in to the process step by step. Yes, there was a message, that the processor attached to the mother board is not supported. I do not get exact processor since a technician fixed both mb and processor. Now, he changed the processor available with him . Now , booting shows the same message. But it getsto bios screen, when actually it shows the not supported processor to the mother board.
                          In one such replacement of the prcoessor available with him, the computer boots normally without any problem and so he fixed. It also shows the same not supported processor alert.
                              Now anyhow, it works . But can i check the compatibility of my fixed processor with mother board.
                             I heard that Boggins suggested a site, where ram could be tested for compatibility. Likewise, is there any simple check site, which does it to say, that i could use this processor . Motherboard is having no problem but it is a chip set.
                             I wish to state that higher versions say 4.0 version, if fixed, does not give any grahics and hence said not supported my system. Expecting reply

Hi, Have seen so much sites for information on internet. Some article would be difficult to understand. Some would miss something in the middle to the users forcing them abort in middle . Yet another ides relate to some other windows OS, which when you try would not fix. Some more ideas would require you to modify registry entries, which are different for different OS.
                     If you want to know, detailed information on internet, I prescribe this site which will educate you full in every aspect.
                     For eg. how your net works, is given here. please read it to understand easily, about the technicalities involved. octet for eg. is used while giving ip numbers. Why it is called octets, as computer only knows binary is explained here. Likewise, deep thinking of how to share , so that users could understand is the best part of learning some thing thro this site
The site is
pl give your views.

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